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King Hippo

By nickbachman
My roommate got Punch-Out for the Wii. I've always been a fan, especially of King Hippo.

Fullscreen this sucka.
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................................... That's disturbing 8c
FurryXXI's avatar
Hey, it's Sloprano the great mighty poo! :iconannoyingorangeplz:
TruestStrike's avatar
This is very awesome.
grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
Oh Boy! Mac is F%$#ed now!!
CandyGraphics's avatar
only the background could have been better
but the rest makes it more then up
i really really love this =D
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
linzb0t's avatar
this is disgusting and amazing.
i love it.
darkgex's avatar
I love King Hippo's expression; it's friggin hilarious and the textures are amazing as well :D
nickbachman's avatar
ConejitoPerverso's avatar
lol very nice!!! and scary
WendysKaleidoscope's avatar
Thatś great. You have certainly captured the character very well :D
nickbachman's avatar
Thanks a lot. I tend to do best with gross characters and cute characters, nothing in between haha
WendysKaleidoscope's avatar
That's pretty funny :D
BunnyfishMel-Mel's avatar
Oh, dude, awesome.
You really manage to capture the character well, I think. I really love the motion you have going on the fists in the foreground. Nice use of textures, too.
nickbachman's avatar
Thanks a lot! Glad you like the motion blur on the fists! That was one of my favorite parts to do on the piece.
nickbachman's avatar
Thank ya! I like your avatar!
pronouncedyou's avatar
lol i love the use of textures :D he looks so veiny. and his expression is HILARIOUS. neat composition, too! i love the lightning and the perspective. i feel like he's gonna hit me in my face. :(
nickbachman's avatar
Thanks Laura! I'll tell him not to hit you in the face, but I can't make any promises, he doesn't listen.
pronouncedyou's avatar
some knight in shining armor you are, nick!
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