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WE CAN KNOW billboard

An Evangelical Christian propaganda billboard out behind a diner along the far-running Route 40 in White Marsh, Maryland. Wasn't this Jesus fellow supposed to come back while his original followers were still alive/multiple random times during the dark ages/1000/multiple random times during the Renaissance/multiple random times during the industrial age/1914/after Israel was created in the wake of WWII/1982/1988/multiple random times in the 1990s/2000/after Obama was elected/2012?

File under: Hanging around the bar until it closes because you don't want to admit that your blind date stood you up.

Edit: And the day passes over without incident, to the surprise of a handful of delusional people. Next up, surprising delusional people when the Mayan calendar ending doesn't coincide with the world blowing up either!
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*sigh* They just keep on singing the same old tune. I don't understand how their minds work at all.
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 Much as I would like permanent testaments to the ridiculousness of prophecy, these billboards we taken down within a couple of months of the date having passed.
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At least the pictures on the net will last forever. :)
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Thumbs up! LOL!
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None of those I've seen have been correct. I have learned not to believe them. God will come when he thinks it's time.
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allow me to answer this billboard with one simple word: MAH!
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That website is still talking about these final days, so they haven't updated it yet. I wonder what they'll say?

Although I will say this; wouldn't it have been wild if they were actually right this time? Just picture for a second what it'd be like if we were actually terrorized by a middle eastern zombie who looks like a handsome Italian man for some reason...
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Lol that buddyjesus icon NEVER gets old
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... you were saying?
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"Oops, we meant May 21, 2012."
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omg! i wonder what there excuse will be tomorrow XD
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I can't wait to hear the excuses tomorrow
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Oh goodness, that's the exact same site that was advertised by my household at one time. (It was a sticker with different lettering but the same message. Two more just like it happened to be in close proximity to churches, one of which is in a walking distance from my house. One was in Spanish however.) I wonder when the next time this happens will be.
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Well, the next scheduled one that I know of is in late December of 2012, when people think the world is going to blow up because the Mayans neglected to extend their calendar past that point. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody tries to slip one in before that, though.
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Meanwhile other people think that instead of the Earth blowing up on 12/21/12, a return to the Dark Ages will happen. (Something I read on TV Tropes, which I doubt will happen. Another "Troper" says the worst the driving force behind the supposed Dark Ages redux can do is knock out cell phones for a while.) Others say that something along the lines of a Golden Age will happen. (It's a better view than these apocalyptic views 2012 seems to be synominous with, personally.)

But yeah, it wasn't the first time someone tried to predict the end of the world as we know it, and I doubt it will be the last. Especially with all this "ZOMG! The Mayans didn't extend their calandar! We're all gonna die!" horse manure. (I think I remember someone saying something about an article where the decendants of the Mayans were asked if the world was going to end in 2012. The answer the said decendants gave was along the lines of "What the heck are talking about?". I haven't read the article myself however.)
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