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The Dawngate Chronicles Zeri

Zeri time!
Because Zeri makes me happy, I've decided to post her whole arc in the Dawngate Chronicles here on DA for you lovely people. The response to the comic has been increasingly encouraging and I'm really blessed by all your support so far!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I am illustrating an ongoing (and eventually interractive) webcomic called The Dawngate Chronicles here:

It is the story of the characters of Waystone's game Dawngate, and this lady is Zeri- one of the first characters I ever designed for the project and one of my favorites still :) If you'd like to read a little bit more, and if you'd like to join in the small fanart contest I'm having over on tumblr, check this post out and send me your art by this time next week! :D…

Much love! Summer is coming!!
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the first link keeps taking me to this gaming website? i really want tro read this comic tho! is there somewhere else i can read it?
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Origin, a Gaming Platform by EA.
Dawngate is a game developed by EA, sadly it was scrapped on 4th November 2014. But it made 85 pages of webcomic.
It is, however, archived on its Gamepedia:… it has all the pages of the comic. Unorthodox way to read them, but its something.
You can see the last pages of the comic series was still a sketch, I bet nicholaskole wasnt expecting the scrap but he tried to put a closer rather than leaving it be
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these colors give me chills~ <3
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so you're the artist behind the dawgate chronicles
must say i love them, the atmosphere in there, the ambient
the feeling, the colours, the light and by all means the expresions
pieces of art, more than simple comics
love them ALOT
was reading them and i was wondering
"man i know this guy's style form somewhere on deviantart"
couple of months later here you are
you inspire me!
best regards!
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Thank you so much! honored to be an inspiration :)
Sad these went away, but glad to have touched people's lives in any way along the path
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Love the designs, the drawings, love it love it though I don't get everything as english is not my mother tongue. Can't wait too see more ! I so much love the shapes and colors mixes!
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So gorgeous and colourful and cute! Very stylized and fun and cartoony, but the colours are so lush and the interactions so /genuine./
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Thank you for that comment about the geuinineness of their interractions- that means a lot to hear ^_^
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Dang man, great job on this.
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in love with this piece
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What is this for? Is it a series? Looks awesome so far!
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It was for a comic that was for a game, but both are cancelled now :( it was called Dawngate
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Just feel that I love you.
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Zeri seems a really energetic character, and this short story moment makes me want to see more of her.
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Zeri is my favourite Shaper in terms of character <3
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i love all of zeri's facial expressions there so perfect :D
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I must have her hat. MUST.
XAsk-SpottedLeafX's avatar in love <3333333333333333333333 with dis arrrrrrrrrrrtttt~~~~~~~!
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