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Oh hey kids, it's Taako! You know...from TV. 
:D Continuing the thread of a recent obsession with The Adventure Zone podcast, Taako the elf wizard had to happen next! Love this show SO much...E & I are going back through the whole Balance arc, and the fanart bug finally bit down hard...I've barely been able to think about anything else but capturing the good good boys from TheZoneCast
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amzimme|Hobbyist General Artist
This really looks just the way he sounds--the swagger in the pose, the smug mischief in the expression, and kind of gangly, a touch androgynous... It's him! I recently got into TAZ podcast, and have been searching everyone for a rendering of Taako that fits what's in my head and THIS. IS. IT. (Finally!) You completely nailed it. Thank you for making and sharing an image that captures him so well! Love it!
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TangerineVampire|Student Filmographer
Ugh this is such a good Taako <3
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Kitomeow|Student General Artist
I absolutly adore this! :D
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wiish-bone|Hobbyist General Artist
: D snazzy
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SapphireGamgee|Professional Digital Artist
"TV's Taako!"

(Thinking of TV's Frank from MST3K..... and realizing how old I am. *sigh* )
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Zeldelf|Professional General Artist
I absolutely love your color palettes! 
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CamishCD|Student General Artist
I just recently started listening to TAZ, and this is now totally my headcanon for how Taako looks :heart:
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Exeidur|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Really cool piece! I very much like your drawing style ^^ That expression looks great.
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ItsMinosArt|Hobbyist General Artist
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BMBrice|Professional General Artist
Omg it's Taako! I didn't expect to ever see TAZ characters here haha
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BMBrice|Professional General Artist
Also that's really well done! Love the crap out of it X3
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CaligoMWknight|Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful design! Creative use of colors :D
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chlove-art|Professional Digital Artist
Taako looks good :heart: 
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Winterwithers|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah nice!! I love this taako design!
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JamieDeJonge|Student Digital Artist
The beautiful boy!! <3 
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Gulril|Professional Interface Designer
I am very much on board with this series.
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MIT-Hellan|Student Filmographer
Everyone's favourite wizard!!!

I just started listening to The Adventure Zone, saw some fanarts here and there, but I simply love yours! So good!
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"Abra-ca-fuck you!"
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I aspire to have a ponytail even half as glorious as this elf's.

Good work!
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Mojomito|Hobbyist General Artist
I love your Taako!! ovo/ I'm living for the magic hat!! I'd love to see the rest of the Starblaster squad from you! :D
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thinkpink9|Student General Artist
Oh my goodness!!! So good!!!!!
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BurntPotatoX3's avatar
I really like how you made it glow
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Krepf| General Artist
omg I love that design! Heart 
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ArtificialFleshling|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a wonderful Taako!  He really does have all the swagger that horny boy should have.
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