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Watamote Tomoko Kuroki



Hey yo! Just watched this little anime called Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!) - A f*cking mouthful.

WataMote for short.

I think it deserves a little fan art, so I made one. This here is the main heroine of the story - Tomoko - my primary reason for watching this anime. She cracks me up! Who doesn't love a socially awkward (no, antisocial) high school girl with "hikikomori" tendencies and a chronic obsession with anime and games? She does a LOT of things in the anime that I myself do (being a bit of a recluse myself. A bit? Haha!). I'll ask myself, "do I really sound/look like that?" Then I'd laugh my ass off.

When she curses couples and other people being happy, when she tries to avoid being seen by school mates, when she tries to strike a conversation with people then awkwardly fail, when she resorts to talking to her brother everyday just so that she CAN have a conversation with a human being... I know how she freaking feels!

So here, Tomoko burning a photo of her more socially accepted self. Some times, you don't need to please society. Just be your geeky, loser self. I guess that's the point of this anime. *Like that helps.* :|
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nice fanart! i did also watch the anime , i do relate to her somehow but not entierly because i'm not like that at all , i also kinda relate to the girl from emergence/metamorphosis ( it's an harsh manga so don't read it if you are young) but not to that point ( i just got forced to kiss and was touched by a guy i thought i could be friend with because he pretended to be nice and i wanted a new friend and was happy that someone did approach me like that) the way i'm not similar with tomoko is that i did change my appearance and did force myself to talk to people with more force in it but i did wear makeup and i was also kinda crushed by others and others did happen to be mean to me unlike tomoko , also i'm not perverted at all because i want to stay pure for life lol. also i don't curse couple or happy people , i just dislike people that are mean to me or try to provok me .. also i want to be a good person but being able to defend myself and live in safety. but i also really wanted to be popular .. -.- i mean i still want to be popular in the way i want >_< !