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Everyday situations- Peter Parker buying chemicals

The theme was Comicbook characters in everyday situations.
The suggestion was Peter and M-J buying the chemicals for web fluid as the pharmacist eyes them suspiciously. Meth lab? Terrorists?
I went for a Norman Rockwell feel - it took AGES!
Guache on paper, scanned in.
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You know, if Peter could produce organic web like the first movie he wouldn't need any fluid, let alone shooters.

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Before I saw the title, I was wondering if they were trying to buy condoms in the 1950s.

Yeah, I'm warped like that.

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You are not the first...

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All those "condoms" jokes... I personally thought it was birth control pills.
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"I'd like 20 gallons of nitric acid. 15 pounds of saltpetre, 4 pounds of crystallised Di-4-Oxy-3 polycrenate, a packet of medium condoms, 2 quarts of zenolyne trisilicate gel and a pound of sulphur."


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First thought was, Peter is buying condoms, the expressions work perfectly for that as well.
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It is condoms, I would say. 
The boy mix some dangerous chemicals there justo for mislead.
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Really outstanding work! Thank you.
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Thank YOU - always good to be appreciated.
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On the thumbnail, I just got "Everyday situations- Peter Parker buying". Then I say the drugstore.

I thought MJ and he were buying something else.
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Everyone's expressions are just priceless to watch:laughing:, nice details. Man, you put a lot of patience and effort on this painting, Nice job.
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Thanks - it's good to know that effort paid off!
SWEET !! Hope You'll Do More Spidey Draws in a Norman Rockwell Style,@Nick
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Thanks! If only painting like this didn't take so lo-o-o-o-ng...
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The Norman Rockwell style contrasts wonderfully with the theme & characters' expressions :) I think we've all be in situations like this!
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