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TLIID Super-dickery Superman Batman shock


Ecovore suggested: Superman posting a photo of Bruce Wayne put on his Batman costume

Again aping Curt Swan's style.  His early stuff was so good; When a costume could look like a costume instead pf body-paint.

Oh, and there's silver-age text:

Batman is alarmed to discover that Superman has made his most extraordinary mistake yet, posting Batman’s secret identity on his Facebook page.

This is merely the latest in a number of ‘slips’ the increasingly eccentric Superman has made in the last 24 hours.

In fact, Batman has been fully occupied in undoing the damage Superman has caused, preventing any possible fall-out, and restoring the status quo.

It is with a feeling of some concern that Batman finally returns to the Batcave, worried about one of his closest friends. Indeed, Batman is so lost in thought as he enters his headquarters he is totally unprepared for…

Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Chief O’Hara, Vicki Vale, the Justice League, the Batmen of All Nations and many others who Batman had befriended in his career were waiting there. Even Alfred (his appearance disguised from the others) was in attendance. And arriving last of all, Superman.

Superman quickly explains that he had been deliberately keeping Batman occupied while the others prepared the surprise party in his absence. Batman is still confused – it isn’t his birthday so…? Robin reminds him that this is the anniversary of his first appearance as Batman years before, the start of a career which had encouraged and inspired so many. As Batwoman passes him a piece of cake it’s all the caped crusader can do to hold back a tear!

AND... The same story in modern parlance:

Batman was like totally doing some serious stuff or whatever when Superman (ugh!) showed up to bother him. (I mean its not even like their really friends.. their just work friends.. I mean why does Superman even want to hang out all the time???)

Anyway Superman was super annoying - just like always - with all these stupid mistakes that kept almost showing Batmans secret identity to everyone. (Spoilers: his the only guy in Gotham city with enough money to afford a Batplane.)

Anyway turns out the whole thing was just a "ruse" to distract Batman from the preparations for his surprise birthday party in the Batcave. Everyone was there.. even Green Lantern.. and they all heard Batman call Superman a dick before they could jump out and surprise him. Super awkward.

Whatevs. I think Superman was just using his power of passive aggression to make Batman feel like shit for doubting his friend. UGH!!! HE'S THE SUPER WORST!!!

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It would be awesome if it was actual comic.
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Wow! Awesome work! Just wondering if you could view my piece:… and possibly comment on it? It's just a new project I started, you can keep up with it by watching me, if you like
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Hahahahahaha - oh Superman you a**hole...