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Walking Dead C64: Searching the Kitchen

I got my start in video games by designing my own in my parents basement on my trusty Commodore 64! Since Commodore recently celebrated it's 30th anniversary, I thought I'd commemorate by combining my love of that old machine with my current Video Game project. The result is a re-envisioning of The Walking Dead: The Game as if it were designed for the C64!
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This is simply beyond epic!
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I don't know where this came from but I am really feeling it!
Nick, this is _gorgeous_. You got the 160x200 resolution and VIC-II color cell limitations perfectly, as you would, naturally, because of your experience. Most people overlook that when rendering C64 "lookalikes". You're a true artist and kindred Commodore spirit. Bravo!
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Why thank you. I love working within the graphical limits of the old commodore machines. The only thing missing is that weird color bleed where some of those double wide pixels would shift color depending on the color you placed next to it,
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Gary Kitchen's Game Maker!

Anyway, I loved the C64 and I love these!
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I used to use GKGamemaker all the time!! Its what got me started in game design!
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It definitely got me interested in trying to make stuff! It wasn't till I got ahold of Hypercard on an ancient mac that I was able to actually create interactive stuff. I used the simple structure of the card game 'memory' to create a slightly adult strip game- that all my friends wanted to play. ;)

Anyway, Defender of the Crown, Lords of Conquest and Project Firestart were some of my faves from the good ol' C64 days.
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That's so AWESOME! amazing job! :D
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Your welcome! :meow:
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It's like it was invented in the 90's.
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