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DIY CD Slip Case Template



K, so here is Nick O'G's super fantastic, DIY CD Slip Cover Method! Complete with template and instructions! It also has some other great tips on saving money making demos!

Just Download the template and instructions and have a blast!

DIY CD Slip Case Cover
Step By Step by Nicholas O'Gorman from boxhands.

Badass Art
Thumb Drive
UPS Store
Metal Ruler
Wax Paper
Text Book

1. Kay, so you get your art on the digital template (available here!) and make sure it's lookin' all nice and shit.
2. Go to your local UPS store and give them your image on a thumb drive or what not. UPS, not Staples Print Shop. This is important, every time i have attempted to print something at Staples, the teenagers behind the counter totally fuck it up. Severely. But i digress. Get it printed a the UPS store on their one side glossy cardstock. Don't do two side, its pointless and a waste of money, but they might try to up sell you.
3. So, now that you have a sweet looking album cover printed on some quality ass paper, you have a fair bit of work ahead of you. Due to the incremental costs of printing on bigger pages with more covers on a single sheet is impossible. To that end, on each 8.5 by 11 sheet of quality 1 side glossy cardstock there will be the potential of 1 cd jacket.
4. The next step is where we get complicated. You'll take a single template and line up your metal ruler with designated cutting guides. Once the schnazzy cd cover is cut out of the template, place ruler along the back of the cd covers flaps. Bend the flap over that ruler! Repeat on the other side, and then fold that sucker in half along the fold lines. You'll want to really bend these points down along with a sharpie or something, gets the edges nice and crisp.
5.Take some fairly heavy duty craft glue and run that sticky all over the folded flaps, and press together the cd case. To dry, i suggest you place one cd cover down on a piece of wax paper, and then another wax piece of paper on that, then repeat this over and over till you got yourself a nice ass pile of your groovin' tunes homes. Then take a big ass textbook of some sort, my personal preference is Western Civilization by Coffin and Stacey, and place it on that stack. Let it dry for a while.
*note that it is important to not be too liberal with the glue, as it will stick to the inner area and will be a pain in the ass once you insert your cds. It'll take you about 2-4 cd covers to figure out how much glue is appropriate, but you'll figure it out and it will be clear sailing.

Yes, this process is really time-staking and yea, that kinda sucks, but with some friends, and some inebriation, maybe, just maybe, a Littlest Hobo marathon, you'll have a great cd, in an exceptional package.

What's great is that if you ask, many cd print-shops will deliver your cds without jewel cases, slip cases, or anything, so you'll save a BUNDEL! It's fantastic! You just will get them on a spindle and be able to insert them into the cd sleeve.

What's even cooler then that? I can save you a butt load on cds too! All you have to do is grab some "printable" cds from your local computer supply store. I know it sounds weird, i had no idea, but there are are printers that can print on cds. Anyways, these "printable" cds have unmarked, white, cd faces, which is great because they, unlike most cds, are ink absorbent. What does this mean? You can get a stamp made with your logo/cd title, whatever, by an online store. You just have to upload an image, and they will turn it into a stamp, and it can even be fairly intricate (see BOXHANDS (Self-titled Debut)). Now, instead of going to an online resource, you could go to the ol UPS store to get them to make your stamp. It seems to make sense, you should already be there gettin your cd covers. DONT get your stamps made here. They told me 3-5 business days, and after 9 we didn't get it. We ordered from an online place, it got made and shipped to us before we got a call, 4 weeks late from UPS store. They expected me to pay for the stamp... So now we have two BOXHANDS stamps. Anyways, you can burn your own blank "printable" cds and then stamp your stamp on 'em.

If you use this method, you can save so much money. SO MUCH. I roughed out an estimate, and the cost of making 1 BOXHANDS self-titled album is about $1.37. That's why we can sell 'em for $3, which works out to the price of $1 per song, so yes, we are competing with Itunes. Suck it itunes, we will one day undercut you and sell for the dope price of 2.97, i just need to get more rolls of pennies.

One Love,
Mr. BlueWhale.

Nick O'Gorman of BOXHANDS
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thank you! burning a bunch of my DRM free games i own to keep better track of them and start a cool looking collection~