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The Best Gun Ever

By Nickatina14
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This is the best freaking gun ever! I don't want any hippies telling me otherwise or i will step on your muffin! >:3
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I am thinking of so many hilarious situations because of this...
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Does it works?
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I don't know, but I hope so.
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dear me... i have fallen into great sorrow... i suppose there is but only one objective to do...
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win gun.
lorddzeppo = fail
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i saw a deagle version of this once, but this one is better :iconimhappyplz:
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It doesn't work with gas operated weapons! Their design is not meant for that.
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You see, I was right, this one IS better, as the other is impossible. :iconwalleyedplz:
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:worship: Now, I wonder if it's awesome enough to both fire backwards, and do the banana peal... :iconiseeplz:
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I'm a hippie and I personally find this hilarious
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All, I can say is WOW! You should label it as FAIL GUN!
It would fit perfectly. Lulz.



Laughed My Fuckin Ass Off
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No, it must simply be the best gun ever.
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Laughed. My. Ass. Off.
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Cool. This could represent so many things!
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like anger, joy, pain, and love1 :3
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Not sure I see joy, but certainly the other three.
Or, how about any decision that has a surface appeal, but in the end is life-denying for the person who does it.
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