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Hyouka: Chitanda Eru



I don't know how I ended up watching Hyouka. One reason is that the animation looked really good - reminded me of Tora Dora and K-On! Second, I guess, would be the main character. He looked pretty cool. He got nice hair. :| And I like the fact that he's smart (maybe even a genius?) based on how he can solve mysteries, but really bored and unmotivated - kinda like Shikamaru from Naruto, who I also admire. :D

Leading lady though is a little... Meh. :| The typical air head cutesy girl who'll probably end up with mystery solving guy. The only thing I like about her is how she looks when she gets "curious". Those purple eyes! Kawaii! So that's my only reason for drawing this. :XD: Chitanda and her curious eyes. :XD: With ice cream! I SCREAM!!! LOL!

Btw, forgot to color that button on her pocket. and I hate how she looks here. She's like a retard! :XD:
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ah this is amazing! ^^