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This is really best enjoyed when viewed in full (or fit to your screen), and explored for a few moments. You're also free to use it in your own work.

It's one of my favourite textures in a long time, I'm in love with it. It's like a dream, or shapes in clouds.

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I use your texture here [link]
Thank you :rose:
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wonderful texture :nod:
used here : [link]

thank you :heart:
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:+fav: That's a sexy texture - you mind me using parts of it for the new GUI/front end I'll be working on? Gritty/grimy = win.
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Of course, it's why I share them :)

What's the GUI for?
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It's a secret project, but if you have any more dirty and messed up textures, that'll be lovely :)
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When I get back to the states (around the 12 of March) I can hook you up with my entire stash of 'raw' texture photos, and I might be shooting some fresh ones during my brief stay back home in Australia.

Otherwise, check out my gallery and sort it by Resources > Textures, there's a bunch of similar textures to be found there.

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Cheers! Exciting times ahead for our studio, plus this new front end is going to be super-slick :)
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love it. reminds me of a filthy crumpled up piece of paper.
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Definitely my fav from the recent bunch... tonal heaven.
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I can see a lady playing the piano, a horse and a big dark character with wings.
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Did you found another dumpster :D
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Something like that, it was the same place I shot [link] and [link] :)
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Damn where do you always find those nifty pieces :laughing:
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You just gotta get outside with a camera, and keep your eyes open. I'm sure out the back of many of the kitchens you've worked in would have wonderful stuff too :nod:
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I have my :eyes: always open but perhaps I always have the wrong target :giggle:
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I'm in love with this! The color tones are fantastic.
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I SEE HIS FACE. And he's bleeding out the side of his head.

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