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Gourd Sitting On A Park Bench



Take it in first. Take it ALL in..... does it make sense?

... It does? Good, then you can explain it to me. :) See, it's supposed to be a cartoon plucked chicken (though some say it's a gourd, it might be, but this is how it looked to me), with metal legs, sitting on a blue bench. The picture itself is supposed to be psudo-Powerpuff Girl-esque, with the whole, with the city scape in the background like that. Why it's like this, I have NO clue.

Now I saw this once while... uhm... entertaining myself on various substances. It just popped into my head all of a sudden while I was thinking about different artsy pieces I could work on in the near future. So I made it my business to remember it and flesh it out onto paper. It's maybe 99% close to what I originally intended, though the perspective is off, and the gourd itself is off center (it needs to be moved up a bit). But other than that.... yeah.

This is 100% freehand, color pencil piece. No computer had touched the original piece. Is that a good or bad thing? For this piece... it's good. I think it was appropriate to do this one in particular with color pencils than on a computer. Good times. :)
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I just see an outcast escaping the stressful hate filled city, and going to a place where he can be at peace, and live amongst the others cast out of the society (which is represented by the park)