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Mu-12 The Destroyer

By Nick-Ian
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This is a travesty of my usual style! LOL! I swore to myself never to rely that much on Photoshop to color my drawings - buuuuut.... What the heck! I can break my own rules, right? RIGHT???? I thought so... :evillaugh:

Yup, it's everyone's favorite destroyer again, Mu-12. I keep on drawing her 'cause I've been using her a lot in Blazblue: CS and well, she's pretty much bad-ass in every single way. :D And she doesn't have to be conscious about her bust size. I like 'em that way. I'm tired of all those grotesquely huge ones I always see in many anime chicks. :D

So yeah, color was done 100% in Photoshop - which I usually try to avoid. I find it both easy and difficult to color using the program. Easy 'cause you can alter or edit the colors anytime and it's a breeze to fill up large spaces with color. Also placing backgrounds is easier and the overall finished work looks neater. But on the other hand it's difficult 'cause I can never seem to get that "rough" sketchy look I always like to achieve. Traditional is still my way, but I guess it won't hurt to do something different for once in a while. :D :D :D

And before I forget, I have the uncolored raw pencil line art of this picture here: [link]
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Mu12 is the best xDDDDDDD
I add to my favorites ;D
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Mu-12 is my hero! :D
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As a fan of Noel and Mu-12 i shake your hand! Brilliant! fap fap!draw more!!
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I notice from a lot of your artwork that you have an eye at composition. You're definitely a master at your trade, I'd really like to see your take on the Guilty Gear universe, namely the assassins guild, it would be a nice treat.:3

Anyway, great work!
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Thank you very much! Wow, it's been a while since I drew anything Guilty Gear related. I'm not sure about drawing the assassins guild though. Were they the guys under Venom? :?
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No problem, I've actually been watching you for a while crossing my fingers you'd do some GG stuff. X3
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I just realized she looks as if she's doing, "HAIL HITLER!" LOL!!!! :lmao:
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I actually prefer flat-chested girls for fighting games, cause I feel like they are more focused about speed. ;)
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that's true! :D besides, big chests are cumbersome in fighting games. :D
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Thank you!!! :D
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this is so fucking badass
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best character in the game
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she truly is. :D
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She's the best of the android girls not even ragna can compare
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oh my, this is how you color with photoshop? :iconitsbeautifulplz:
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