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The Curse of Maleficent - Full Wraparound Cover

It's Official!

This is the unadorned full cover art for a book I just finished illustrating for Disney: The Curse of Maleficent, a tie-in YA novel for the upcoming movie! The book is up for pre-order on Amazon, and will be out at the end of the month. The final hardcover has 25 full-color interior illustrations that I'll be sharing some of as well. Such a blessing to be able to work on this- I hope you guys like it!…

I miss deviantart a little- I mean, I haven't left, but it seems like the party is moving to tumblr a lot these days. More pics and chatter up there if you like-…
 but thanks for watching and sticking around! This is going to be a big month for me- more art REAL soon :D
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TheNorthRemembers3's avatar
i wish i could make a book with my art :(
Adamantiel's avatar
Beautifully done. Your style suits this story very very well.

What program do you use? I'd like to get into digital art. Is there something that you can do with just a mouse?

I don't have a special pen thingy.
Fyreflysky's avatar
Wow, I got onto this from looking at Pokemon (how does that work?)  This is beautiful. 
nicholaskole's avatar
haha- the internet! I made Pokemon drawings too, so that probably did it
Fyreflysky's avatar
Yup, I noticed after I had a peek at your gallery afterwards ;)
Deciduous-Honeycomb's avatar
Wow, this is truly beautiful. I wish I can buy the book, but my mom won't let me. X3
nicholaskole's avatar
haha- maybe when you're older... ;)
Rewrite98's avatar
I love how you did the dark and light sides.
DanaBeyer's avatar
I fell in love with the illustrations so I got it haha
nicholaskole's avatar
aw, thanks! Glad you liked my work ^_^
DracoAsh's avatar
Sketchman147's avatar
Magnificent on how you did your stuff for Maleficent.
NamelessSaint's avatar
I love this so much!!!!!!!!!
sweetlittledevil85's avatar
Wonderfully beautiful!!!!!
echelonangel15's avatar a framed poster...I MUST HAVE!
It's so beautiful, you, good sir, are seriously talented and the way you depict my favorite Disney villain, *applause, bravo sir :)
Ardinaryas's avatar
wow, amazing! :D
Love the colors and congrats
MartinsGraphics's avatar
Great drawing. Good work. Awesome style of drawing
Heldys's avatar
absolutely wonderful! I LOVE IT!
Gojira012's avatar
I read the books. I can honestly truly say, I appreciate these twists.
MacaroniandSqueeze's avatar
WOW! This is so beautiful! I love the warm glow around Aurora and the fairies and other woodland creatures, and how it contrasts with Maleficent in the darkness. You have a wonderful art style, and I can't wait until the book comes out so I can check out more of it!
nicholaskole's avatar
Thanks very much for your kind words :)
MacaroniandSqueeze's avatar
Aww, you're very welcome! 5 seconds hug 
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