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Light Missingno

By nick15
This is what I think a Missingno looks like.

EDIT 2008/05/11: Two things:

1. :iconeatfun: turned my Missingno. into one of them Pokejinkas! Yay! [link]

2. Just so you know, I made Missingno. into this flamingo-like Pokemon because:
* "Missingno." sounds like "flamingo"
* Missingno. is a Bird/Normal type (not "Flying/Normal")
* Flamingos like the water, and Missingno. has two Water Gun attacks as well as a Sky Attack attack.
* Flamingos are pink and Missingno.'s color pallet had pink in it.
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While I do not necessarily agree with your Missingno, if it did look something like this, I bet it would take a pose that looks likes its original "glitch" form.

(I personally think it looks like a splotchy blob in the shape of its "glitch" form, with a downright adorable face. However, it does things like distort its appearance and surroundings visually or take the form of the Lavender Town Ghost in order to intimidate foes. It can also summon skeletal limbs on its body to run, fly, and do certain attacks. It will only show its true form as an adorable blob when with a loving trainer.)
Mewliz's avatar
i think its anormal and it species is bird but do to the glitch it bumped it down so now its a bird flying
Human-Glitch-Thing's avatar
Epic :D I like how the background goes all pixellated around Missingno.
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*takes out pokeball**captures missingno*
i challenge you to a battle with my missingno~!
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Shiihai's avatar
When i look at its wings i only see a oaur of ominous, deadly eyes staring at me. Was that on purpose?
ser-comixmann's avatar
very observative! wow!
DJLO's avatar
oh man, i love it. the justifications for the details are perfect.
MeiRenee's avatar
Thats really awesome. I love the ? on its beak and the explanation you gave is pretty great as well X)
MBLOCK's avatar
Love the question mark on his head! Great design!
Lordofdragonss's avatar
Missingno should be made into real Pokemon...

Its just pure glithy awesomness!
TailsDoll95's avatar
Plus, this is my favorite version of Missingno. I've seen!
TailsDoll95's avatar
I'd seen this before, like a million times. Now I can finally give it credit!!! Awesome job!!
merely-mango's avatar
I really love the question mark on its beak. Haha funny! :)
KougaWolf's avatar
You know, I've always been a fan of this pic. I didn't find it on DA until today, though. o_O
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Skoonie's avatar
Lol Nice attempt, but MissingNo isn't really a Pokemon in the first place--it's an error message that was accidentally recognized as a Pokemon by the game's programming :) Still, I really like your MissingNo :D Very creative
nick15's avatar
Oh I know what MissingNo. is. I still love making my own version of it though! :)
KlonoaWarrior's avatar
Nice design! I love how its beak has a question mark.
nick15's avatar
Haha! I'm glad you noticed it!
Burakki-Lori's avatar
Really great idea and fun design =3
warupua's avatar
I absolutely adore your version of Missingno. :o
The question mark on its beak was a nice touch, and the color scheme is just awesome.
And you even used its original colors! I'm sure you were going for that, but the way you used them is nice.
nick15's avatar
I really wanted to incorporate the original colors with this design. I'm glad you noticed that! :)
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