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Bob Thomas was an odd boy. He used to wear suits to school. His parents worked at a smelting plant. He was smart in class. He was sent to the principals office several times for his foul mouth. He was top of his class every year in elementary school. In high school he was arrested for posession of narcotics, claming beer to be \"wimpy\". In college he was committed to a mental hospital. In his cell he wrote three novels and two plays using his feet. Two years later he managed to escape. And in another two years AIDS was cured and a mystery play called \"Moose River\" surfaced on Broadway. It managed to win 11 Tony Awards, but lost the award for best play. Tom was furious and poison gassed the entire award ceremony. His trial is in seven months.

Betty Wilson was a sweet little girl in elementary school. She always would win the lead role for all of the school plays, and even managed to play Jesus once in the school\'s Christmas play. Betty loved little horsies and farms, and dreamed to one day live on one. In high school she used to date Greg Lance, captain of the football team. They won Homecoming Queen and King of the Prom in their Senior year of high school. She got straight A\'s in high school and went to college. After college she divorced Greg, and then three other husbands before settling down in a urban setting working as a nurse as a hospital.

Jimmy Wanker had a crush on Marie Angeles in elementary school. At age 10 they played doctor. At age 13 they shared their first kiss. At 16 they both had sex. At 23 Jimmy catches Marie with another man. Jimmy shoots and kills the man, Marie, then himself. The newspapers consider it to be a tradgey, and stuck it on page 14 under news about the local Pig Catching Celebration.

Frank Williams was a good kid in school. He wasn\'t bright, but he had a heart of gold. He worked as a cross guard in school. In junior high he worked in the cafeteria and was awared best worker since he never stole any food. In high school he was voted in as Vice-President for the Student council in his Sophmore and Senior year. After high school he joined the army in an effort to do something in his life. In April 2003 he was shot and killed in combat.

David was Frank\'s best friend. He always wondered why good things happened to bad and crazy people, and bad things happened to good and noble people. In college he double majored in philosophy and psychology to answer that question. After Frank died, David went insane and spent most of his time talking to the birds in the park. He never married.

Tran Wong was the school\'s only Asian student. He grew up to be a doctor.

The Dungeons and Dragons Club was set up by Ralph Youngs back in 1982. Mr. Youngs is now CEO of a major Silicon Valley corporation. It has been kept alive for 21 years for some strange and unphathomable reason by Mister Jackson. Mr. Jackson has been a teacher for 30 years. In 1986 Janine Eckerson was the first female to join the club in her Freshman year. All the males in the club spent their entire high school year stareing at her from a distance. One male, Daniel Appleton decided to ask her out to the prom. They had sex one night after the prom with what Daniel liked to call \"The Dildo of Awakening +2\". The rest of the club shunned the action and kicked the two out. Janine and Daniel now live in Seattle. In 1992 the Dungeons and Dragons Club reached its highest membership ever of 100 member. In 1993 the Dungeons and Dragons Club was threatened with the release of the Magic the Gathering card game. A major fight broke out between Dungeons and Dragons players and Magic players in 1995. It was known as the largest violent event at school up until 2001 when Justin Gills shot and killed 13 kids and 2 teachers.

Fred Jackson owned the Deli on the corner of 1st and Wilson. It was called \"New World Deli\". He sold good sandwiches for $4.50 and soda for $1.00. In order to get his shop off the ground, Fred took out a loan. However he didn\'t pay back for the loan. So the Mafia burnt down Fred\'s deli with Fred still inside.

Stanley Jones was a hard working student since Kindergarten. He was a brilliant student and everyone knew he was destined for big things in his future. In high school, Stanley earned $54,000 in scholarships and was validictorian of his class. In the summer after graduation, Stanley drowned in Shavehead Lake after he fell off a boat.

Pricilla Arnot was a below-average student in most of her school years. She got pregnant in the sophmore year of her high school. Pricilla\'s peers didn\'t want to bring it up to her. She began smoking pot after having her baby. After dropping out of high school, she moved to Hollywood California. Pricilla lived on the streets with her son for 4 years. The famous moving director and producer Arnold LeLume saw Pricilla one day while Pricilla was trying on some clothing she intended to steal from a Rodeo Drive shop. Now she makes $1,200,000 per movie and has recently won best actress in a major movie.

Timothy Truman was a small little boy. He was picked upon in every year of high school. He was called everything between \"shorty\" and \"shrimpy little bastard\". One day on the bus, while being teased, threatned to \"stab you people in the fact with a broken bottle\". A teacher heard him and now Timothy is spending 15 years in a Juvinile Correctional Instutation.

Michael Rollands was a big boy. He liked to tease people smaller than him. The earliest erection he can recall ever having was when he shoved Stella Tobias in the mud and peed on her. One day Michael was teasing Timothy Truman on the bus. Michael told a teacher than Timothy threatened to kill Michael. Timothy was sent away and the school awarded Michael for his braveness and honesty. Michael now works for a Fortune 500 company.

Ricardo Himillo was a religious boy. He would always be seen doing 50 Hail Mary\'s every day at recess. One day he figured in a dream that God\'s motto was \"shit happens\". Just before he could tell anyone, Ricardo was struck by lightning.

The school one day in 1968 decided to allow groups of people to form and maintain culture clubs. The African Alliance Club and The Hispanic Heratage Club were the first to form. They were created to inform other students of their history and their suffering in an effort to eliminate racism. In 1999 a group of Spanish, Polish and Greek foreign exchange students decided to start The European Exchange Club. Members from the African Alliance and the Hispanic Heratage clubs did everything they could to prevent the European Exchance club from happening. They beat up the Greek Students. They gave wedgies to the Spanish students. They told obscene jokes to the Polish students. They sent a letter petition to the school dean, vice principal, principal, as well as the superintendent to not allow \"such a racist club as the European Exchange to grace the rich history of our school\". The school caved and decided against allowing the European Exchange club from starting up. They even deported the Exchance students \"just in case\". In 2000, the Hispanic Heratage Club brought in a speaker who spent 1 hour talking about how Americans suck and that White America needs to perish. In 2001, the Hispanic Heratage Club brought in another speaker who spent 1 hour talking about how White America was responsible for their plight and how people should rebel against capitalist white Americans. Everyone in the audience clapped in respect and awe. Harvey Babcock decided to express his concerns on the speaker to the school officials. Leaders from the Hispanic Heratage Club found out and beat Harvey up. The school didn\'t do anything about it.

In 1985, Angela Torres, David Engels, Greg Kielson, and Julia Enders started a band in their Junior year in college called the Spents They were a rock and roll band. The Spents were pretty good and had a few well-done campus concerts. After college they released a few independant albums and were later picked up by Warner Brothers in 1988. They opened for Metallica, AC-DC, and Van Halen before becoming popular enough to go on tour by themselves. In 1989 David was arrested for cocaine posession. In 1990 Angela Torres was shot in the arm in a hotel room in Paris. In 1993 the Spents released their last album \"We\'re Done For\". It only sold 300,000 copies. Greg Kielson committed suicide later that fall. The album later went on to sell 11 million copies after Greg\'s death. In 2002 the Spents went on a Reunion Tour across America. Their plane crashed 2 miles outside of Topeka Kansas.

Samuel Keith was an African American student. He liked computers and majored in Computer Science in college. He started a computer firm in 1998 and went onto becoming one of the richest people in the Silicon Valley. One day Samuel was shot in the spine for being successful. He now eats his food through a tube in his throat.

Roxanne Johnson was a feminst in college. She hated men. When she was 5 her father had molested her in the swimming pool behind their house. After college she started a computer firm. In 1999 she was destined to become one of the richest female CEO\'s in the Silicon Valley. After the fall of the new economy, Roxanne had a sex change and now lives with her female lover who used to be a rock star.

Marcie Bordeux grew up in the rich part of town. Everyone there believed that black people existed only in fairy tales (and were serious about it too). In college Marcie spent most of her time fighting in support for things she had nothing to do with. She led in African American support rallys, she protested against war, and she fought for protecting the rights of Native American rights. After college she was bored because she had nothing to protest. In 2001 Marcie joined PeTA. She stormed into a fashion show protesting the use of fur in clothing. She was arrested. On her way out she overheard a conversation about how this was nothing more than a bunch of boring old rich white women with nothing better to do in life. Marcie later hung herself in her cell.
Moose River is a series of some very short stories. Some of them may have morals, but it's really more about "good things happen to bad people" and "bad things happen to good people". Kinda depressing.

Some people don't understand these. If you do, then you have my awe and respect. :) (Smile)
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I liked them all, but Samuel Keith is my favorite.
You're very good at describing the suddenness and unpredictability of life.