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Hey folks! 

A few new updates from yours truly lately- some exciting stuff has been happening.
Firstly, Bobby Chiu of Schoolism/Imaginism was kind enough to call me up for an interview! We talked about freelance and the bumpy road to stability- if you're struggling yourself and trying to make a go of freelance, consider giving this a listen:

In addition to that, there's an interview with me (with some new exclusive art!) in Character Design Quarterly volume #8! I even get to share the issue with fellow Procreate artist and absolute iPad wizard, Max Ulichney! You can pick up a copy here:…

Last but not least- I'll be heading east this autumn to speak as a Guest of Honor (for Spyro reasons) at the FAUnited convention, and I'd be amped to see any of you there :)

As always, my full portfolio is over at:
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Seems like a good time to remind folks that, if you like my work and you're over on other platforms- you can track me down there as well!

I post all over, and some of my most active accounts are elsewhere.
You can find my art on:



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Over the course of the past year and a half, I've had the privilege of leading a team of friends and artists as the production designer/art director for a short animated film based on the childrens' book series: The Wingfeather Saga! 
It's been a labor of love, and many months in the making, but I'm proud to have a film we can use to pitch a longer film or animated series. Please give it a watch and if you like it, share it far and wide!

If you'd like to see a collection of all the development work and character design I did for the project, check it out on my website here:
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The first new entry to Happy Rock in a long, long time. It's nice to be back:…
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I'm a quite late to this thing- but I got a lot of tags from generous followers, so I figured I'd throw one of these together, for DA Love reasons <3

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Phoo- it's been 8 years o_o I was a Sophomore in college when I joined this site! Gettin oooold...

What does your username mean?

Well- now it's just my name. So mostly it just means "me". 
But it *used* to be Homarusrex, which meant King Lobster (I had/have a crustacean thing). But the name was hard to remember and type and people kept saying "Homosaurus Rex" so...

Describe yourself in three words.

 Whimsical, Wistful, Gak ( 51pCCZ0a-GL. SY355  by nicholaskole)

Are you left or right handed?

Rightie tigthtie.

What was your first deviation?

Exalt by nicholaskole

It was a "Metaphorical Self Portrait", and the first assignment in my first ever illustration class- it also marked kind of an artistic turning point away from grimdark and over-rendered grit, though I didn't know it at the time. Still feels "true", 8 years on.

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I love to make and draw anything that communicates strong emotion- whether it's a comic or a character design, I always hope for those moments when it connects beyond "oh that looks cool" to "this *feels* bigger/more personal. Often that involves paint and bold color for me, but not always!

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Gosh, I'd really like to be a virtuoso impressionist- that sort of elegant simplicity and wild abandon really speak to me- I'd love to feel free to be more unbridled with my work. I'm always jealous of artists who have that kind of energy.

What was your first favourite?

___22 by sinix

This mech, apparently! Kind of far afield from where my work and favorites have gone since then, but I still have a soft spot for mecha :)

My second fave ever was this piece by my friend Claire:
He's a Devil With the Ladies by shoomlah

Which I think about with fair frequency- I still love this style of paint/line/billowy shirts/stocky proportions. Not much has changed, there :p

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I think I'm drawn to all kinds of concept art, character design, and comic work that has strong color, bold compositions, or good design- all three is the sweet spot!

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

 Oh gosh o_o That is an impossibly difficult call. But I really do like miumzoo's work so much, and I think of her textures and colors often. 
Other big players I think of often include Brosa for his designs, tim-mcburnie for his comics, MattRhodesArt for just everything, Xamag 's color is mind blowing. SO MANY AMAZING ARTISTS O_O I know I'll be kicking myself for even trying to pick favorites.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Hmm- Maybe MattRhodesArt? He's been a major influence since an early age.

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

I've actually made quite a few friends and artistic connections via Deviantart! I'd say UlaFish springs to mind- I followed her work long before I met her when she came on as a fellow coworker at 38 Studios- then when that company fell apart, she was the one to reach out and connect me with the Dawngate team! I'd say that's all had a pretty big impact on my work and career.

What are your preferred tools to create art?

I'm a photoshop baby since way back- so It's often my main squeeze when it comes to art-making. I draw on an old Cintiq 21UX that I bought off Ebay, and often I'll use ballpoint pen (a particular set of blue Bics) and prussian blue watercolor wash in my sketchbook. 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

I love my studio space- having a secret art-fort is the best- it's important to have a place to escape to, where I can control the level of solitude, loud music and netflix that goes on- I need them all to be my happiest while making work :)

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? 

There are so many- I think of all the moments when someone I've really admired followed me back, and we started a dialogue- getting to field questions and being mentoring younger artists, responding to and receiving comments on all my work throughout my artistic journey so far- It's been an awesome source of inspiration and support. You guys are all awesome- thank you for making this place an awesome spot for artists to connect ^_^

I gotta say though- that one time makani favorited and then commented on my Harry Potter fanart, even though I was basically copying her- that was a highlight XD

Later on, friends!
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TwitchBanner2 by nicholaskole

Be there or be probably fine but in Another Location!
I will be drawing and maybe taking requests if I feel like it and trying to answer questions about art and life and love and faith and 90's pop rock and whether or not the Goofy Movie is the greatest coming of age tale of our generation (spoiler alert: It unquestionably is)

See you later :)
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TwitchBannerRobin by nicholaskole

Hey friends! If you're interested, my stream on Twitch is live now- working on some tests for a new project :)

Come hang out!
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Hello deevs!

The news today is that I now have a twitch account from whence I intend to stream art-making, music-rocking-outering and being dorky! 
If you are interested in any of those things, head on over and subscribe, share and tell your friends!
Hooray for art! :D

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Hey Deevs!

It's been entirely too long, hasn't it? I haven't forgotten you exist, though life has just been very busy these days.
Deviantart is still my favorite kind of format for posting art and hearing from you guys, but it's become more convenient to post on tumblr. If you'd like to get more timely updates on my work, sketches and thoughts, track me down here:

One of the most exciting things I've been blessed to do lately was to speak at Q Commons in Providence about art and cynicism- the transciption is here: 

In recent news- The Dawngate Chronicles came to a close with the cancellation of the project a few months ago. I may find a way to post the pages online, since the official site is no more. 

I've since moved on to contracting with Hasbro on the (believe it or not) Play-Doh team- where I've been doing secret things that involve a lot of actual playing with Doh...I wish I could show you guys, but the work has been really inspiring and a great break from what I've been doing. Can't wait till it becomes unsecret and I can share

I just got back from TCAF last weekend, where I sold Jellybots, prints (including some very popular watercolor pokemon), ink sketches and a limited print run of some of my watercolor comics. I'm considering setting up at a few east-coast cons in the future- let me know if there's any you'd like to see me at and I'll do what I can, and if there are prints or the like that you'd really like to see/purchase! I love meeting people and talking about comics in ~real~ life! :D

Many new and exciting things are on the horizon- I hope you'll keep your eyes peeled. If it's silent around here, come visit tumblr, twitter (@fromhappyrock) or instagram ( where I post a lot more often.

Thanks for keeping tabs- God bless you guys! 
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Hey you guys!…

By popular request, I went and had a second print run made of my Jellybots minicomics! They are up for sale at the above shop link, and I would be so chuffed if you'd support my little labor of love. Regardless of whether or not you can pick up a copy, I want to take the opportunity to thank you guys for being such an incredibly supportive online community (and thanks for all the Birthday wishes!)

I'll do my best to be better at keeping things updates around here. In the meantime: BOOKS HOORAY! :D

Much love,

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Well- hello everyone. 
Some of you have heard about this before- some of the folks around here have stuck around from back in the day when the idea of Jellybots was first hatched- you guys rule. Some of you have asked again and again about the project and I'm so grateful for your interest and support. This ones for you.

This week is a big week! First and foremost, is live and Page 1 is up as of this evening :D

The plan for now is to roll out a little more content in advance of this weekend. I will be tabling (my first time!) at Boston Comic Con, and selling real-life copies of the first ever Jellybots mini-comic...and buttons! There will be buttons! So if all goes well, and you're in the area, please please please stop by table d308 and grab a copy, let me do a sketch for you, and shake my irl hand. 

If you can't make it to the con, I'll be looking into options for selling off the extra stock and maybe printing more if there's interest. More information on that soon! Watch this space and for more comic bookery from yours truly!

Much love,

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I did a super fun (at least, I had superfun, you may be the judge of whether or not it is objectively superfun) interview with the guys from Comics Coast to Coast that JUST went live! 
Click thru to hear me chat about Dawngate, Maleficent, Attack on Titan, cheeses, the dubious mascot of my alma mater & more :)
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Hey all! The Maleficent movie comes out this weekend, and to celebrate I've put together a big ol' post with new art that walks through some of the process of illustrating the new book!…

If you've ever had questions about my process, this one's for you! I hope you guys enjoy- feel free to share it around!
Yay art!

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Just for fun, and if you are tumblr-ishly inclined, I am having a little Zeri art contest over here:…

Since this week was Zeri's debut on, and since she's muh fave. If you'd like to join the fun, send me some Zeri-related art by this time next week and I'll post it to tumblr, pick a winner, and haul out my watercolors for the winner. 
You guys are awesome- I hope your Springtime is becoming a beautiful Summer :D

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Hey guys! I am in Canada today, living it up Great Frozen North style :p

Tomorrow I'll be headed to TCAF to see comics and hang out with comicky people! If you'll be attending, I'd love to meet you- keep and eye out, I'll be wandering from booth to booth and I look like this…

I promise I will be delighted to meet you and draw you something if you do run into me, so say hi!


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Guys! Hi!

This month is crazy- The book cover for the Maleficent project I did with Disney is out, and the book will follow shortly! It's available for preorder here:…

This Friday the Dawngate Chronicles will launch and I'll officially be a webcomic artist! The ongoing series will be posting here:

I'll be drawing and talking about some of that from PAX East, livestreaming on Friday from 4pm-6pm EST, you can catch that here:

Edit: Streams are up at the following links!
Day One (Marginally professional; Spirits of Decay, Fury, and Desecrator with a sad Dibs)…

Day Two (Going off the rails…The victory of Dibs, the one that got crazy; Dibsecrator, Fridge Dese, Hammertime Dibs, Ice Cream Zeri)…

Day Three (Some kind of middle-ground- Hipster Fenmore, Chibi Voluc and Ashabel. I chat about character design theory)…

And if you'd like to read more about life, love, God and everything, I've posted a new blog entry in the calm before the storm here:…

Otherwise, stick around and new art will be coming soon. I can't wait to show you more of what I've been up to!
Super grateful for all of you who are still around here, you guys are so supportive and cool- I hope I do right by you with the work that's ahead :)


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Hey guys!

I'm sorry I haven't been very active around these parts lately- 
If you're curious what I've been up to, I've just written a new blog entry at Happy Rock:…

Stay tuned- big art things are underway...

Hey friends! 

I am making some art for a buddy, and livestreaming! Wanna come watch?…



Did I design creatures for it?**
Was it all just a dream?***
Will there be more?****

Watch this and keep track…
of the project at !

*Spoilers: Something neat I was involved in. Silly funtimes!
**Heck yes I did!
***Heck no it wasn't!


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I made it to the Walk The Moon concert!

We actually won the competition and got to meet the band before the show and it was a blassst, guyyys :D
Thanks tons for your clicks and kind words- you deevs are the best deevs.

Oh, also I am on Instagram- come follow me if you'd like to track my exploits and sketches!


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