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Watercolor Pokemon! 019-034

I figured it was about time to post batch 2!
I've been working through the pokemonathon on tumblr! You can track my progress here: [link]

I've been really enjoying these- though the getting of a new job has somewhat delayed my progress. I still want to draw them all, one way or another! And watercolor keeps me sane.

Watercolor and photoshop, and all the pokelove in my heart!
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Elegant-Ruin's avatar
They all look like they're glowing! How did you do that?
FierceGK1's avatar
I love the vibrancy and softness of the watercolor! Great work!
AphelionMars's avatar
These are all so awesome and wonderfully colored! (That Raichu is cute as heck omg)
CLBTTR's avatar
Awesome art.Do you have a guide on the way you did the coloring?
ItsChocoshettie's avatar
yeah i wanna know too :3
Krisander's avatar
love the action poses. there is such great movement and flow here. all in all these watercolors are awesome
Fyreflysky's avatar
These are really good.  Excellent work.
PenTheCat's avatar
that is amazing 0-0
U-lol360's avatar
How did you draw that, COOL! xD
chie-sieka's avatar
sooo prettyy nyuuu
Syahtrec's avatar
OminousEcho's avatar
Just curious, what do you do digitally? Id like to see the difference between the raw traditional piece before its been edited. 
nicholaskole's avatar
Ah...if you dig in my gallery under the watercolor folder you'll see some examples. I do the linework and wash in Prussian blue traditionally, then scan it and add/manipulate colors on photoshop!
kagamizaizai's avatar
I love them!They are so cute ~
aeroscythel's avatar
I'm... incredibly jealous of your watercolour skills.... amazing >O<
GrimmOkami's avatar
Nidoking!! Amazing. No wonder its one of my fav pokemon. Such a badass.
DrChipMunk's avatar
Badass Nidorino and Nidoking!
AngelicDragonPuppy's avatar
You are an amazingly talented artist, my good sir. I love the fluid motion in these--such dynamic poses! Add in the beautiful colors and the fact that it's traditional and lfkjdldfj consider yourself watched.
Diaris's avatar
You're extremly skilled. Amazing. :)
TheElegirl's avatar
Oh, wow! When I searched pokemon watercolor, I was expecting some things that were watercolored in, and probably without much shading. What I found amazed me! This is superb, and fascinatingly well done!
KenobiEagle's avatar
this and the other one are FANTASTIC. very nice job
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