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TLIID #BatmanaMovie Into The Batman-Verse

The topic was "The hashtag #BatmanaMovie has been fun, so let's do that as a theme. Suggest a new movie starring Batman by taking a famous movie title and changing one word to Batman and our artists will draw a movie poster for this new glorious film monstrosity. "

settledownwest suggested: Into the Batman-Verse

We get a LOT of suggestion on The Line It Is Drawn, so you would think it would be easy to pick one that can be given due respect and made into a picture which does the suggestion honour.  But... not always.
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Yes! This reminds me of "Batman the brave and the bold" cartoon! Just another great idea!

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HISHE tried that too.

"It was huge mistake."

Batmite , Batman original, Batman modern, Batman beyond, batbarb and kingdom come Batman

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Alternate universe: Spider Ham, Spiderman Noir, Peter Parker, Peter B. Parker, Spider Gwen and Peni Parker

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Haha, that's wonderful! I love it! :XD: