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Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to present to you all the full story of my rewrite of Thomas and Friends: Journey Beyond Sodor.

Note: Throughout this rewrite there are several references to several Thomas fans' content, such as my own, as well as several elements from Journey Beyond Sodor: How it Should Be. See if you can try to spot them all.

So sit back, relax and happy reading.

Journey Beyond Sodor Rewritten

Based on the film of the same title by David Stoten and Andrew Brenner

Rewritten by Nicholas Caputo

Dear Friends,

For generations, each Sir Topham Hatt, Bertram, Charles, Stephen and Richard, have always made Sodor a home for all types of locomotives, steam, diesel and electric.

However, far away from the North Western Railway, there's the Other Railway, where steam engines are withdrawn from service and scrapped. Because of this, there's too few places for all types of engines to work together in harmony nowadays.

James would soon travel up to one of these places on the Mainland, and this adventure of his would not only be an adventure he would never forget, but this adventure would also change the lives for those he would meet and befriend on his adventure...

- The Author

Chapter 1: Vicarstown Disaster

The Island of Sodor is home to all kinds of locomotives. There are steam engines, diesel engines, and even electric engines. For generations, each Sir Topham Hatt, Bertram, Charles, Stephen and currently, Richard, would always make his railway a home for all engines to work together in harmony. However, the same cannot be said for other railways, such as the railway on the Mainland. Controllers on other railways had steam engines withdrawn from service in favor for diesels. And because of that, there isn't a lot of places around for all kinds of engines to be working together. Sometimes, Sir Richard Topham Hatt would have one of his diesel engines make special journeys to the Mainland, since the Mainland was run by diesels nowadays. But today was different. A special freight train was to be delivered to a Steelworks on the Mainland, but most of Sir Topham's diesels were all too busy, so he decided to send one of his steam engines to take the train.

"Barry," He said. "I would like you to take an important train to the Mainland. Usually, one of my diesels would make journeys like these, but most of them are busy. Can you handle it?"

"I won't you let you down, sir!" Barry whistled. And he puffed away. Barry had been saved from scrap by BoCo on the Mainland, so he was familiar and well-experienced with the place. Once coupled on, Barry's driver pulled the lever and Barry puffed away out onto the Main Line.

James the Red Engine, who was pulling a slow passenger train, had to stop at a signal.

"Bother!" He grumbled. "We were going so nicely too! Why do we have to stop, driver?"

"A special train is passing." His driver explained. At that moment, they heard a whistle, and Barry thundered by.

"Special freight train for the Mainland coming through!" He called.

"What!? Barry gets to go the Mainland!?" James huffed.

"I think Sir Topham Hatt chose Barry since BoCo saved him from that scrapyard. Never mind, James. Be happy that a friend of yours gets to go to the Mainland!"

But James did mind. "It's not fair." He sniffed. "Sir Topham Hatt should've chosen his splendid number five engine." Once the signal dropped, James carried on his way, but now all he could think about was a journey to the Mainland.

Out on the Mainline, Barry was going smoothly. "Hurry up, Barry! We haven't got all day!" One of Barry's cars said. Barry just ignored him.

But as Vicarstown came into, there was trouble. A visiting engine's freight train was stuck on Barry's line up ahead. To make matter worse, the signal that tried warn Barry wasn't working.

Then, everything happened once.

One moment, Barry was on the track, the next, his driver, fireman, conductor jumped clear and the visiting engine was uncoupled and moved out the way as Barry slammed into the break van and toppled onto his side. The first few cars on his train followed behind, but the rest stopped suddenly and stayed upright on the rails. It was a terrible mess, indeed! Luckily, no one was hurt. Poor Barry wasn't going to the Mainland now!

"Oh dear." He sighed. "The day started so nicely too!"

Sir Topham Hatt was having tea in his office when he got a call about the accident.

"I'll send for help!" He said.

Henry, Harvey and Rocky arrived to clear up the mess.

"Sorry about my train blocking the line." Said the visiting engine. "One of my freight cars had a broken axle and it toppled."

"It's not your fault." Said Barry, as Rocky lowered him back onto the rails. "Signalman told us about the faulty signal. Sorry about hitting your train."

"I perfectly accept your apology." The steam shunter said. As Henry was being coupled up to Barry, he recognized the engine.

"Logan? Is that you?"

"Henry? Henry!"

"Logan, it is you! Long time, no see!" Henry said, excitedly.

"Likewise!" Smiled Logan.

"So you're Logan." Said Barry. "I think I heard about you from Edward one time. He said that you couldn't tell him and Gordon apart due to them facing tender-first and ended up mixing up their jobs!"

"Yeah!" Chuckled Logan. "That's exactly what happened when I visited Sodor! How are Edward and Gordon doing, by the way?"

"Why, they're doing swell!" Said Barry. "I'll make sure to tell them that you said 'Hello' after I'm repaired."

While Henry took Barry to the Steamworks for repairs, Logan shunted Barry's train out of the way and into Vicarstown's shunting yards. Once that was done, the cleanup continued.

As Henry and Barry rolled toward the Steamworks, Henry spoke.

"Are you alright, Barry?" He asked.

"I'm fine, Henry." Barry replied. "But I'm very badly scratched and my bufferbeam is damaged. Oh well. At least Victor knows what to do whenever an engine arrives for repairs."

"You can say that again." Chuckled Henry. "You know something, Barry? Your accident has reminded me about my 'Flying Kipper' incident. You know the one, right?"

"Oh yes." Said Barry. "Back when you had to use Welsh coal due to your old firebox! You're quite right, Henry! Both accidents were caused by faulty signals and we both collided with break vans!"

"Except they took place during different seasons." Added Henry.

"Oh yes." Said Barry.

The two engines soon arrived at the Steamworks.

"Flaming fireboxes!" Victor exclaimed. "Are you alright, Barry?"

"I'm ok, Victor." The rescue engine said. "But I'm definitely going to need to have my bufferbeam straightened and the scratches on my paintjob painted over. In addition, I've been thinking about having a new paint color. If Donald, Douglas and Diesel, who were painted black, chose new colors, then I think I'd like to have a new paint color too."

Victor smiled. "New color? You know you've come to the right place my friend." He said, and winked. Barry beamed.

"Thank goodness no one was hurt." Boomed Sir Topham Hatt. "But I'll have do some switching of engines for the time being. I'll have Derek look after BoCo's duties while BoCo takes Barry's train to the Mainland."

"After all," Added Barry. "He did save me from scrap there long ago."

"Indeed, he has." Agreed Sir Topham Hatt.

He later found BoCo at Tidmouth sheds that night and told him about the situation.

"We'll be sure to be up earlier in the morning." Said BoCo.

"That's the spirit!" Chuckled Sir Topham Hatt. And with that, he climbed into Winston, his track-inspection trolley and they headed to the Clay Pits to inform Derek.

"I'll gone for a while, so Derek will be looking after my jobs for the time being." BoCo told the engines in the shed, that night.

"Don't tell Sir Topham Hatt chose you to take the important train to the Mainland!" James snapped. "I know it because I saw Barry pulling the train this morning and when it comes to Barry, we all know that you're the one who saved Barry from scrap!"

"What's gotten into you, James?" BoCo asked.

"Everyone gets to make special journeys to Mainland except me!" James complained.

"Nonsense, James." Puffed Gordon. "Not all of us are going to the Mainland."

"Yeah," Put in Henry. "Last time a lot of us went to England, that was for the people who read about the books that Wilbert Awdry wrote, and those who went were me, you, of course, Gordon, Edward, Thomas, Percy, Toby, Duck, Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta and Sir Charles Topham Hatt."

"Pah! It's still unfair!" Huffed James. "I could handle a journey that's a long way away as easily as you can, BoCo!"

Molly, who was parked next to James, tried to reason with her friend.

"Um, James?" She asked shyly.

"Yes, Molly?" James replied, turning his focus to yellow friend.

"As much you want to travel to the Mainland, it's not a good idea to be jealous. You should happy for BoCo. He's your friend, after all."

"Well, Molly," James said. "I still don't see why BoCo gets to be sent there nowadays. Back then, Sir Topham Hatt used to send us steam engines there."

Molly gave James a stern look.

"And aren't you forgetting that steam engines on the Mainland aren't safe there, James?" She replied.

James' face went pale.

"You're right, Molly. Sorry." He said.

Even though, Molly was right, James still felt jealous of BoCo's journey.

Then, he had an idea. A very naughty idea.

"Hehe. Good luck trying to get to Vicarstown tomorrow before someone else, BoCo." He chuckled, darkly. Very quietly, he whispered to his driver and fireman.

"We'll do it tomorrow morning." He told them...

Barry's had a nasty accident and it looks like James' jealous might have just gone overboard....

Chapter 2: James' Journey

Dawn was beginning to break across the Island of Sodor. BoCo's driver arrived at Tidmouth sheds early. His eyes were trying to adjust, so it was slightly difficult for him to see where he was going, but he soon managed to enter the shed quietly.

"Morning, BoCo." He yawned.

BoCo opened a sleepy eye.

"Morning, driver. I'm ready when you are." He said sleepily.

His driver carefully and quietly started BoCo up, and BoCo rolled slowly out of the shed. He was so focused on keeping quiet, that neither he nor his driver noticed that James had already left the sheds!

BoCo soon arrived at Vicarstown yards and waited for Rosie to shunt them into place behind them. Rosie puffed by shunting some coaches.

"Excuse me, Rosie." BoCo asked. "Where are my freight cars?"

"Are you referring to the ones that Barry was pulling until he had his accident?"


"Oh, yes. James knew how important they were. That's why he arrived early."

"James!?" BoCo exclaimed. "James took the train!?"

Out the main line past Vicarstown, James was enjoying himself.

"What a clever plan! What a clever plan!" He chortled. And he carried on down the line toward the Mainland.

Meanwhile, Barry's repairs were just about finished. Some painters were preparing to to give him a new paintjob.

"I think I'll choose red. Red with black lining, please." Barry said.

"Excellent choice!" Said one of the painters. They soon set to work painting over Barry's scratches.

"Ah, Barry! You're almost repaired!" Smiled Sir Topham Hatt. "That should be good news! Derek might need a little assistance soon, especially since BoCo is away."

"Uh, sir? I think BoCo's coming right now."


Barry was right. At that moment, BoCo raced in.

"Sir!" The green diesel said. "James took my train! His crew got up earlier before my driver did!"

"He what!?" Sir Topham Hatt exclaimed. "Oh, James. Doesn't he realize that switching engines is my job!?"

"I think we should be more worried about him than being cross with him. The Mainland isn't a safe place for steam engines. James could very much get lost real easily! Or worse; Kidnapped!"

Meanwhile, James had arrived on the Mainland and he was having the time of his life!

"This is definitely the life!" He chortled, as they listened to the sights and sounds of the Mainland.

"Out of my way!" Shouted a passing class 40 diesel pulling a long slow passenger roared past James, blaring his horn loudly.

"I'm pulling an important train here!" James shouted backed.

"Don't bother with him, James." His driver.

James took a deep breath and sighed.

"Sorry, driver." He replied, and carried on.

But everywhere James went, lots of engines pasted him, honking and whistling and shouting at him. This made James very cross.

"Is the Mainland always like this?" James grumbled.

"Hello, James!" Called a familiar voice.

"Hello, Jinty!" James called back. "I'll hello to Percy for you!"

"Thank you, James!" Jinty replied, and he carried on with his passenger run, and James continued on his journey.

"I knew I'd see some familiar faces around here at some point." James chortled, as he entered a tunnel.

On Sodor, a desperate Sir Topham Hatt arranged an emergency meeting a Knapford station.

"I've gathered you all here to spread the news that James is missing on the Mainland. He's most likely in danger and could use some help." He told his engines.

"James? Lost? On the Mainland?" Molly said sadly, tears coming down her cheeks. "We go on a rescue mission to find him! Yes, he can be vain and rude, but deep down, he really cares about all of us, especially me. So, I think I will travel there. He and Emily helped my out on my first day on this railway, and now it's my turn."

"What if you have an accident, Molly?" Asked Percy.

"Not to worry, Percy! I'll go, too!" Said Harvey.

"I'll come along too! His accident on his first day on Sodor gave me my branch line!" Puffed Thomas.

"I'll look after your duties, Thomas." Smiled Tasha.

"Me too" Added Stanley. "I remember traveling to a Steelworks there once."

"I think remember working there, too!" Exclaimed Ferdinand. "So I'm tagging along!"

"I'm going too. He did take my cars, after all." Replied BoCo.

"I say it's time we stood up to British Railways!" Said Gordon. "It's disgraceful to just leave our friend for scrap!"

"And definitely despicable!" Added Henry.

"I will go too!" Said Sir Topham Hatt. "But I'll need to make some arrangements first."

And so, it was arranged. Sir Topham Hatt called Mr. Percival and told him about the rescue mission.

"I'll be right over!" He said. He jumped on his bicycle and rode all the way to Knapford.

"Good luck to you all!" He told them. "Hope you find James and I hope you guys try make some friends on the Mainland!"

"We will! Thank you, Mr. Percival!"

"You're welcome!"

Sir Topham Hatt climbed into Thomas' cab and waved his hat like a flag.

"Look out, Mainland and James! Here we come!" They all shouted, and whistling and honking long and loud, Thomas, Henry, Gordon, BoCo, Harvey, Molly, Stanley and Ferdinand, arranged into a long line, set off down the line towards Vicarstown and the Mainland beyond.

Well, James' journey beyond Sodor (Peter Griffin: He said it! He said it!) has begun, but it looks like some friends are on their way to his rescue.

Chapter 3: James' New Friends

On the Mainland, James' freight cars were growing board and started to complain.

"I'd suggest you relax and enjoy the ride. It'll take a little while." Said James.

They soon arrived at a large canal, where they caught the attention of a large blue rolling gantry crane.

"Halt! Who goes there!?" He shouted, and lowered a large stack of crates on the line, blocking James' path, taking the red engine by surprise.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" James replied. "I mean, er, hello there! Is this Bridlington Goods Yard?"

"Nope! Bridlington is miles from this canal."

"Am I going the right way, then?"

"How should I know?" The gantry crane replied. "I'm a crane. I can't go anywhere!"

"No kidding!" James snorted. "Anyways, Mr. Crane, can you please move these crates? I have to go."

"First off, my name's Beresford. Second, give me one good reason why I should let you go. You didn't even answer my question; Who goes there!?"

"I go there! My name's James. I came from the North Western Railway on an island called Sodor. Like I said, I'm on my way to Bridlington Goods Yard with these cars! Now could you please move these crates! Whoever's in charge of you will be cross if and when he/she finds out about these crates!"

"I'll move these crates when you tell me something new, James." Beresford said. Suddenly, a voice called out.

"Beresford! Clean up this mess! This engine needs to get through!" It was the Mainland Canal manager. A startled Beresford jumped. He felt very silly.

"Y-yes, sir." He replied, and set to work clearing up the mess.

"Sorry, James." He said. "I'm just lonely. I need someone to talk to."

"Well, Beresford," James said. "Blocking their lines with items isn't the best way to get others' attention. You need to be nice to them. I should know. I have some friends back home who help me with my vanity."

Beresford took James' words with much thought. 'He just might be onto something.' He thought.

"There you go, James. You're free to go."

"Thank you, Beresford, and goodbye. Nice meeting you."

"Nice meeting you too!" Chuckled Beresford, and he went back to work.

James kept moving down the line, but there was still no sign of Bridlington Goods Yards. By now, it was midday, but luckily, James still had plenty of coal in his tender. Then, they across a series of junctions and followed down one of them. The rails were rusty and old. James looked all around him and saw what appeared to look like an abandoned signal box and rotting sign.

"This must be an abandoned railway." James said. "I wonder if they are engines around here."

"Who knows?" Added his driver. "If they are any, I doubt if they'd still be able to operate."

Then, James saw what looked like engine parts scattered all over the place. Then, they saw several abandoned buildings.

"Hello?! Anybody home!?" James called.

Then, James heard what sounded like a bell ringing. Suddenly, a large light turquoise tender engine with her cab facing forwards rolled up beside him. James was surprised! Someone did live here!

"Hello there!" The cab-forward said, excitedly! "Come on out, Theo! We have a visitor!"

A small greyish brown traction engine puffed up.

"Uh, hello." He said shyly, moving over to get a closer look at James.

"My name's James." James replied.

"I'm Lexi, and that's Theo. He's very shy, has lack of confidence and he thinks himself, well, different, like me and Merlin. Nice to meet you, James."

"Nice to meet you and Theo, too, Lexi." James smiled.

"Are you being scrapped?" Theo asked.

"Of course not." James replied. "I'm really useful, but I would like a little help."

"Help?" Asked Theo. "How can we help? We're different."

James couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Don't say that like it's a bad thing, Theo!" He told the trembling traction engine. "Some of my friends on the North Western Railway are all different in their own way. My friend, Thomas told this to a crane engine called 'Harvey' that being different can be good."

Lexi and Theo's eyes widened.

"Harvey? Did you say 'Harvey'?" Lexi asked.

"You bet I did." Smiled James. "You know him?"

"Know him?" Peeped Theo. "We used to work with him in a Steelworks!"

James finally remembered something.

"I think I recall Harvey and an engine called 'Ferdinand' say that they used to work in a Steelworks with several other engines."

"Ferdinand?! You know Ferdinand!?" Lexi said with excitement.

"Yep! I sure do!" Said James. "He, along with Bash and Dash live with Harvey on the Island of Sodor. My friend, Percy discovered them on Misty Island. They, along with Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw have now moved to Sodor and have been refurbished and now have new homes."

"The Logging Gang are alive and well!" Lexi shouted, and she rang her bell and she and Theo whistled long and loud.

"Merlin!" Theo shouted. "We have a visitor and he knows the Logging Gang!"

"The Logging Gang are still around?" Came a voice. "Invisibility off!"

A great cloud of steam arose all around. The engines could hardly see. When the steam settled, there stood a silver tender engine with three funnels on top of his smokebox.

"Are you Merlin?" James asked.

"Yes, I am." The engine replied. "Is it true? Do you really know the Logging Gang?"

"I sure do. My name's James, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, James". The King Arthur class engines said. "So, how are they? What do they for jobs?"

"Glad you asked." Said James, and he proceeded to tell the three strange engines about Percy's Misty Island Adventure. When he finished, the engines were amazed.

"We thought that they were goners!" Said Merlin. "Engines like them and us would've been withdrawn from service a long time ago since we're experimental engines."

"But Merlin," Put in James, "My friend, Thomas told Harvey that being different is good. Like what the writer and illustrator they call 'Dr. Suess' once said, 'Why fit in when you were born, or built in your case, to stand out?' If Harvey proved himself useful and if the Logging Gang proved themselves useful, then surly you can prove yourselves useful too."

James' new friends took his words with much thought.

"Maybe James is right." Merlin replied. "In fact, he is right! We should prove ourselves useful!"

"The only question is, though," Theo said, "How do we know how or when can we do it?"

"I think the best option would be to wait and see. Who knows? Your moments could happen right now!"

"Maybe..." Sighed Theo. "Now, might I ask; What brings you here?"

"I'm on my way to Bridlington Goods Yards with these cars. Does anyone have an idea where they might be?"

"I'm afraid not." Merlin said.

"No idea." Replied Lexi.

"No. Sorry." Sighed Theo.

"Oh well," Said James. "It was worth a try. I'd best be going. I'll try to find them myself. Goodbye, you three. Nice meeting you and remember what I said about proving yourselves!"

"We will and goodbye, James! Nice meeting you, too!" The three engines said.

As James was out of sight, the three engines took James' words with much thought....

James has made himself some new friends while getting lost on his way to Bridlington, as well as giving them some advice.

Chapter 4: The Steelworks

Meanwhile, James' rescuers had arrived at the first station, Barrow.

"Well," Said Sir Topham Hatt. "We're here."

"Oh my. I don't like it here." Molly replied. "It seems spooky."

"Must be brave, Molly". Encouraged Thomas. "We'd best keep going."

"I have to agree with Thomas." Puffed Henry. "British railways would never authorize a search and rescue party for one single engine. It would cause a lot of delays. That's why we have stay out of sight. We can't around here. BoCo is, though. He is a diesel, after all."

"Yes, indeed." Said BoCo.

"I think we should split up." Put in Stanley. "We'll cover more ground."

"Good point, Stanley." Added Sir Topham Hatt. "Since they are eight of you, stay in pairs. Mind yourselves."

"Yes, sir!" All the engines replied.

"We should probably find places to sleep when it gets dark." Ferdinand said. "We'd best find places off of the Main line so we won't get spotted."

"But if any of us do get spotted, we'll have to fight back." Replied Henry.

"May I join you, Thomas?" Asked Stanley.

"Sure! We did help each other out during your first days on Sodor!" Peeped Thomas.

"You and me together, Harvey? Like old times?" Ferdinand asked.

"Of course! Like old times!" Harvey puffed.

"I'll join you, Molly." Said BoCo.

"Thank you, BoCo." Smiled Molly.

"It's you and me, Gordon." Chuckled Henry.

"We are engines disgraceful and despicable, after all." Agreed Gordon.

"Alright, it's settled, then. Since I'm already travelling in Thomas' cab," Sir Topham Hatt said. "I'll join Thomas' team. Let's keep moving."

Once everything was set, the rescuers continued on their way to find James.

Further down the line, James had finished being refilled with water and was on his way again. But, they still were unable to find Bridlington Goods Yards.

"Hey, what's that?" He said. "It looks like... smoke."

As they rounded a bend, they saw the source of the smoke; it was emerging from the chimneys of a large building.

"I think we just arrived at a Steelworks!" Exclaimed his driver.

"Maybe we can ask for directions here." Said the fireman.

They passed though a pair of large gates that were the entrance to the Steelworks.

"Hello! Anybody home?" James called.

"Hello?" A voice called out.

James came to stop outside of the main building of the Steelworks.

Then, out of the building came three locomotives; two steam engines and one diesel. One of the steam engines was painted Furness railway red, and had fourteen wheels. The diesel was blue-green and black with gold lining. And the other steam engine was large tank engine and had reddish brown paintwork, with a black running board, with red coloring his lining, steam pipes and wheels.

"Oh! What's your name?" Giggled the diesel.

"My name's James. Who are you three?"

"Name's Vladimir." The big red engine said.

"I'm Francine, but everyone calls me 'Frankie'." Replied the diesel.

"And my name's Hurricane." Said the big engine. "You know, like a storm! Whoosh!"

"You look like an important engine." Vladimir said.

James chuckled.

"Glad you think so, because I am. I'm taking this important train to Bridlington Goods Yard. Do any of you three know where that place is? As you can tell, it's sundown."

"Oh yes!" Vladimir said. "My old owner and I know that place well!"

"I deliver trains there all the time!" Hurricane replied.

"That's amazing!" Said James.

Vladimir spoke. "You mustn't worry about going there tonight. Get yourself uncoupled and Hurricane will take care of your delivery. Come on inside."

"It's the hottest place in town!" Frankie and Hurricane said.

They began to sing.

Vladimir: I don't know where you thought you were going,

Frankie: But here you are!

Hurricane: I don't know what you thought you were doing,

But you've come so far!

This is the place you were meant to be being!

Frankie: These are the sights you were meant to be seeing!

Hurricane: We'll lift your thermostat up

A degreeing or two

Vladimir, Hurricane and Frankie: And we're guaranteeing

That you'll be agreeing it's true (Frankie: Woo!)

This is the hottest place in town

We'll warm you up when you're feeling down

We'll make a smile out of every frown

Vladimir: Just take a look around

At the joy we've found!

Vladimir, Hurricane and Frankie: This is the place you can have some fun!

Where you can feel like a number one!

We've got more sunshine than the sun!

Vladimir: There's a light in our eyes

We simply can't disguise

Vladimir, Hurricane and Frankie: This is the hottest place in town! (Hurricane: Yeah!)

Come in and come along for the riding

Shunting lovely ladle cars up the sidings

Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along

And before you know it you'll be joining us in our song

This is the hottest place in town (Hurricane: Woo!)

No other like it anywhere around

You'll be king and you'll wear a crown (Hurricane: I say)

What we're trying to says that we hope you'll stay

This is the place you can shine like gold!

Our jobs are cool but we're never cold!

We really think you could fit the mould!

Frankie: You'll be part of the team

You'll be living the dream

Vladimir, Hurricane and Frankie: This is the hottest place in town

Come in and come along for the riding

Shunting lovely ladle cars up the sidings

Hurricane: Rails so smooth that you'll be gliding along

And before you know it you'll be joining us in our song!

James: This is the hottest place in town (Vladimir: Yeah!) (Frankie: You know it!)

You'll warm me up when I'm feeling down

You'll make a smile out of every frown (Hurricane: You've got it!)

Hurricane: You know you're keeping it real

When you're working with steel

James: This is the place I can have some fun! (Hurricane: That's it, James!) (Frankie: Woo!) Where I can feel like number one

I've got more sunshine than the sun (Hurricane: You're number one!) (Frankie: Yeah!)

Vladimir: There's no looking back now!

You're on the right track now!

Vladimir, Frankie, Hurricane, and James: This is the hottest place in town!

"Whew!" James replied after the three engines showed him around the Steelworks. "That was fun! Wait till everyone back on my home hears about this!"

"Home? You can't go home. It's dangerous out there for steam engines!" Said Vladimir.

"What you need," Frankie put in. "Is a nice comfy shed for you to rest that busy boiler and red paint of yours."

"But, I..." James was very confused.

"The Steelworks is a very big place and we need all the help we can get." Said Vladimir.

"Who and where is your manager?" James asked. "What do I have to do with it?"

"Manager's on a business trip. He won't be back for a while. He left me in charge, which I strongly appreciated. I promised him that I'd make sure I'd keep an eye on these two troublemakers. Now you'd best get some rest, James. We've got a busy day on our buffers tomorrow, and I think you just might make it easier. Frankie, show him where he'll be sleeping."

"As you wish, boss." Frankie said, in a rather irritated voice. "Come along, James."

"Ok? Goodnight, I guess."

As Frankie led James to the shed, James began to grow suspicious.

"Frankie, what's going on here? What did Vladimir mean now that I'm here, work here is easier?"

Frankie was silent when James asked.

"I... I.. I-I can't tell you..." She stammered. "It's a secret. Now, you'd best get to sleep. G'night!"

And Frankie rolled away.

"Hmm... Something fishy is going on around here and I think it could either have something to do with either Frankie or Big Red Vlad..." James told his crew.

"You're right." Said his driver.

"I think we'd better find out and see what's going on, as soon as we can." Said his fireman.

While his crew slept in a workman's hut outside the Steelworks, James went to sleep, but he was still suspicious about the engines...

James has met some more engines, but something's up about one of them...

Chapter 5: Origins and Backstories

The next morning, James was woken up by a loud whistle. It was Vladimir.

"Time for work, red!" The big engine called.

James' crew climbed aboard and Frankie shunted James out of the sheds to start work.

"I didn't order a wake call, you know!" He huffed.

Vladimir just laughed.

Suddenly, James noticed that his cars were missing!

"Did someone take my train to Bridlington in the night?" He asked.

"I did!" Vladimir said. "You're welcome!"

"Well, thank you, but if my train has been dealt with, I guess I can head back to Sodor!"

"But we helped you with your delivery, so surly you don't mind helping us in return!" Frankie said.

"Uh, ok. But.." Frankie shunted James into the main building.

"Shouldn't your manager be back by now?" James asked.

"He's still busy on that business trip." Vladimir said. "So I'm still in charge."

"C'mon, James! Get to work!" Frankie shouted.

So, without hesitation, James was put to work in the Steelworks. Soon, he was puffing backwards and forwards all day long, shunting ladle cars here and there. The work was hot and dirty, and soon his red paint was getting grimy. By sundown, James was tired and out of breath, but while he was shunting some cars filled to a place called "The Tip", he saw the engines congratulating him.

"You know, he just might be my favorite new engine." Vladimir said with a sly grin.

"But, Vlad," Frankie said. "All day, I've been noticing him looking glum. Surly, we should let him head home by now."

"How many times do I have to say this?; It's. Not. SAFE OUT THERE FOR STEAM ENGINES! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!?"

The two engines shuttered at Vladimir's sudden shout.

"Y-y-yes, sir." Frankie stammered.

"Crystal, sir." Said Hurricane.

"Good! Now get back to work, you imbeciles!"

James, who was reversing back to the yards, had overheard this, and was now even more suspicious about Vladimir. He was so focused on the big red tank engine, that he didn't watch where he was going. He bumped into some ladle cars and they tipped over, spilling their contents all over the place! Vladimir was cross.

"Be careful with that stuff, James!" He huffed. "That stuff's really hot and it will melt one's wheels if they're not careful!"

"Sorry." James sighed.

While the mess was being cleaned, Frankie and Hurricane quietly took James to the shed, out of Vladimir's sight, where they held an indignation meeting.

"We appreciate your work, James. It's key." Frankie said.

"Glad you do." Smiled James. "But I want to go home now!"

"We're don't know if you can." Hurricane said. "It's not safe for steam engines nowadays. Plus, three engines in one big steelworks isn't enough."

"It's a grand place for the grandest of engines, like you." Replied Frankie.

"I may be a grand engine, but this place doesn't feel grand at all. Haven't you guys taken a look at it lately? It looks like it's been left to fall apart!"

"That's because it wasn't always like that." Frankie said.

"Yeah," Added Hurricane. "This place has definably seen better days. It used to be one of the grandest places on the Mainland. We were always busy. There used to be multiple engines who worked here. We made the rails we run on today. But, hard times came, and we soon approached our downfall."

"How did it happen?" James asked.

"What I'm about to tell you," Frankie said, "is a sad story."

James listened as Frankie began the story.

"Vladimir's old owner, Clarence Townsend, disposed of a majority of the other engines who worked here. They all had strange, but unique-looking designs. Townsend, however, considered them as outcasts, pariahs and even freaks. Four of them originated in America. They were hard-workers and great friends, but they're all gone."

James' heart sank, but at the same time, an important detail that Frankie mentioned played in his mind over and over again. Finally, he spoke.

"Strange, but unique-looking engines." He said. "Say, did one of them have a catchphrase?"

"Why, yes! Yes, he did!" Hurricane said. "I think he would sometimes say, 'That's right!' a lot. Why? Do you know him?"

"As a matter of fact, yes! Yes, I do know Ferdinand!"

Frankie and Hurricane gasped with excitement.

"Where'd you find him? Were Bash and Dash with him?" Frankie asked.

"They sure were! So were Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw. But I didn't find them. A friend of mine discovered them on Misty Island while his ship got lost at sea. After they were found, they, along with some rolling stock of theirs, were refurbished, restored and overhauled. Now, they're all happy with their new lives on Sodor."

"The Logging Gang are still alive!" Frankie and Hurricane shouted with excitement.

James continued.

"Also, on my way here, I got lost and I discovered three engines who also know them."

"Was it Merlin, Lexi and Theo?" Frankie asked.


"HOORAY!!" Frankie and Hurricane whistled and honked with excitement.

"If only the same were about our other friends. We've forgotten their names since they were so many of them, but they were really useful, too." Frankie said.

"But I think we remember a saddle tank engine who only went by his number, 16." Hurricane replied.

"A forest engine named Wilbert told my friends about this Sixteen."

"He even knows Wilbert!" Frankie said. She could barley restrain her excitement.

"Yep." Said James. "Sixteen now works with us and he's now called 'Sheffield'. And, he had quite a happy reunion when Wilbert paid another visit to Sodor."

"I bet they did!" Smiled Hurricane.

"So, about this Townsend guy, who was he? What was he like?"

Frankie took a deep breath and sighed.

"Well," She began. "He was a very horrible man. You see, he was more into money and greed, and he didn't care about how his engines felt, except for two diesels, John and Layla. When I first arrived here, he made me do the diesels' work, as well as my own. They took a dislike to my optimistic manner. So, they started pushing me around and treating me horribly."

"Where is he now?" James asked.

"He's dead." Frankie replied, her right eye twitching.

"How'd it happen?"

"Well, after an accident occurred when a visiting engine came here to make deliveries from here to his place, all three of them said it was my fault, even though I was only helping said friend by being his banker."

"It sounds like you've been framed." James said.

"I thought so, too." Frankie replied, her voice shuttering.

"And then when he tried punishing me, I felt something inside me snap. I started talking back to him and when he tried to chase while I was rolling away from him, he tripped, broke his knee and got stuck on the rails. But I didn't care. When I saw John was moving too fast, I left him to receive his comeuppance."

James' breath hitched in shock.

"He got... ran over?"

"Oh, yes." Replied Hurricane. "It was quite a gruesome sound and a very gruesome mess."

A sly smile spread over Frankie's face, as she spoke.

"He was a terrible man. He had it coming to him. It serves him right. Those bratty diesels were sent packing too. Townsend had already shamed several friends of ours, and he got what he deserved. However, we soon got a new manager. His name's Wayne Robinson. He was a lot different than Townsend. He was very considerate of all engines."

"Hasn't he tried to help you?" James asked. "Lately, I've seen you looking rather upset. I've also noticed your twitching eye. Vlad said that he was on a business trip, but it seems like a long one. Now that I think about it, I don't think Vlad's been telling the truth. I think Wayne has been sent on what is known as a 'Wild Goose Chase'. A foolish and hopeless pursuit of something unattainable."

"We've been thinking the same thing, too." Chuffed Hurricane.

"Remember when you said that Vlad used be owned by Townsend? You don't think he could be...? He is, isn't he? He's trying to avenge his old owner's death, isn't he?"

Tears formed in Frankie's eyes.

"Y-yes, h-he is." She stammered and she began to weep.

"And in case you're wondering why our crews haven't called the police about it," Hurricane put it, "Vlad's crew had the telegraph poles removed, so there's nothing we can do about it."

James felt sorry for the two engines.

"I'm sorry all this happened to you two." He said, sympathetically. "I understand your situations. I wish there was some way I could help you guys. I wish I could help you to find more engines to help with the work here. Wait. Maybe I can help you with Big Red Terror; Try standing up to him. Fight back. Don't let him continuously push you around. Make a stand. I have a friend named Molly. I've helped her with standing up for herself, too."

"Sounds like she's a very shy engine." Frankie said.

"Oh, she is." James said. "But overtime, she's shown all of us that she's become more independent and stand up for, not just herself, but for others, too. And so, Frankie, I think you should try to do the same."

Frankie took James' words with much thought...

Frankie and Hurricane have told James about the Steelworks' glory days and how Vladimir took charge in the first place, and James just might've helped Frankie...

Chapter 6: Reunions and Assistance

Not too far away, James' rescuers managed to find places off of the Main Line to rest and soon, they all met up and were on their way again. They soon approached the canal where Beresford was.

"Maybe he can help!" Said Thomas.

Stanley studied the area carefully.

"I think I recognize that crane!" He exclaimed. "It's, uh, Beresford! I met him before! Maybe he still remembers me!"

The engines were surprised. Stanley never told them this. Then, Thomas suddenly remembered.

"Oh yes!" He said. "Stanley, you traveled here in 1960!"

"Yep! I sure did." Said Stanley. "But be careful. He's bound to try to block the line with large objects."

But to their surprise, when they approached the large crane and got his attention, Beresford didn't!

"Hello?" He asked. "Can I help you?"

He then recognized one of the engines.

"Stanley? Is that you?"

"Yes! It is me! Hello, Beresford!"

"It is you! I see you brought some friends!"

"I sure have. We're on a rescue mission. Did you see a red engine with number 5 on his tender around here by any chance?"

"As a matter of fact, yes! I did! He passed by here not too long ago with a freight train on the way to Bridlington. Was his name 'James' by any chance?"

"Yes, it was." Said Sir Topham Hatt.

"I knew it. He went that way." He pointed his arm toward the line that continued past the canal.

"Thanks for the directions, Beresford." Said Sir Topham Hatt. "Onward, everyone!"

"You're very welcome! It was great to see you again, Stanley!"

"Likewise, Beresford!" Called Stanley.

"And by the way!" Beresford called. "In case you're wondering why I let you guys pass is because James taught an important lesson in being nice!"

Stanley smiled. "I knew there was something different about him." He said to himself.

Sometime later, the rescuers came to the switches that James passed earlier.

"Which line do we take, sir?" Asked Gordon.

Sir Topham Hatt noticed the rundown sign that lead to the old yard.

"There might be some engines down that line who could help us." He replied to Gordon. "Let's go that way."

Once Thomas' fireman threw the switch and returned to the cab, the group slowly started down the old track. As they came closer and closer to abandoned yard, they began to hear voices.

In the yard, the three engines heard puffing sounds and saw large clouds of steam coming their way.

"More visitors?" Theo asked.

"Only one way to find out." Said Lexi. "Hellooooo!"

"I think there are engines here!" Gasped Ferdinand.

As the group entered the yard, their eyes popped with wonder. Then, Harvey and Ferdinand recognized the trio. The trio recognized them.

"Harvey?" Replied Lexi.

"Ferdinand?" Asked Theo.

"Alexandra?" Asked Harvey.

"Merlin?" Asked Ferdinand.

"Oh, joyous day!" Exclaimed Merlin. "Harvey and Ferdinand are here! We're all reunited at last!"

"So, these are the engines that you told Percy about, Ferdinand?" Asked Thomas.

"Yep. That's right." Said Ferdinand.

"James was right when he told us about your restoration, Ferdinand!" Theo said, studying Ferdinand's appearance.

"James came by here?" Asked Molly.

"He sure did." Added Merlin, and they all told them about James. The rescuers were amazed.

"We used to work together in the Steelworks long ago." Said Harvey.

"'Long ago' is right." Said Merlin.

Harvey and Ferdinand introduced their friends to the trio.

"This is Merlin, Alexandra, or 'Lexi', and Theodore, or 'Theo' for short." Said Ferdinand.

"Merlin, Lexi and Theo, meet Thomas, Henry, Gordon, Molly, Stanley, BoCo and our controller, Sir Topham Hatt." Harvey said.

"When we saw your steam, we knew it'd be steam engines." Said Lexi.

"And we can see that you, well, brought a diesel along." Theo replied, nervously.

"It's ok, Theo." Said BoCo. "I'm not like those other diesels around here."

"BoCo's right, young Theo." Added Gordon. "Sodor's diesels are much nicer. There's Diesel, Daisy, Bear, Mavis, Salty, Dennis, Paxton, etc."

"But," Said Merlin. "How many times do I have to tell these two that we're perfectly safe in our refuge."

"But how many times do I have to tell you, Merlin," Lexi said, "that we're near British railways, which isn't safe for steam engines nowadays?

Ferdinand felt sorry for his old friends.

"The twins, the cranes and I felt the same way, except we were on an island. Speaking of Misty Island, well, it's not the same last time I sailed there."

"You mean, it's... gone?" Asked Theo.

"Yes, Theo." Ferdinand replied. "Misty Island has sunk. That place was long since history, so it was bound to happen eventually. We were lucky, thanks to Thomas' friend, Percy."

"And you know something, Ferdinand?" Said Harvey.

"What, Harvey?" Asked Ferdinand.

"Percy was the first engine I would rescue on my first day on Sodor and he would later rescue you guys. It's like, he was a connection between us or something like that."

"Yeah, that does sound surprising." Ferdinand replied.

"Well, Percy is my best friend," Added Thomas. "And best friends our bound to have a lot escapades."

"Quite right, Thomas." Sir Topham Hatt said.

He then examined the three engines carefully.

"I say! What unique designs! A King Arthur class, an American steam engine and a traction engine! We have engines like those on our railway."

"One of me and Theo's relatives on your railway?" Gasped Merlin.

"Oh yes." Put in Henry. "The King Arthur on our railway is named Richard. I saved him from scrap."

"And the traction engine on our line is called Fergus." Added BoCo.

"My cousin lives with you!?" Theo replied, excitedly.

"Yep." Said Thomas.

"You saved one of my brothers!? Oh more joyous day!" Merlin was so happy, his three funnels made a huge cloud of steam.

"Merlin, you haven't changed a bit!" Chuckled Ferdinand. "He thinks he has the power to become invisible."

"That's something to do with his extra funnels." Explained Harvey.

"It's a fact, and you two know it." Merlin said. "Now, how's about we get more acquainted about your friends, shall we?"

As the three engines whistled, Theo coughed spluttered.

"Oh my goodness! Are you ok, Theo?" Molly said.

"Oh, y-y-yes, M-m-Molly." Theo stuttered. "I just have a few parts that are prone to wiggling and wobbling a lot."

"That's what happens when you're experimental." Lexi replied.

"Experimental? Experimental engines?" Asked Thomas.

"Yep." Said Ferdinand. "Test models, trial and error, you name it."

"Yes." Puffed Merlin. "We're the engines that get more 'creative'."

"So, how did you three end up all the way out here?" Asked Sir Topham Hatt.

"Yeah, how?" Asked Harvey. "I thought you'd all been scrapped."

"We would've been, had it not been for Merlin." Lexi said.

"Shouldn't give me too much credit, Lexi. It was me who found this hideout after all." Merlin said. "Like Harvey told you guys and how we told James, the nine of us used to work in a Steelworks with a diesel named Frankie and a nice big tank engine named Hurricane. They were hard-working and great friends to us."

"Frankie? Hurricane?" Stanley gasped.

Everyone's eyes fell on Stanley.

"You met Frankie and Hurricane, Stanley?" Asked Ferdinand.

"Yes!" Exclaimed Stanley, and told them all about how he met them and how they were separated by Clarence Townsend, and his engines, John and Layla.

"Wow!" Merlin said. "Small world!"

"You can say that again." Puffed Stanley.

Merlin continued.

"Work at the Steelworks was hard, but we all tried our best. But, Townsend didn't want us. He didn't appreciate our hard-working and friendly-manners, especially Frankie. He found us quite strange. When British Railways started using diesels and Townsend saw how controlling and up-tight they were, he thought he'd could try to the same for Frankie. So, he and his diesels started bullying her, and she didn't like that. At the same time, Harvey was sold away. We carried on, regardless, and we tried our bests to help Frankie. But we soon heard of Townsend selling us off for scrap. He even did the same to the cranes, Wilhelm and Hyman. That was when I knew we had to go."

"I tried to reason with Hurricane to come with us." Added Ferdinand. "But he had to stay behind, as someone needed to help Frankie's health. And so, one night, once Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw were removed from their positions in the building and loaded onto some flatbeds, we fled."

"After finally breaking down in the area you see today," Merlin continued, "we would all be separated. We've been living here ever since with diesels on the prowl, hunting for engines like us. Can't imagine that Steelworks still running, until Stanley spoke up."

"My goodness!" Cried Molly. "Now why would he do such a mean thing to such innocent engines like you guys?"

"We're misfits, Molly." Sighed Lexi. "And Townsend was into money and greed. That's why. Just look at us! How can we be useful?"

"My gears rattle and clatter." Theo said.

"Others say my funnels make me look strange and weird." Sighed Merlin.

"Goodness me!" Exclaimed Molly. "Don't say such things about yourselves! You're all really nice engines! You shouldn't be put down by others who say such mean things about you! Everyone's different and unique in their own special ways! Look at Harvey and Ferdinand! They're different too, but they proved themselves useful!"

Everyone was astonished by Molly's words.

"You know, Molly," Said Merlin. "what you just said, is like how James told us; Like what 'Dr. Suess' once said, 'Why fit in when you were born, or built in your case, to stand out?'."

"First a crane, now you three? James may be vain, but he's very helpful to us." Molly said.

"I say," Merlin asked. "Are you guys looking for James? He did tell us about you when he first met us."

"Yes, we are." Said Sir Topham Hatt.

"We figured" Said Lexi. "He asked us where Bridlington was, but we told him we didn't know where the place was."

Stanley thought for a moment. Finally, he spoke.

"I think I once heard Frankie telling me about how the Steelworks makes deliveries there. Maybe they could help us to Bridlington." He said.

"Great idea, Stanley!" Said Sir Topham Hatt. "But, we'll probably have to stop to ask for directions there."

"Why don't you three come with us to Steelworks?" Asked Harvey.

"Yeah." Added Ferdinand. "This place looks like it hasn't been maintained in years! And Frankie and Hurricane would be happy to see us. Let's just hope we don't see Townsend again."

"It's been years, though." Stanley said. "He could've most likely either retired or passed on at this point."

The trio thought long and hard. Finally, Theo spoke.

"But, if we do show ourselves in public, we'll probably..."

"Don't listen to them, Theo." Said Molly. "Everyone's special."

"And if Harvey and I, who were former Steelworks engines, proved ourselves useful," Put in Ferdinand. "Then you three, who were also former Steelworks engines, can prove yourselves useful, too!"

"And if any diesels try to stop any of us, just keep on going." Added BoCo. "You can always count on Sodor diesels."

The three engines thought long and hard again.

"Well," Merlin said. "If two old friends of ours can do anything, then so can we! I'd be more than happy to help out in your rescue!"

"Me too!" Replied Lexi.

"If Merlin and Lexi are going, then I'll give it a try." Said Theo.

"That's the spirit, you three!" Harvey and Ferdinand said.

"We'd best get to work, then!" Merlin's driver said.

All of the engines' crews joined in, and soon, once the Experimental engines were all fired up, they joined in the group of engines and they all set off down the line toward the Steelworks.

"We're all coming, James!" They all shouted, as they continued on their journey.

The Experimental have not only made more new friends, but have also reunited with some old friends, and they're finally able to prove themselves, with some help and motivation.

Chapter 7: Jailbreak!

At the Steelworks, James was exhausted.

"This... is... thirsty... work!" He gasp, as he puffed over to the water tower.

"This is the hottest place in town after all, James." Said Vladimir. 'You're doing wonderful job, and we're all proud of you. With you around, it's easier for us to make more deliveries!"

"It's not easy with just three engines doing all the work." Added Hurricane. "We're happy you came."

"Well, thank you, but..." James was interrupted.

"Frankie! This steel can't deliver itself!" Vladimir shouted.

"Yes, sir!"

Once James had been refilled with water, Frankie rolled over next to James and whispered something to him. Vladimir eyed them suspiciously.

"Red! Go over to the cooling area and make sure you empty all of the slag onto the slag heap!" He shouted. "And once that's done, you can shunt freight cars in the yard. I expect them to ready when the next delivery is ready!"

"But, I want to go home now, Vlad!" James begged.

"Not a chance, red. We helped you, so you have to help us! Now back to work!"

"I think I've helped long enough!" James said.

"BACK TO WORK NOW!" Vladimir shouted.

James watched as the three engines left the Steelworks with trains of steel while some workmen locked the gates. James was trapped. Frankie looked back.

"We will help you escape. We promise." She whispered.

As James carried on with his tasks, he wondered how much longer he'd have to stay. He had had an adventure, but now he wanted to head home. He and his crew decided to take a break a little while later. His driver went off to look for a drink. Some of the workers let him have some coffee in their office, but after a satisfying drink of coffee, he noticed something on one of the desks. He returned with heavy news.

"While I was having my coffee break, I found these. Take a look for yourselves."

James and his fireman were shocked when they learned that the Steelworks.... was bankrupt.

"These letters are from the bank. Overdue payments, eviction notices. This place is closed."

"Where is Mr. Robinson?" James wondered. "I hope he's aware of these papers. I doubt if he's even on a 'businesses trip', as Vlad said."

"We'd best get out of here, now." Said the fireman.

So when the driver returned to the cab, James puffed out of the building and began looking for a area to escape. Then, he noticed an opening where the rails weren't blocked. His crew noticed it too. His driver switched the points and James headed down the open line.

"Stop!" Shouted once of the workers! "That track isn't finished!"

But James and his crew were too busy focused on escaping to hear. Then, there was trouble. James saw the unfinished line, but was going too fast to stop. He came off the tracks with a crash.

"Bother!" He groaned. "And we were so close too!"

He then called out, "Sir Topham Hatt, if you're on your way, I hope you bring some help!"

Meanwhile, James' rescuers were racing down the line as fast as they could. They made sure to keep going in case any diesels tried to stop them. Anytime a diesel tried to catch them, either BoCo, Henry, Gordon or Ferdinand would tell him or her off. Even Molly had some things to say (Including some I'm afraid I can't repeat), but I can tell you that they weren't very friendly! However, not all Mainland diesels were like that. Some actually helped out with directions.

"I wish all of us diesels would be like that." Admitted BoCo.

"We all do, BoCo." Added Gordon. "We all do."

Back at the Steelworks, James had been found out and was being rerailed by Frankie and Hurricane.

"That was a close one, James." Vladimir said, crossly.

"You could've done a lot of damage to yourself, going off the line like that, James." Frankie said.

"Yeah," Added Hurricane. "We intended to have that track be finished, but unfortunately, because of the condition of the Steelworks and our bankruptcy, we were unable to."

"Where is Mr. Robinson anyhow?" Asked James. "I don't he's a business trip."

"I'm sure he's just finishing up and should be back tomorrow." Vladimir lied. "Plus, how can we manage without you? We can't handle all the dirty work. We've got other jobs to do. Right, Frankie?"

Frankie sighed.

"Yes, sir." She said. She wanted to help James more than ever, but Vladimir would make it easy. That night, while Vladimir was asleep, Frankie and Hurricane came over to James' shed.

"He's asleep, James! Now's your chance!"


Very quietly, James rolled up to the gates, and Frankie's driver, who had the keys, unlocked them.

"You're free now, James! Go! Run! Head home!"

"What about you guys? I can't just leave you guys to Big Red constantly tormenting you guys until who knows what could happen!"

"We'll deal with him, James." Frankie said.

"Don't worry. We'll be fine." Hurricane said.

Suddenly, there was loud clap of thunder and it started to rain.

"You two best get back to your sheds, then." Said James. "But once I get home, I promise I'll get someone to help you guys."

"Thanks, James." The two engines said.

As Frankie and Hurricane started toward the shed, Frankie suddenly slipped on the soaked rails and bumped into some flatbeds of steels. It was so loud, it woke up Vladimir!

"Huh? What's going on?" He yawned.

Once his vision focused, he saw what was happening.

"Hey! Who opened the gates!?" He barked.

"My driver did!" Frankie shouted. "You can't just go around taking visiting engines hostage!"

"Out of my way, you disobedient diesel!" Vlad shouted, charging out of his shed and shoving Frankie out of the way. "James! Stop! Get back here now! There's WORK TO BE DONE HERE!"

But it was too late. James had already cleared the gates.


But Frankie and Hurricane didn't move.

"That is a Sodor engine!" Frankie said. "How many times have we got to tell you that he wanted to go home!?"


"NO!" Frankie and Hurricane shouted back.

Vladimir was shocked at first, but then he smiled.

"Well then," he said slyly. "If you two won't do it, then they will."

"'They'?" Asked Frankie.

"Oh yes." Said Vladimir. "Earlier while I was delivering James' train, I came across two familiar faces from long ago. Townsend's old diesels."

"John and Layla?" Frankie was shocked.

"You hired them?" Asked Hurricane.

"You didn't think I was alone, did you?" Vladimir sneered.

Then, up the hill and around te bend appeared the diesels, pulling an unconscious James in tow. James' crew were in John's cab. They smirked when they saw Frankie and Hurricane.

"Excellent work, you two!" Said Vladimir. "Take him back to the shed! He's got work to do tomorrow!"

"Yes, sir!" And the two diesels did just that. "I guess all that shunting really paid off." Giggled Layla.

"You can say that again." Chuckled John. "Good thing we took all those vans."

Vlad then turned to Frankie and Hurricane.

"As for you two," He snarled. "For disobeying me, you two are no longer allowed to leave this Steelworks! Not even for deliveries! If this happens again, it's the scrapyard for both of you. Capeesh?"

"Y-y-yes, s-sir." The two stammered.


As they headed back to their sheds, they looked out beyond the gate.

"Mr. Robinson, wherever you are, we hope you make it back soon." Frankie sighed.

Just when it seemed like James was finally able to make his escape, it appears that he's encountered two familiar Steelworks diesels from long ago...

Chapter 8: Victoria Station

Not far away, James' rescuers stopped at a big station and rest for the night. When Sir Topham Hatt explained what was going to the stationmaster, he understood and let them stay in some sheds in the nearby yards. When the engines arrived at the yards, they met several steam engines who lived in these yards. Thomas was surprised when he recognized one of the engine's shape.

"Another engine of my class!" He and the both exclaimed at the same time. They examined each other closely.



"It is you!" Both E2s said.

Another engine, who shared the same deign as Molly recognized her.



Then, all seven engines recognized Stanley, and he did too.

"My other Steelworks friends! You all work here!?"

"We sure do!" Said Maxwell, a J50 tank engine.

And finally, Maxwell, Neolan, Tiliana, Barack, Carneilis, Randy and Winsley recognized Merlin, Lexi, Theo, Harvey and Ferdinand. Everyone was having happy reunions tonight.

"Welcome to Victoria Station!" Maxwell announced. "What brings you lot out here?"

While Sir Topham Hatt and the rescue engine' crews checked into an inn for the night, the engines told them all about their rescue. They wondered if they would like to help out.

"After what happened to us with that dreaded manager? I don't think I ever want to hear word of that Steelworks again." Said Barack.

"We understand, Barack." Said Ferdinand. "But an engine one our railway is at that place. He could be in peril as much as Frankie and Hurricane could."

"We saw what happened to Townsend." Winsley said. He told them about Townsend's death. Everyone was silent.

"I can't believe he was run over!" Stanley exclaimed.

"How gruesome!" Put in Ferdinand.

"What happened after his death?" Asked Stanley.

The engines then went to tell the rescue engines about Vladimir vowing to avenge his owner's death and the fall of the Steelworks.

"Oh my goodness!" Cried Molly. "How cruel of him!"

"He's already caused Frankie's mental illness, and I fear he could very much do the same for James!" Ferdinand said, worriedly.

"Just let me catch him! I'll teach him to hurt innocent engines, especially one who helped me on my first day!" Molly said, her voice shifting from fear to anger.

"Calm down, Molly." Thomas said.

"Yes, please take it easy, M-Miss M-M-Molly." Theo puffed.

"We want to show that Vlad a thing or two, too, Molly" Said Ferdinand. "But you don't need to get all fired up."

Molly took a deep breath and spoke.

"I-I-I'm sorry, everyone." She said, slightly embarrassed. "It's just that, well, ever since James and Emily helped me out on my first day on Sodor, I've felt thankful for them, especially James. And anytime James has to be called for his vanity, I'm the one who says we to do it nicely. Right, Henry and Gordon?"

"Yes, Molly." The two big engines said, ashamed. They knew exactly what Molly meant. While they too called James out for his vanity, it wasn't in a very friendly manner. When Molly did it, James always listened, well, most of the time. Other times, Molly would have to be more firm, but not too firm.

Thomas then thought for a moment.

"You know, Molly, ever since you first arrived on Sodor, you and James have always gotten along so well together, and he listens to you whenever you call him out for his behavior. Molly, do you... like James, like how I like Tasha and how Percy likes Rosie?"


Molly blushed a bit, but she finally gained her confidence and spoke.

"Well, actually, I don't like James. I... I love him."

"I knew it." Smiled Thomas.

"You know," Put in Henry. "The way you and James interact, it's like your the Princess Leia to his Han Solo."

"Or the Daphne Blake to his Fred Jones from Scooby-Doo!" Exclaimed Lexi.

"Or the Rose DeWitt Bukater to his Jack Dawson from Titanic." BoCo said.

Molly smiled.

"Definitely like all those relationships." She giggled.

"Well now," Said Maxwell. "After everything I just heard, I think I'm ready to revisit my old workplace once again!"

"If you're going, I'm coming with you!" Said Barack.

"Me too!" Neolan said.

And soon, all the other engines were ready join in the rescue.

"Let's all get some sleep so that we'll be ready to set out again." Said Thomas.

And one by one, the engines fell asleep. Molly was the last. Before dozing off, she looked up to the horizon and whispered; "Good night, James. We will find you and bring you home."

And soon, Molly was asleep, too.

In the main building of Steelworks, James came to.

"Uh, what happened?" He moaned as his vision focused.

"You had yourself an accident." Said Vladimir. "Isn't that right, you two?"

"That's right, boss." Said John.

James suddenly remembered.

"You made those diesels do that deliberately!"

"Mmm-Hmm. Yes, I did." Vladimir said, smugly.


"Because nobody can learn the truth about this place or of your friends. Especially now. We need your help to save this place."

"But I live on Sodor. I can't stay here. You can't just drag innocent engines into something that doesn't concern them!"

"Yes, I can, and I WILL! I WASN'T ASKING!"

James looked across the line and saw Frankie and Hurricane.

"Do something, you two!" He shouted.

"Oh, they're not going to." Said John.


"With us around, they can't let do anything to deal with out boss." Sneered Layla.

James was desperate.

"Driver! Fireman! Where are you?" He called.

"In the office dealing with some important papers." Said Vlad. "Don't bother them."

"Likely story." James said. He wasn't buying anything Vlad said.

"Just keep quiet, red." Vladimir said. "There'll be work to be done soon."

All James could do was sit on his siding. He really hoped help would arrive soon.

Meanwhile, at Victoria Station, all the engines told their controllers about the plan, and they both agreed.

"Let's get to it, then!" Said the Victoria Station engines' controller, Earl Chambers.

As the engines were readied for the run to the Steelworks, Sir Topham and Earl saw a smartly-dressed man on the platform walking towards them.

"Excuse me," He asked. "But might I ask; where are you all-? Hey, is that Stanley?"

"Uh, yes?" The white tank engine said.

"I think I remember you! I saw you in a Steelworks with these engines!"

"Mr. Robinson?" Asked Maxwell.

"Yes, that's me!" Said Mr. Robinson.

"Oh, yes." Said Stanley. "I remember now! You were one of those workers!"

"That's right!" Said Mr. Robinson.

"Well then, to answer your question," Said Stanley. "We're on our way to the Steelworks."

"I'm on my way back there right now." Said Mr. Robinson. "I'd like to have a word with Vladimir. He said I had to go some business trip at Barrow, but I didn't recall having to do so."

Then, Mr. Robinson realized what was really going on...

"No. I can't believe he actually did this. He lied to me! He tricked me! He sent me on a wild goose chase! Now, I'm really going to have a word with that big red liar for sure! You guys go on and I'll follow you!"

And he raced off to his car as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Right." Said Earl. "Onward to the Steelworks!"

And gang set off once again, this time with Steelworks' real boss following them.

Looks like a big chain of events is happening. James has now been taken hostage again, Stanley has had another reunion, Molly's admitted her feelings for James and now that we know who the real boss of the Steelworks is, looks like he's ready to join the fight...

Chapter 9: Steelworks Confrontation

When the rescuers arrived, they saw the gates being guarded by John and Layla. Then, Wayne looked up and saw the areas where the telegraph poles. He was shocked and cross.

"Vlad must've had them removed! That big red sneak is definitely going to get now for sure!" He snapped.

"We'll need to make a plan to distract the guard diesels." Said Ferdinand.

"Maybe Theo and Lexi could create a diversion." Puffed Thomas. "They could pretend to have an accident and the diesels could open the gates and get help, and once they do, we'll charge in and rescue James."

And so, it was arranged. Theo and Lexi's crews loosened some of their parts and once they approached the gates, they came to a stop in a cloud of steam.

"Help! Emergency! Engines off the line!" Exclaimed Lexi.

The diesels had seen them coming and they rushed over to help. Once they told them what had happened, the diesels rolled over to the gates and their crews opened them and the rolled off to get the breakdown train. With the gates still open, the rescuers quietly rolled into the building and began searching for James.

"James? Where are you?" They called.

Meanwhile, the diesels had returned with the crane.

"Are you two alright?" Asked John.

"I think so." Said Theo.

The two diesels examined the mess closely.

"Hey, do we recognize you two from somewhere?" Asked Layla.

Lexi and Theo chuckled nervously.

"Maybe." Lexi replied.

Just then, Vladimir arrived. He had been having a wash down, so he didn't see James' rescuers sneaking into the building.

"What's going-?"

Before he could finish his sentence, he recognized the two engines.

"Well, well, well." He chuckled. "If it isn't Alexandra and Theodore? What are you two doing here? Talk now."

In the building, the rescuers soon ran into Frankie and Hurricane. They were overjoyed to see their old friends, especially Frankie, who was very happy to see Stanley.

"We thought you were scrapped!" Said Frankie.

"So did I." Said Stanley.

"What brings you all here?" Asked Hurricane.

"Glad you asked, Hurricane." Came a familiar voice.

Out of Ferdinand's cab, stepped Wayne!

"Mr. Robinson!" Frankie and Hurricane exclaimed. "You're back!"

"You bet I am!" Smiled the blonde-haired, middle-aged manager. "And to answer your question, Hurricane, we're looking for an engine. His name's James. Have you seen him?"

"As a matter of fact, we have!" Said Hurricane. "C'mon! We'll take you to him."

So they followed Frankie and Hurricane toward the siding where James stood. In his siding, James began to wonder if anyone was ever coming. Then, he heard Frankie's voice.


"Oh, hey, Frankie. What is it?"

"You've got some company who like to see you." Frankie replied.

"Surprise!" Came several familiar voices.

"Thomas! Henry! Gordon! BoCo! Molly! Stanley! Harvey! Ferdinand! Sir Topham Hatt!" James said, excitedly. "You're here to rescue me!"

"That's right, James!" Said Ferdinand.

"Oh, Sir! I'm sorry, sir! I'm really, really sorry, sir! And I'm really I took your cars, BoCo! I'm in a lot of trouble, aren't I?"

"Calm down, James." Said Sir Topham Hatt.

"Although, I didn't appreciate you taking my train, we can't stay cross with you." Smiled BoCo.

"What is important is that you're still on the rails and still able to steam." Said Molly sweetly.

"Where's your crew, James?" Asked Sir Topham Hatt.

"In the main office, sir." Said James.

"I'm on it." Said Wayne. "I have to make some payments that have been overdue anyway. I intended to do it, but thanks to a certain engine of mine, I couldn't."

"While Wayne gets your crew, James," Molly said, "I'll pull you out of this siding."

James blushed when he heard this. While Molly was being hooked up to James, the other engines saw Frankie and Hurricane puffing away.

"Where are you two going?" Asked Stanley.

"Back to work." Said Hurricane. "Vladimir's going to be cross with us."

Stanley was shocked.

"Remember what I told you in 1960, Frankie?" He said.

"Townsend may be gone, Stanley, but Vlad is a big red engine. He's too much of a terror. Look at me! I don't feel well because of him!"

"Wayne and I tried to help her," Added Hurricane. "But thanks to Big Red's wild goose chase, it's become rather difficult."

"But, we're all reunited." Puffed Ferdinand.

"And," Put in Merlin. "Don't forget, you two are experimental engines like us!"

"But we're engines that actually function." Replied Hurricane.

"But me and Bash and Dash got refurbished and overhauled. Surly, the same can be said for Merlin, Lexi and Theo."

Molly had finally pulled James clear of the siding. Wayne had freed his crew and quickly made all the overdue payments. Soon, James was in steam again.

"Let's do this!" He said. "But we best keep quiet, or else-"

"Hold it right there, intruders!" Vladimir came puffing in, with John and Layla pulling Lexi and Theo behind them.

"Cinders and Ashes!" Exclaimed Thomas.

"Where do you all think you're go-?"

Vladimir and the diesels saw Stanley and the former Steelworks engines.

"What are all these engines doing back?" Asked John.

"We live at Victoria station now." Said Maxwell.

"And you've taken an engine that belongs to my railway!" Boomed Sir Topham Hatt. "And someone would like to speak to you!"

"And who might that be, fat hat?"

"Me! That's who!"

Vladimir's eyes widened as Wayne walked up to him. He tried to act innocent.

"Oh, uh, hello, s-sir. This isn't-"

"You can quit the acting, you sneaky, disobedient terror as an excuse for an engine!" Wayne said angrily.

"Yeah", Put in James. "Your actions have definitely define you as a terror. So, we're going to politely ask you to excuse us. Me and my Sodor friends are heading home."

"Very well," Vlad said. "But I have a better idea. John. Layla. Take care of these intruders."

"Time to go!" Whistled James.

All the engines scattered.


"Sir, yes, sir!" The diesels shouted, and they reversed out of the Steelworks.

Vlad saw that Frankie and Hurricane hadn't moved.

"Hey, what are you two still doing here? Get them!"

But Frankie and Hurricane stayed where they were.

"Are you two stupid? I said GET THEM!!"

"No!" Frankie said.

"What did you say to me!?" Vladimir snarled. "You two better get those wheels turning or else!"

"They're not going to listen to you because you're not the boss of this Steelworks. I'm in charge here." Said Wayne.

"Yeah." Added Frankie. "Your old boss pushed me around one too many times, you try to finish what he started, you deceive your manger and you engine-nap innocent engines just to get them to help you save this place! So you take your bossiness and shove it down your bunker!"

Finally, Vladimir had had enough.

"Alright, that's it. Frankie the Diesel Shunter, I am taking you to the scrapyard for your disobedience!"

"No, you don't!" Said Wayne. "You stop right where you are!"

Vladimir just blew steam at him and made him wet.

"And I don't need to listen you anymore, old man! Now, come on, Frankie!"

Frankie began to race away toward the exit. John tried to block Frankie's line with some loaded ladle cars. Frankie's driver applied her brakes and jumped out. Frankie hit the cars and derailed.

"Frankie!" Cried Hurricane, and charged forward.

"Hurricane, stop! STOP AT ONCE!! I COMMAND YOU!"

Hurricane shoved Frankie out of the way of the melted steel, but because of how he hit the cars, not only had some of the melted steel hit his wheels, but some of it splattered all over his body! His driver and fireman had managed to jump out before he hit the mess.

"Help! My wheels and body are melting!"

Harvey rushed in and using his hook, he quickly pulled a now somewhat disfigured Hurricane clear of the mess. Meanwhile, Molly and Lexi moved the cars out of the way. Outside, the engines successfully defeated the diesels by trapping them in one of the sidings by blocking the line with some flatbeds.

"Good work, everyone!" Boomed Sir Topham Hatt. "Now let's take care of Vlad over there."

Vladimir was cross.

"Once you two are both back on the tracks, it's off to the scrapyard for both of you!" He growled. "I'll just find more engines to replace you two."

"You aren't taking anyone to be scraped, you red beast!" James shouted, as he and his friends entered the building.

"You stay out of this, #5." Vladimir said. "As punishment, you all are to-"

But before he could finish his sentence, Molly puffed in front of him and right into his face.

"Hey, yellow, do you mind?"

Molly didn't move.

"Are you deaf? Get out of my face and GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

But Molly stood her ground.

"Listen here, you big red meanie, you've treated Frankie like trash, you lied to your manager and then you go and take a special friend of mine hostage just for your own benefits! You're just a BIG RED BULLY!"


"NO!" Molly shouted, and before Vladimir could say anything else, Molly shot forward and gave the big red tank engine a hard shunt and began shunting him out of the Steelworks with all her might. Vladimir applied his brakes and cackled.

"You think you can overpower me, toots?" He laughed, and began to push back. Frankie saw what was going on and quickly raced over to help. Lexi followed her.

"Hang on, Molly! We're coming!" They called.

"Yeah! Go, Girls!" The engines cheered.

"Give him what he deserves! Show him some girl power!" James called.

Frankie and Lexi buffered up behind Molly and all together, they finally managed to overpower Vladimir, and soon they were pushing him all the way out of the Steelworks and onto the Main line.

But Vladimir wouldn't give up so easily. He insulted them, but they just ignored him. He blew steam at them, but it didn't affect them. He tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked. They just kept going. So Vladimir tried braking again, but then there was trouble as they came to a hill. The girls finally stopped pushing Vladimir when they got to the top and gave him a giant shunt. As he slid along the line, still holding his brakes. Then, it happened. Vladimir began to slid down the slope much too fast. He braked again and again. He braked so much, that there a loud clanging noise. Vladimir's brakes had stopped working!

"HELP!" He cried, as he reached the bottom.

His driver and fireman jumped out and were save. But before they could do anything else, the rescues arrived and they had to surrender.

"How long is he going to keep going?" Asked Stanley.

"Probably until he derails somewhere, Stanley." Said Wayne. "We'd best follow him."

At the Mainland canal, Beresford was loading a cargo ship, when he heard Vladimir coming.

"Uh-oh! Runaway engine!" He shouted. "Everyone take cover!"

One moment, Vladimir was on the track, the next, he felt himself derail when he toke a bend too quickly. He landed in the sea with a splash!

"Finally, it's over." He said, his voice, bubbling.

Just then, the engines arrived, and they were all cross. Wayne stepped out of Stanley's cab and he and Sir Topham Hatt stood over Vladimir.

"You are a very naughty engine, Vladimir!" Wayne said, furiously. "You are to never work in my Steelworks ever again! Same goes for John and Layla."

"It serves you right after everything you've done to other engines, including me." Huffed James.

"Looks like you've the same accident I experienced." Said Stanley, remembering his accident in the sea.

"That's right." Said Ferdinand. "Keeping James in the building when he just want to go home and treating us engines like outcasts, just like Townsend."

After Beresford lifted Vladimir out of the water, the police were contacted and Vladimir, John and Layla's crews were all fired from their jobs and arrested. The engines were also arrested.

"Never arrested engines before." Said one of the policeman. "But you know what they say; First time for everything."

"First time, indeed." Agreed Wayne.

Once the engines were loaded onto some flatbeds pulled by Logan and their crews were placed into the cars, they were taken away to prison. They would never be a bother anymore.

James has finally been rescued and Vladimir's wrath is finally over.

Chapter 10: The Steelworks' future and a Happy Ending

Later, after the prisoners had been taken to prison, everyone headed back to the Steelworks. Wayne examined Hurricane's condition.

"Oh dear," He sighed. "Repairing you is gonna cost me a lot of money, and I spent too much of it on overdue payments already."

Sir Topham Hatt suddenly had an idea.

"Why don't I help take care of Hurricane for you, Mr. Robinson?" He asked.

"You would?" Asked Wayne.

"Sure!" Said Sir Topham Hatt. "Every generation in my family has been rich ever since my great-grandfather, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt was controller, despite him not having much care engines at that time."

"He didn't?" Asked Frankie.

"I'm afraid he didn't." Said Stanley. He then went to tell Frankie about how he told Sir Charles Topham Hatt about him finding Hiro and when Hiro asked him about him being left to rust, Sir Charles revealed that it was, in fact, his father, who had been abandoned Hiro.

"He was also the Sir Topham Hatt who had me bricked up in one the tunnels on our railway in 1922, which, since then, has been named after me."

"Wow." Said Frankie. "Great story, Stanley."

Stanley blushed.

"Thanks." He smiled.

"Yeah, great story, indeed." Said Hurricane.

Sir Topham Hatt continued.

"Like I said, every generation in my family has been ever since my great-grandfather first took position as controller, so I'd be more than happy to help pay for Hurricane's repairs. And, I'd be more than happy to help you with the condition of your steelworks."

"And", Added Wayne, "Since Merlin, Lexi and Theo have returned to the place they worked before, I have a question for them; Merlin, Lexi, Theo, would you two like to work at your old home?"

The three engines thought for a while. Finally, Merlin spoke.

"Yes. Yes I would love to work here once again."

"Me too!" Said Lexi. "Those siding were long since history."

"If my friends are working somewhere, then I'll be happy to work here too." Theo replied.

"But, all five of you could use some sprucing up." Said Ferdinand. "Why don't all five of you come to the Sodor Steamworks while the Steelworks gets taken care? Bash, Dash, Ol' Wheezy and Hee Haw will be happy to see you all again."

"Richard will be pleased to see you again, Merlin." Said Henry. "You also might like Arthur."

"I guess that means Arthur and I would be the Sodor counterparts of King Arthur and Merlin!" Chuckled Merlin.

Everyone laughed.

"Ok." Said Frankie. "We'd be more than happy to travel to your railway."

"Here, here!" Said Hurricane.

"There's always plenty of jobs on my railway, so you all have potential to prove yourselves useful, just like you did when you three participated in rescuing James." Sir Topham Hatt said.

"And Maxwell," Said Wayne. "How would you and your fellow shunting friends like to work at the Steelworks from time to time?"

"Yes, please, sir!" Maxwell replied.

The other former Steelworks engines all whistled in agreement.

"I'll speak to your controller about it as soon as I can."

And so it was arranged. The former Steelworks engines headed back to Victoria station while Wayne followed them in his car and while he went to find their controller, Sodor's engines headed back to Sodor. It had been quite an adventure.

"Thank you all for coming to my rescue, everyone!" James said. "I really appreciate it."

"You're welcome, James." Said Thomas.

"So happy to see you and Hurricane are alright, Frankie." Stanley said to his old friend.

"So are we, Stanley. So are we." Frankie said.

Soon, everyone had arrived back on Sodor. When they arrived at the Steamworks, there was a surprise waiting for them. It was Barry with a brand new livery!

"Surprise!" He said as everyone arrived. "What do you all think?"

Everyone was impressed.

"That makes four engines who either changed their black livery like Donald and Douglas or upgraded their black livery like how I did by having yellow stripes added to mine." Chuckled Diesel. "I'm like Mavis now!"

"You said it, Diesel!" Said Barry.

On the Mainland, Wayne told the formers Steelworks engines' controller about what was happening. He was amazed.

"Those engines definitely need more jobs and positions than just station pilots." He said. "So I think I can arrange that."

As time went on, the Steelworks was shut down and work started on refurbishing the entire area. While this was happening, Sir Topham Hatt, as well as the controllers and managers on Sodor, helped with the payments on, not just the Steelworks refurbishment, but as well as on the engines, too. Soon, they were all finished and Hurricane made a special surprise.

"Wow!" Exclaimed James. "You've been rebuilt!"

This was true. Hurricane had rebuilt from a GER Class A55 to a 0-8-0 freight tender engine. He was much stronger than he was before.

"My only relative had a rebuilt like this too before he was scrapped in 1913. Very inspiring, don't you think?"

"Very inspiring." Said Wayne.

"And a little fun fact, the workmen salvaged some of Vladimir's parts for my rebuild!"

"Vlad got taken apart?" Asked Thomas.

"Yep. He's been turned into a generator!"

This was true. After Vladimir had been delivered to the prison, they took apart and converted him into a generator to keep the prison warm while the rest of his parts were either salvaged for Hurricane's rebuild or sent to be scrapped. He sure won't be a terror anymore!

As for John and Layla? Well, they're temporary generators for the prison if Vladimir was unable to operate. They won't be problems anymore either.

James' new friends soon made themselves useful and found life on Sodor fun. Merlin made great friends with Arthur and had a happy reunion with Richard and they were soon telling each other their adventures.

"Boy," Said Richard. "That Vlad fellow sounds like a monster."

"He sure was, Richard." Merlin said. "But not anymore."

Lexi quickly became friends with Marion and Sodor's other American engines. She and Timothy enjoyed keeping each other company whenever Bill, Ben and Marion were elsewhere.

Theo reunited with Fergus and Theo would sometimes take over at the Cement Works when Fergus was given other jobs outside of Cement Works, and Theo would often help Fergus with his "Do it right!" attitude.

Frankie worked alongside Stanley and Flora at Great Waterton. She found the place quite lovely.

Hurricane helped out with any freight work. Henry often let him take the Flying Kipper and Gordon let him pull the express from time to time.

Wayne sometimes helped Sir Topham Hatt's extra work.

And finally, Wayne, his engines and the Logging Locos arrived at Ffarquhar to visit Ol' Wheezy and Hee-Haw. Everyone had a very joyous reunion.

Soon, the Steelworks' refurbishment was complete. James and his rescuers said goodbye to Wayne and his engines. Wayne and Sir Topham Hatt shook hands.

"Thanks for helping us, James." Said Frankie.

"You're welcome, Frankie." Smiled James. "Happy Homecoming. We hope you all come back soon."

"And we hope that you'll visit us again on the Mainland." Said Wayne.

"You can count on the North Western Railway's engines, Mr. Robinson." James said.

Finally, it was time for the Steelworks engines to head home. With one final 'goodbye', the engines headed back to the Mainland, and when they did, they were thrilled when they heard that Victoria station's engines would be helping out at the Steelworks. Now, the Steelworks was busier than ever. The engines would still often stop by on Sodor for special jobs and Sodor's engines would often return the favor.

One night, James and Molly were alone at Tidmouth sheds.

"You know, Molly," James replied. "The way you stood up to Vladimir was amazing."

Molly giggled.

"I decided it was time to show my friends of how independent I could be, especially for one friend who helped me on my first day here."

James blushed.

"I can be vain, but even I don't want to see any engine who's innocent and sensitive like you being put down."

"Exactly." Replied Molly. "You can be vain, stubborn, selfish, childish and rude at times, but deep down, you'll always be a good friend and a really useful one."

"Say, Molly, how 'bout a couple of spins on the turntable before the others arrive?"

"Oh, ok. Sure. I like that."

"Ladies first."

Molly giggled as she puffed onto the turntable and James followed. They were soon having a ball spinning on the turntable.

"It's like dancing!" Molly said.

"You can say that again!" James replied.

Later, Tidmouth sheds was soon full of engines as Tidmouth's other residents arrived and they all talked about their day's events. One by one, they fell asleep. James and Molly were the only two left.

"Good night, Molly. I love you." James said with a compassionate smile.

"G'night, James. And, I love you too." Molly said.

And with that, the two engines fell asleep, side by side in the shed. As they slept, both James the Red Engine and Molly the Yellow Engine knew that even though there would be a lot of adventure and journey out there, there would never be a place like their home, on the North Western Railway, on the Island of Sodor.

The End.

It is a very happy ending for Sodor's engines, indeed. Especially if one of them is called James.

Thomas and Friends belongs to Mattel.

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