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My Bio
I don't know, man. I have mental illnesses and stuff. Social phobia and depression mostly. Consequently I don't go ootside or do much of anything. Also maybe Asperger's. And I'm a huge perv.

I've been planning a Flash series since aboot 2004. I haven't made any episodes yet but I have an estimated six seasons' worth of storylines planned and of course all the characters' backstories, so I draw my characters and post them sometimes. I also do non-canon comics that do not follow the continuity of the canon series but this is only when I'm really bored and also I probably won't upload those anyway.

I'm a frequent target of trolls so just be aware people might post comments saying false stuff aboot me or hack my accoont again or whatever.

Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time, Scrubs, The Office, 30 Rock, Family Guy, American Dad!, South Park, etc.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
They Might Be Giants, Oingo Boingo, The Beatles, Joanna Newsom, Reel Big Fish, Nirvana, Lady Gaga, etc.
Favourite Writers
John Green
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy VII, all Pokemon main series games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 and DS
Other Interests

Well that was a long hiatus.

Well that was a long hiatus.

I sometimes have Internet access when I'm at my biological mum's store, so I do stuff during these times. Right noo I'm posting stuff to dA. I haven't drawn much since I was last here but the one thing I posted-- a picture of eight or so of the primary Coffee Crew characters-- is probably my best drawing ever. So yeah. Check that oot. I've been wanting to make some Flash games for... well, technically years, but... I recently started actually doing the programming and stuff. But I procrastinate like crazy so don't expect anything to be finished anytime soon. Best caser scenario I hope to release a demo version of something once there's a FAIR

I uploaded stuff.

I uploaded stuff.

Still unhppy aboot my old accoont being hijacked. So anyway, I finally managed to upload some up-to-date art, but due to my lack of scanner I had to use a terrible, terrible method which loses quality every step. So it still ends up not being as good as my handdrawn stuff and looks like crappy MS Paint stuff by pretentious tweens. I need a damn scanner, man. That was the art-related half of the journal. Now for the personal half. Basically I'm still trying to figure out how to get my wife to marry me. That's p much it. When I don't have Internet access so I can do my-wife-related stuff I just lie in bed and wait until I have Internet. Which



'Sup. My old account was Hagurumon, but lately a bunch of jerk chantards have been hijacking all my accounts and changing the passwords. It's a long story, but basically they think I'm a lulzcow just beause I have a bunch of weird fetishes and am all nerdy and stuff. There's a bunch of threads aboot me on an imageboard and posters have been trying to get me arrested for molesting my half-sister even though I can prove that I didn't, but of course they don't listen to a word I say. It's also been floating around that I'm stalking someone, but that's not true either. The real story is that I met this girl Anna back in '05, fell in love with he

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MrBlenderManStudent Artist
Why didn't Deviantart delete this guys account? Archived for the world to see what degenerate drew?
Animefan-279Hobbyist Writer
Randy "Tranny Phantom" Stair, Nick "Pedopoop" Bates. Just what other degenerate sub-humans have deviantART profiles?
SilencedSquidHobbyist Digital Artist
I was listening to the Obscura podcast. In one of his 'video tours' he mentioned having a cat. Anyone know what happened to it?
I thought I could defend you, but after I read what happened, FUCK NO, because you brought this shit on yourself, congrats on playing yourself, have fun spending the rest of your life (hopefully) in prison, cocksucking child rapist.

You didn't know he screwed his sister......

I'm going to guess you were a former friend of his. I'm sorry you had to find out about the real truth. Being in the dark is never a good sign. Thankfully 40 years will get him booty pounded in prison for a good while.

And yeah he can go fuck himself!


This GIF is for Nick Bates. lol