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King Cheetah

A king cheetah from the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra
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This is really coolHamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
CatsHaveNoRules's avatar
These animals are my favourites!
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OMG! How beautiful!!!! I hope I get to see a King Cheetah someday!
EARTHQUAKE1189's avatar
That is an amazing, beautiful cat!
zortharg's avatar
They sure do look different, don't they. Like the offspring of a regular cheetah and a clouded leopard maybe. I'm going to have to look up king cheetahs on wikipedia now, I have no idea what the story is behind their different coloration.
Sherly97's avatar
Such a beautifull animal *-*
dondena's avatar
Very gorgeous!
Shaqwanni's avatar
Great photography.
FlavivsAetivs's avatar
One of my favorite animals, I just love the pattern associated with this particular mutation.
hewi7394's avatar
Amazing! I was so fascinated I had to research them! :D 
shiny-emerald's avatar
Wow, that cheetah looks so weird with all the black. I'm used to cheetahs looking like this here: [link]. :> Is it a special breed or something?
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It's a mutation called a king cheetah. They are quite rare, and can be found in both captivity and the wild ;)
shiny-emerald's avatar
Yeah, I looked for it on wikipedia after I hit the "send" button. :p I personally think, they're weird looking, but still so damn beautiful. c:
1000yearseternalmaze's avatar
Lately I have a crazy dream-one day to have such a gorgeous feline creature in my house.
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Wow! Beautiful cat! Even Your King is impressed! Had to desktop background this. How many of them are in the wild?
Kage-wolf13's avatar
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this photo made my day :)
MrDrawin's avatar
so awesome i love cheetahs
RiefRyuuda's avatar
That Face is totally the same as my cat, Kyou XD
Neffertity's avatar
It's a Cheelopard! :love:
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