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Loyalty by Fire
I solemnly let slack off the steering wheel and the vehicle pulls itself out of the curve before the spiral. I slalom and wallow, check my blind spots, tunnel my vision into velocity and swerve                      into the other lane with no other vehicles around to feel the illusion of risk when there is none. There was no warning, no obituary, no texts back, just the hitch of my breath at the news of his death. Suddenly, I want him more now than I needed him so I send him messages when nobody is around to feel the illusion of him when there is no one.
The Dangerous Think
On the streets of San Diego I waved goodbye to her like a sea’s crest and fall rising in my chest. If this moment is worth thinking about, it’s not worth overthinking, but I do anyways. I play coy in being closeted and glare another convinced smile, blare another compliment in our parting and chuckle through the memory: “I was afraid,” she had mouthed and I mimed along post-martyr in analytical cockiness “I was afraid if you thought you might be schizophrenic you would think yourself there.” she had said. I am always in my own head, my own way too much. I laugh the distrust off. My mother says she s
Self-Portrait Mid 2018
Bitlets 532
I think, therefore I am. At least, I thought I was.
Bitlets 531
You can't have a solution without a problem, but you can have a problem with no solution.
Bitlets 530
As a dutiful boyfriend there will be many eyerolls to come, but she will never have to look the other way for love.
Futility and Fruit
I made myself rest on the third day of the flu by way of lack of oxy— —a genesis on the exam room table. Inhales and now my doctor exhales prescription: four days of futility and fruit. Stubborn, I would not forgive the man I am to become if I did not exert to achieve but I am short of— —the breadth of this experience that the flukes of my laboring are fruits others bear with. Flustered, but I made myself rest so I can breathe.
Sojourner III
I. The droplets clinging to my window, silly and condensed sensations, linger like doubts. My breath is a breeze of palpable, hesitant fog on the lived-in room's window; a warm frost on a cold surface. I autograph the glass in sighs and wet fingertips. I linger. The glass is panged by the wisps of my whispers and the wasps wafting up from the house siding. Inside, I linger, and exhale on curtains but the shutters, shudder like doubts. I remember, as an introspective soul is oft to opt for, that one evening in my adolescence the same ankle-length, mineral-white curtains adorning the front room today brushed my body in a furious flurry to
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Bitlets 529
Waking up next to her frees butterflies caged in my stomach, but the singe of light-handed touches from slept-in bodies longing to sleep in more is not what I want. I want those fluttering touches to be my normal.

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record store
music plays at the indistinct volume of falling water while everyone bends over the albums peering like monks not certain of what they are looking for until they find it blazing and sudden beneath their fingertips. they let out soft sighs cooing gently when they pull a record from the rest with the delight of a gardener picking tomatoes that have ripened at last.
1. you roll the window down just enough to let the smell of cows and wet grass into the car you're holding a cigarette the tip burns a bright death and you flick the ash into the wind you turn to my stepfather and say something the two of you laugh together i ask a question you turn your head and look at me behind you the sun raises a heavy hand 2. my sister is sitting next to me somehow the bath water is still warm somehow we are both very quiet there is shouting in another room sometimes i hear your voice i don't look at my sister her shadow moves gently with the line of the water our hearts two hearts knowing it's better to pre
new city
one day cutting vegetables the blade slipped & my hand split open, spilling itself onto the cutting board. I pushed the vegetables clear with the knife to let the blood move where it wanted. I watched it happen from a place inside me that opens & closes its eyes with the calm of flower petals. if I did nothing, or opened the wound a little more I could see where all that blood might lead - like knowing a certain road, if taken far enough, would take me to a whole new city. instead I wiped the blood off the board into the sink & wrapped my hand. I laid down & left what would have been my next meal unprepared.
good men, bad women
he was a good man, you say a good man a good dead man like all good men who did ill to the living who speak ill of the dead but you tell us to speak no evil you tell us, speak only of good men speak of good men and speak of the devil and wonder why he never appears he was a good man, you say but i don’t want to hear you talk i want you to go home to your mother go home and cover your head go home and pray to your god tell him what a good man you are get down on your knees speak of the devil and see where it gets you
planting 5% complete
everything smells like dirt tilled ground freshly unfrozen dust in the air clouds the horizon the sunsets more vivid there’s a breathable fungus I’ve read about I worry the soiled air will invade my lungs mississippi valley ground gain sentience in me still it’s sweeter than the scent of snow driving along quiet roads there are so many tractors lit up trawling late into the night making up for lost springtime

Poetry - Bitlets

Bitlets 532
I think, therefore I am. At least, I thought I was.
Bitlets 531
You can't have a solution without a problem, but you can have a problem with no solution.
Bitlets 1
I wonder if all this searching for profoundness justifies being a proficient writer? Working so tediously for so few words— I think I found a noun for that before: inefficiency.
Bitlets 2
When I sleep, I sleep for two to four hours; last night was from ten 'til two and four 'til six. I come from a lineage of paramedics, but even they are conscious enough on twenty-four hour shifts to not be sleep-deprived. On their forty-eight hours off a paramedic might drink. This is an all-too-common occurrence. Maybe I visited the ambulance bay too many times with bloody words and concussed slurs and I think they're drinking because they know when to stave off sobriety and when to moderate sleep.
Bitlets 4
I want to find the search results that never show up when they are needed and put them in fortune cookies: "The" is not a relevant search term and was not included in your search "Who" is not a relevant search term and was not included in your search Lucky numbers: π, Pythagorean Theorem, 1337, 4/20, and the end of the Mayan Calendar.
Bitlets 5
I have room to move; that is the benefit of emptiness of outer, inner, and personal space and the downside of having nowhere to be.
Bitlets 6
I haven't seen my best friend since July. It is November, and neither of us can drive to the other; we don't have the license to prove it to ourselves.
Bitlets 7
I'm sick of the pills and I'm sure they're sick of me, but why resist when it's easier to swallow?
Bitlets 8
If dwarves are people too, can we bring back Pluto?


The Difference Between Snakes and Ropes
Last night there was a woman where my girl was and she said to me, “This. That’s what he did.” A woman isn’t born vulnerable, but vulnerability is a part of personhood and being self-aware of insecurities is more vividly human than vibrancy; more sexy than secrecy. I’d compose her movement to music or pen it on paper, proffer it as poetry and profess confessions as love but I’d rather be on standby— even as passerby— because I ache and I ache all the time now, for her. For her I am sore and unstomachable and nurse wounds that aren’t mine. For her, I worry. I worry and I tighten knots

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