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The marvelous Avenue NicholasVille Apartment is an upscale apartment community in this part of Kentucky for the discriminating resident with a great package of amenities and luxury appointments, a peaceful and serene community with priceless values for prime apartment living. 

The Avenue at NicholasVille Apartment in Kentucky is centrally located between 9 states surrounding it, all within driving distance. This unique and strategic location makes the Avenue at NicholasVille Apartment accessible to Cincinnati in the north, Nashville in the southwest, Louisville in the near west, Indianapolis in the farther northwest, Columbus, Ohio in the northeast, Pittsburgh in the farther northeast, and Charlotte in North Carolina in the southeast. 

You can let your dogs roam freely at the off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park. The park is placed on expansive grounds of excellent green grass lawn, surrounded by wooded areas and fences to keep your pets safe.

A wide green grass carpet lawn contrasts beautifully with the well-paved concrete path walks around the apartment blocks and the three-floor apartments of pastel red and white walls.

On the whole the off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park belongs to a secure and gated area with well-paved paths, well-kept lawns, and concrete roads within the apartment blocks. There is a leash-free bark park where your dogs can roam freely for the day.

The off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park is one of the functional amenities for your pets. Located at the northeast and northwest sides of the apartment community, the expansive grounds are large enough to accommodate everyone else’s pets. 

The off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park reflects a pet friendly community, and this contributes to enhancing your stay in the apartment as if it were your home. Pets are lovable creatures, and within certain weight and breed restrictions, you can tag along a maximum of two pets.

There are also provided pet walk stations along the different blocks of the off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park. As a pet-friendly apartment community, off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park complies with the Fair Housing Act that allows reasonable accommodations for service animals, including for therapy or emotional support.

If you want a much wider area, the off-leash Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Bark Park is also within driving range to seven major national forests, where you can bring your pets along, making it an exciting place to live in. These natural environments are: the Hoosier and Shawnee national forests in the west, the Daniel Boone National Forest in the south, the closest to the Avenue NicholasVille Apartment Location, the Cherokee and Pisgah national forests in the farther southeast, and the Cherokee and Nantahala national forests in farther south.

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