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note that this was made pre-v6, before I knew what the new message center looked like, and it's also super rushed.

The idea is to allow us to split our deviantWATCH into at least two groups - our friends/peers, and everything else.

We watch two types of people: close friends and peers (our community), and artists who's art we just like.

I only have a few dozen 'close' friends compared to the hundreds of artists I watch because of their great art, and it's easy for me to miss something a friend submitted amongst the thousands of deviations.

I think it's important to make it easier to focus on the deviants who matter most to us, while also allowing us to continue to appreciate all the wonderful art shared by the wider community.

This is just a quick mockup to give people something to see, it is open to discussion, and I've actually left out ideas. It's meant as a companion to the description above, and for my journal on the matter: Comments. A solution?
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The idea of splitting your devWATCH so that you can actually control who's art your getting in one place, but keep track of your dA community still is quite appealing to me.

One thing that's always bugged me about the current devWATCH is that I do like watching people, but I get clogged with all their artwork and submissions. I'd love to be able to keep a select few friends separate from the rest so i can focus on my 'Friend' network, but still be able to keep track and watch people for my 'Community' network.

With the current devWATCH, it's just a big mess of deviations, and like your comments for the mockup say, you can easily lose a deviation amongst the thousands of others.

Some might not use it for their friends, but instead, use the ARTstream for people who's art you specifically like, and then use the devWATCH portion for your friends and others that you want to watch and keep track of.

All in all, I think it's a wonderful idea. And, in the worst case, people wouldn't have to use it if they didn't really want to.

I know I would. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" />
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I've read that they're working something like this into an update to the message center. Wont be a separate area, but a filter/sort that let you push your Friends stuff to the front.

Rejoice! :lol:
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this is such an amazing idea. I wish it would be implemented.
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this is honestly a brilliant idea!
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Plz make this system!! I watching many 100 ++ groups and deviantas and i miss ALOT of what my friends make >.<
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That sound great XD
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Great idea! Any chance it's going to be implemented in the near future?
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I remain hopeful, but aside from +spyed adding it to his ideas collection (about four years ago mind you) I've had no indication that it would be implemented.
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Ah, that's a shame, it's really a great idea and it's something I could really use. Oh well (:
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You must be new here ;p

dA isn't a terrible site; they do a lot of things right, but they don't have the best history of implementing user's suggestions. It's all pretty random - some things get done over night by one developer, some things take years (the groups system), and some things come out of nowhere that no one wants :lol:

Until they implement something like this though, just knowing you'll lose track of your closer friends if you add too many 'cool artists' kinda helps.
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I think this is a great idea! I think it's something that most people can appreciate if introduced as a feature.
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I like this idea
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Definitely a great concept! The watch has gotten so clogged I've had to stop watching half of my groups and I only have 9 to start with of which 8 have volume.

What would also work is to filter out the repeat offenders - mega uploaders and the ones that submit to every group in their genre.

I wandered in here looking for CSS clues on mini-galleries since *kuschelirmel-stock listed you.
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another good idea which is left to rot since 2008... :(
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I like this idea quite a bit
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I'm kinda surprised I'm still getting comments on this thing, how did you find out about it?
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I saw it on the Great Spyed's profile :iconspyed:
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Woah, that'll sure explain the constant trickle of attention :lol:
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XD it sure will :D I must admit, it is impressive to get something of yours on the great :spyed: profile
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it's a great idea, hope it comes to fruition!
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I would LOVE having this... it's embarassing for a best friend I speak to on aim all day every day ask me how come I haven't said anything she posted three days ago, when I'm trying to help her learn about certain things, and then be told that I watch too many people. D=

It's to the point now, that if I don't wanna be stuck in my inbox and get no work done, I have to keep bookmarks of close friends so that I can check their profiles specifically for new things, and I'm always finding new artists that I fall in love with their work, which just makes the problem worse... because I can't help it if someone is so spectacular here that I have to watch them after I realize that I'd fav their entire gallery. This community just has so many amazing artists and writers and photographers and cosplayers that it's hard not to want to watch at least a million of them. Great idea... I've been trying to think of a way to work through my problem of this, and it would be perfect to have this.
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nice idea! ^^ I'll definitely use it

but can you make something like a mixed friends and everything feature available, just like the current devWatch, for the sake of the people who wanted 'the big mess of deviations'? I like to view deviations like that sometimes, but if not, I'll be still satisfied with the new thing
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excellent idea...out of curiousity is this currently in place on the beta testers? and if so...or if it comes to pass....won't it be a good idea to have a 'reset all deviantwatch to artstream' button, then we can go and addteh communities within?

there was once group support on dev watch, but that was fiddly to say the least. :)
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