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TLIID Valentine's Day 2013 - Groot and Poison Ivy

Well, it was practice with GimpShop.
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Groot's space jumpsuit looks better in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes style

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DC x Marvel Valentine's Day crossovers
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I Wonder if she can understand what he's saying;

All I hear is "I AM GROOT"
MartianManhunterDC's avatar
They´re so gonna kiss... and I love it!
TheCosmicBeholder's avatar
Ha! Awesome and fun! Great drawing of both of them.
Groot! Don't get scared! Just be grateful! And there is no hard feelings from trouncing her on Clevver Movies! B-)
Swarley180's avatar
Wow, this is a great ship.  I would ship them together if they were from the same universe :)
Lpsalsaman's avatar
LOL! This is AWESOME! Well done! :D
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I get the feeling this is Groot for "I need an adult."
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"I am Groot' means 'I am Groot', lady.
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Translation: "Starlord! Get this harlot off me!"
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Hehehe. This is great!
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Glad you liked it!  You have nice photos!
ElusiveValyrian's avatar
I really did! Thank you for the kind words =)
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Funny and poor Groot.:XD:
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Traduction of what Groot seem to say...
Rocket? I need your help!
Rocket! Help me please!!!
Rockeeeeeeet! Help meeee! She's trying to rape me!!!
Nick-Perks's avatar
I think that is a perfect translation.
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I really love this! Nice work sir! :)
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