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Watercolor Pokemon! 001-018

Watercolor + Photoshop!

I've been wanting to practice my watercolor a bit, and do some pieces that are fun just to unwind- so I've decided to move steadily through all 151 :D
Not wanting to swamp the internet too much with one pokemon at a time, I figured I would bunch these guys before posting them here!

I've joined the Pokemonathon, and I've been having a lot of fun! You can follow my progress at [link] and at [link]

Or just wait and they'll show up here eventually!
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I wanna get that Butterfree as a tattoo.... <3 <3 <3
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the color, volume poses are so goooood
Faguya's avatar
fantastic coloring!
Emerald-of-art's avatar
this is good looking
RashidoMania's avatar
The colors are so vibrant! Well done!
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wow this is the super  -epic-looking-watercolor generation one pokemon!
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Weedle is beautiful!
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 Awesome picture!:D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing!!!! Very beautiful!!!
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I love them, all so full of character! :)
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Your Pidgeot will haunt my dreams tonight. :iconscaredplz:

XD This is all so amazing!! Always love to see the first 151 get some love. ^^
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Seriously, I love your work. 

As someone who has just started working with watercolor (wich I hadn´t touched since elementary school), this gives me a deep motivation to keep practicing. Simply achieving a fraction of your talent would already make me proud of wielding that brush.
Just out of curiosity: how do you get your art to look so clean? Do you use a particular type of scanner, or is there a trick in digital postproduction?

Anyways, my sincere and unreserved admiration.
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