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Muusugawa no Nihon - Samurai



It finally got to me that shitty psudo-manga web comics (Mac Hall, megatokyo, Apple Geeks, etc etc etc) get far more readers than they deserve. It's as if all someone needs to do is draw their characters in the manga style, throw in a few gaming references, and it's an instant internet hit! BARF, PLEASE. It's just TOO easy to do. No skill involved. -- Now don't get me wrong, I don't automatically frown upon ANY webcomic done in the manga style, as I know of a few that are pretty good. BUT I believe that too many people equate "manga" with "good/popular". It drives me nuts.

Now Muusugawa no Nihon - if translated correctly - is Moose River Japan. It's a side project [link] ... my way of showing how wildly unimaginative and unoriginal the format is. Basically if, without putting any effort into it, I can make something totally up to par with all other manga comics OR it becomes wildly popular, then my point is proven. Though as long as I get some good shit disturbing out of it, it's all good.

The three Oesusamurai (OS Samurai) are three characters in Muusigawa no Nihon. On the left is Housenkin (aka Sen), the token Mac user. Sen has white hair and a sarcastic, elitist attitude. On the right is Haisha, the token otaku-slash-Linux user-slash-programmer. He mostly wears those male, black, Japanese school shirts. In the front is Chijin (aka Jin), the token gamer-slash-Windows user. He's obviously the coolest out of the three, as noted by his shades, long bangs and cigerette. He also has a backwards turned cap and a cool, dry wit.

I'm also actually impressed with this picture. Thing is, I noticed that many psudo-manga web comics throw in filler pages which obviously took them more time to draw then it would have taken them to do a comic. So I basically recreated that effect with this page. I was planning it to be a "fake" filler page, but it might end up being the cover to the mini-comic I'm going to inevitably make for Muusugawa no Nihon. We'll see.

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just as a side note, not trying to argue for or against anything here, but are you sure about that translation? I would translate Muusugawa no Nihon as "Mooseriver's Japan" or "Japan of Mooseriver" I'm taking Japanese, so that's how I would translate it, I think it should be "Muusugawa: Nihon"