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Paint Tool SAI CG step-by-step

EDIT: fixed some spelling mistakes and did some stuff to clear out possible confusion.

Gawd it's kinda cramped... :iconfacepalmplz: ...I hope u can understand it. XD

If u have any questions, feel free to comment it. :D

...umm here's the deviation of the girl: Sayu by NickBeja

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This is what I needed! Thank you!
xXNanami321Xx's avatar
i can't get paint tool SAI
A-D-I-L's avatar
amaziiiing tutorial thank you veru much help a loooot
Amarinuya's avatar
it's hard to draw cute girl...with soft colors like yours
awesome job :D
eienflower's avatar
This is awesome!!
Polardarkness's avatar
Very helpful tutorial, thank you!
NickBeja's avatar
glad it helped :D
nyxsilentguard's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial, do you happen to have more of these?
NickBeja's avatar

ohh i think I have to make a new one hehe
Sakura-no-Josei's avatar
thank you I will have to try out your method as I have been kinda shooting in the dark because I dont know anyone who uses sai that I know in rl lol
jelaiann123's avatar
what tablet r u using??
NickBeja's avatar
wacom bamboo fun small size :D
jelaiann123's avatar
wut tablet r u using ?
PhantasselArt's avatar
NickBeja's avatar
computer-generated/computer graphics. XD
PhantasselArt's avatar
Oh that's what I thought. ^^; Just wanted to be sure.
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This tutorial is very clean and professional. Thank you for this. I was missing a few things while working on Sai and you helped me organize my methodology. cheers and thanks again!
NickBeja's avatar
glad it helped :D
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