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TLIID The Boys - Superman vs Homelander/Brightburn

By Nick-Perks
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The topic was "With The Boys season 2 over, suggest either superheroes that you'd like to see TV's The Boys fight against or superheroes you'd like to see fight the superbeings on The Boys (like Captain America vs. Stormfront, Wonder Woman vs. Homelander, etc.)"

ScottFry78 suggested: Superman beating Homelander

LetsTalkTommie suggested: Homelander versus Brightburn

I sort of combined the two.

More and better here…
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Awesome! Fantastic! Spectacular! Woah!

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Wonderful. Just wonderful :D

I am beyond sick of the "evil superhero" trope and seeing Superman take down *both* Homelander and Brightburn fills me with delight. :)

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Evil will surrender

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Not to mention the Plutonian, the Public Spirit, Miracleman (to an extent) and of course Superboy Prime.

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you a not wrong Superman but you know how to responsable with your power and is the reason why you are great hero!

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The fact that Clark would not only utterly demolish Homelander and Brandon but also feel both pity and responsible for both their creations in some regard has to be the most Superman thing I've seen a while. Knowing Clark he would probably do everything he could to rehabilitate these two and show them a better way.

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Brandon could possibly be rehabilitated. It was suggested that the ship he travelled to Earth in as a baby drastically altered his mind and behaviour so there may be a way to reverse the effects. I think any form of rehabilitation would fail miserably on Homelander so Superman may as well send him to the Phantom Zone.

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Yeah, although I think his fight with Homelander would be a bit tougher. Supes would still win but only cause of his experience

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Nah, Supes is just way more powerful. At best, Homelander's speed scales to A-Train's speed (which is around Mach 1-3 from outrunning a bullet) and his strength and toughness are comparable to modern nuclear bombs (which are 1.5 megatons - 50 megatons or higher, thousands of times more powerful than the WW2 nukes).

And yet, Superman easily stomps. Mach 1-3? Please, he routinely keeps up with the Flashes and Green Lanterns who can travel across galactic distances trillions to quintillions of times light speed (AKA even .1% of their speed is fast enough to make A-Train's top sprint look like a still image). Homelander being comparable to nuclear bombs? Cute, Superman once yeeted an entire solar system away from our own and casually flew through a red star (equal to tanking millions of nukes rapid-fire) without a scratch as well as consistently matching characters who can easily destroy entire planets like Darkseid, Lobo, Shazam. And just by the way, none of Superman's feats that I listed here are even from Pre-Crisis - all the stuff I mentioned here are from weaker iterations like Post-Crisis, Rebirth, Flashpoint, etc.

Homelander could punch, slam and laser-vision on Superman all he wants... it won't even leave a scratch, whereas Superman is easily fast and strong enough to smack Homelander faster than he can even see it coming and with more than enough force to splatter Homelander all over the place as an ugly red smear (or just return the favor and laser Homelander in half like tissue paper, given Supes' heat vision can incinerate entire planets). Superman wins no-diff.

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With Kingdom Come Supes, the fight wouldn't last long because that's him at his full potential.

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It's misrepresentation, Supes.
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These two most definitely rank pathetically low on the Batson Scale (the only proper method of measurement for Superman wannabes; rank high enough and you stop being a wannabe because you're just plain super in your own right!).

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VERY therapeutic for me. Not gonna lie, I'm kinda over the whole Evil Superman trope. lol

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Same. Whatever shock value and thematic ideas creators were trying to explore with it has worn off, now it's just a lazy crutch writers turn to when they have no idea what to do with Superman

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Or those who want to do a shallow deconstruction. Where their premise only works because they make them and the world such massive edge-lord caricatures.

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I mean, once upon a time, there WERE stories that could be told with that angle, and new ways you could look at Superman with those variations. But now? It's just played out. I feel like, aside from The Boys' continued adaptation, they need to move away from the trope for a really long time.

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Awesome! :la:

One of my favorite versions of Superman taking down two wannabe evil Supermen? I Like it. :D

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I get that some people like evil takes on Superman,but the thing is when Superman was created he was designed to be a boy scout.

It's one of the reasons I like seeing Good Supes beat up evil Supes in Injustice.

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Agreed, Evil Superman's usually and most often is a very Lazy form of writing. Make the most powerful hero into a villain, yeah, like That's original.

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This is quite good.

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