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Gundam 00 Raiser and Setsuna F. Seiei

By Nick-Ian
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I really like how most of the Gundam machines in any Gundam series always go through level two transformations. :D Especially for the "main" Gundam of the story. :D They tend to develop wing like apparatuses on their backs and end up looking like angels who will save the world from evil. :XD: We see this in Gundam Freedom, Wing Gundam Custom, G Gundam (with that rainbow halo on his back) and of course our Gundam here - 00 Gundam Raiser with the 0-Raiser jet engine at its back acting as the "wing" contraption. :D

I love how those GN particles shoot out from 00 Gundam's back when it's activated. It really amplifies the winged guardian look. (Although I also loved the GN particle output of one of the Throne Gundams - the one piloted by the girl. That was awesome too. :D) Those large rings of light are also a great touch. They look better in the anime off course, they're ginormous. :XD:

And I just can't draw 00 Gundam without his pilot now, wouldn't I? :D So there, Setsuna looking fierce - just wanted to draw him as if he's ready for battle and is damn serious about it. :D That hair of his is always such a fun thing to draw and color. :XD: And uhm... Oh no. Maybe I should've drawn Saji Crossroad too. I mean he's part of the tag-team - the pilot of the 0-Raiser Jet. :XD: Ah! Sorry Saji, I'll draw you in another fan art soon. :D

Btw, I'm almost done with Gundam 00 Second Season. How are things gonna end! :D :excited: Also, it's funny how Setsuna always says the word "Gundam" throughout the series. :XD: It's like everytime he sees anything important he'll pause and say "Gundam". :lmao:
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This is perfect! Duo - Icon 
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this is great!:D (Big Grin) 
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This is perfect! :D
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gundams rule^^
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Stunning... Especially because it was drawn by hand.
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i wish i could draw this good
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i would never have the patience to draw so detailed! xD
good work on the hair and clothes too. Great expression!
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Thanks a lot! :D I have a love hate feeling when it comes to drawing mecha. I hate all the details they have but when you do finish the drawing, it all becomes worth it. I guess. :XD:
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yes, it is worth it imo. xD
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The 00 Raiser looks thinner than I expected here, but the pose reminds me of the Wing Gundam Custom.
I'd love to tell you how Gundam 00 ends, but I'm just gonna tell you right now that you will be surprised at what happens in the final battle.
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I just finished the second season. And well, looks like a happy ending and the Innovades were defeated. :D

But there's still the movie that I have to see after. :D The story continues to there, right?
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MARVELOUS! Should I say something more than that? :D
Oh, and you also forgot to put another "i" in the Seiei. :XD:
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Nyahaha! I'll fix his name now. :XD: And thanks so much! :heart:
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