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My project documenting the demolition of an old hospital in my hometown made the local TV news!

Midjourney is not your art by TheRyanFord, journal

Let's Party: Celebrate DeviantArt's 22nd Birthday! by team, journal

AI generated, artistic looking images by MidnightExigent, journal

Presenting: br53199 by burningmonk, journal

Poromaa by KizukiTamura, journal

Learning How to See by burningmonk, journal

Presenting: leothefox by burningmonk, journal

Mental wellness is extremely important, and we want to empower our community by reminding users that we are here to support you. Art stokes so many emotions and feelings, which in turn allows artists to express themselves in a more in-depth way. Dive into one of our previous Mental Health Awareness journals that explores art therapy with Gina Alfonso (ginalfonso)!

Feature by pulbern, journal


7110, old AMCOR papermill. by nichtgraveyet, visual art

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SLF 007

hey! don't you know it's rude to stare into the abyss :flirty:

;) :peace:

Favourite Movies
Fury Road, Alien(s), Mandy, Enter the Void, Eternal Sunshine, The Thing, 12 Monkeys, A Scanner Darkly
Favourite TV Shows
Godless, Atlanta, DARK, Severance, Fargo, Bojack, Archer, Barry, GLOW, Sense8, B5, DS9, Twin Peaks, Ash vs Evil Dead, R&M, Tuca and Bertie
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
inpo; That Handsome Devil (Godforbid), Methyl Ethyl, HEALTH, Electric Six, Lorn, Queens of the Stone Age, Massive Attack, TOOL, Kite, BRMC, Lemon Demon, many more...
Favourite Books
Phantom Tollbooth, The Outsider/Stranger, Discworld novels, Dune, Prisoner of Azkaban ...
Favourite Games
Control, Hades, Hollow Knight, Rez, Mr. Driller, LiS, Borderlands, Dishonored, Quake, Burnout Paradise, Swarmlake ...more.
Tools of the Trade
Keyboard, pen, paper, markers, cameras, overactive imagination.

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h a v e . a . g r e a t . w e e k e n d . :relax:. a n d . t h a n k . y o u . f o r . t h e . :+fav:

Thanks for the fav! 😀

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