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planting 5% complete
everything smells like dirt
tilled ground freshly unfrozen
dust in the air clouds the horizon
the sunsets more vivid
there’s a breathable fungus I’ve read about
I worry the soiled air will invade my lungs
mississippi valley ground gain sentience in me
still it’s sweeter than the scent of snow
driving along quiet roads
there are so many tractors lit up
trawling late into the night
making up for lost springtime
:icondialtonepoetry:dialtonepoetry 25 11
Mature content
In the Kitchen, With the Bleeding :iconsynesthi:Synesthi 2 1
A Little Taller
I never noticed that you
were taller than me by a few
scant inches. You have always
looked at me eye to eye:
a perfectly horizontal line:
an exchange of power - you,
giving; and me, receiving.
You have always made
me walk a little faster, think
a little quicker, speak a little
louder. And now I know; that in your
presence, I have always been
a little taller.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 16 2
Your Body Warmth Is My Wisdom Worn Commonly
I wait in a womb of Chinese silk, thoughtfully tucked
away from other ornaments, in a dark
where I wait for her
more than she waits for me.
Once, I grew on the soft pallet of a sea of tongues.
Once, I knew the covenant of salt, was built
to protect, to grow hard against
Was it your greed which stole me from safe mouths? Or hunger?
Now, I'm your adornment. Your adored. When I dull,
you take me from your soft skin and acid, and worry
your oils from me.
I have my own rag. My own care.
When I lie in the dark, I cannot even click my spine of nacre.
I make no noise, cannot rustle my truths:
                                          I don't wear Grief, Grief wears me
                                like her mother's pearls
—I am the last on,
:iconvespera:vespera 12 9
Portrait of My Mother-In-Law in the Kitchen
new oranges wait
in an open basket
his mother
in the half-light
fingers working
-small reflections
in the early hours
morning shadows
like words
between us
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 16 0
crawl backwards, die slowly
It hurts but that's okay.
One finger under the receiver and two behind
the battery pack and it hurts coming out
but thank you, it's over,
thank you.
Conscious and active effort to untie
bound muscles in neck in shoulders
in chest, did you know you
tense the muscles at your sternum
to hear the low sounds
did you know
And the pain's not over, it won't
be but they're out, they're out.
In your hands they look like
nothing, pull out the battery
so it doesn't drain and
put them in the case.
You will never be worth as much
as you were before you broke.
It takes a few seconds longer
to put them away than it should,
staring at the case
I hate you
I hate you I hate you
Have to wear them because otherwise
you're not trying,
and you wouldn't want to be a burden
now would you?
Sitting in the office with your heart in your
hands, in any other program
you'd be a burden, that's what she
said, and you sat there
and put heart in mouth
and receiver and battery pack
in heart.
People tell your mom she sh
:iconsynesthi:Synesthi 6 6
The Difference Between Snakes and Ropes
Last night there was a woman
where my girl was and she said to me,
“This. That’s what he did.”
A woman isn’t born vulnerable, but
vulnerability is a part of personhood
and being self-aware of insecurities
is more vividly human than vibrancy;
more sexy than secrecy.
I’d compose her movement to music
or pen it on paper, proffer it as poetry
and profess confessions as love
but I’d rather be on standby—
even as passerby—
because I ache and I ache
all the time now, for her.
For her I am sore and unstomachable
and nurse wounds that aren’t mine.
For her, I worry.
I worry and I tighten knots,
practice my box, bow tie, square, slip,
and double coin knots and remember
that the method to madness is comfort;
being complacent with sanity
makes for insanity
and being complacent with a lover
is to take them for granted.
I tighten the same knot
and expect the same result,
wind the bight around again,
again, and again. And bite.
I knot, bight;
I kno
:iconnichrysalis:Nichrysalis 111 145
Speak now
it says
speak now or forever hold your
i'd give anything
for some, a handful
in a pocket or a bottle
on a shelf
fact is that silence
is forgiveness and gelatin capsules
burst under heavy tongue and heavier
and forgiveness is surrender
fingers woven in messy hair and i
think if i can find all his fingertips
match nail to thumb, nail to pinky
i'll understand why he did it
and i'll forgive him,
or he'll forgive me
fact is he left my body
under the streetlight and i
was reborn a monster
monster left for dead,
monster sleeping with a belly
full of tylenol
monster in the dark
he comes for me and i wait
because he's the most consistent
three years running and three years
chasing and three years of holding
speak now or forever hold your peace,
comes to me like bubbles when
you're drowning
did i scream did i scream
or did i give him my peace
is that why
is that why, speak now
forever hold your piece,
hissing in the dark, if you take
from me then keep it,
:iconsynesthi:Synesthi 3 5
Fruit Orchard
my brother
hands me a lemon
-hard peel
warm soft by
a reaching palm
slips a finger
the restless grass
smells of dust
and new leaves
:iconpelicandeath:PelicanDeath 7 0
With lilacs in jars like soft-hued myrrh,
the farmer's daughter
lowered the dead
bees she'd saved into dirt holes
she'd sculpted, each wonderfully circular
and adjacent,
                    but not before
brushing the hair from her eyes
and pinning it near her ears
with an auburn clip,
                             not before hanging
the lavender blooms
from the farmhouse dormers,
long shoots of gypsophila
not before she leaps
to her feet and off the stoop
to her father, who is coming
in from the fields, who has
collapsed on the grass,
settled as snow:
wonderfully ossified and calm
before unencumbered sky—
so blue, bone-white
and still.
:iconjswebb:jswebb 102 16
The old man at the top of the hill
poisoned my dog when I was a child;
I was warned not to make accusation.
As I grew, his face gnarled;
I watched him take on the look of cancer.
It taught me early to leave revenge be:
evil, like an unloved home, meets its end
when left to fall in on itself.
:iconfuzzyhoser:FuzzyHoser 25 26
These are fine examples of what literature is crafted to be. Take heed and take notice of their nuances and anatomy, for they are thunderbolts among this word-drenched thunderstorm.



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Nic Swaner
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United States
Artist's Statement 10/25/2011

Nic Swaner is a studying graphic designer, and a budding young writer whose concepts and syntax require a rush of blood and breath to the lungs. For inspiration he need not look far from the cyclopean sun, feel the displacement before the epilepsy, synthesize some synesthesia, or recall the origami folds his hands have memorized throughout the years.

Nic is almost entirely self-taught in the ways of writing and in doing so has created a style all his own. His medium is mainly through poetry, short stories and articles for websites; he excels in portraying his thoughts and ideas in a world of complex and harmonious verbiage. He is always whittling away at several works of writing that will be submitted to free publishers or magazines. Nic will always be happy to edit and critique your writing, whether it's poetry or prose. Contact him at

Nic is currently studying graphic design and the fundamentals of art. He has always emphasized the power of concept over complexity, and have maximized color and composition to their utmost potential. He prefers to work with photomanipulations and typography to portray his concepts. He is always open to critique from his peers. Other artistic endeavors from Nic include folding origami, film photography, darkroom artwork such as photograms, and music production.


Nic lives in Chicago, Illinois, but his hometown is Robinson, Illinois. He likes Progressive Rock and Underground Rap music. Marcus J. Ranum is his most adored photographer. Samurai Jack is his favorite cartoon character along with Ed, Edd, and Eddy. His favorite ice cream flavor is French Vanilla. He has a mild form of sound to color synesthesia for melodies and believes the song Echoes by Pink Floyd is green.

"The world is only as old as the person to whom you speak." - Nic Swaner


She said yes!

Sun May 6, 2018, 11:33 PM by Nichrysalis:iconnichrysalis:
Guys, I have some news. In 2014, I met a Ms. WeirdAndLovely. Friday May 4th, 2018, I proposed to her. What began as another dA acquaintance has become a journey with the best partner I could have ever wished for. I love her so much and as a poet, I'm sure she's more immortalized in my writing than I will ever be. :lol: I love you, fiancee! :love:

Me and her being, well, us (on a different day from the proposal).
31946616 10156235748324876 865385152220495872 O(1) by Nichrysalis

The engagement ring!
31959547 10156235748624876 6253023013432721408 O by Nichrysalis

Her swooning while on the phone sharing the news shortly after saying yes!
31967926 10156235748754876 2192962206293819392 O by Nichrysalis

Her falling asleep the day after the proposal with her hand in mine.
32072750 1805843023058454 4615974689301331968 N by Nichrysalis

While the proposal itself was not what I had envisioned and certainly not plan a, b, or c, how it came together fits us and who we are in our relationship and I'm happy with it. It'll be a story to pass down.

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Events of the play

On the preceding play, with only six seconds left in the game, Green Bay was at its own 24-yard line. Green Bay completed a number of lateral passes until a penalty was called on Detroit Lions defender Devin Taylor for pulling Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' face mask. Following the penalty, the Packers were awarded one last untimed play after the game clock had reached zero. After calling the play, all Packers' receivers ran towards the end zone and Aaron Rodgers broke right and threw a 61-yard (56 m) Hail Mary pass into the end zone. Tight end Richard Rodgers caught the pass, resulting in the Packers winning 27–23. QB Aaron Rodger's throw was so high that it nearly hit the rafters at Ford Field.


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