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November 23, 2007
Steampunk Airship Pilot by ~homarusrex is just outstanding! The cross hatching work is amazingly done, its great to see this unique style brought to life in this finely detailed work of art.
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Steampunk Airship Pilot

This was done for's Character of the Week: Steampunk Airship Pilot! I freaked out and immediately started designing, I couldn't resist...despite having finals due for my impossible drawing class (as well as painting and illustration). Hope you all like it! I had fun, though I feel I could still push this firther with more time and less stress...ah, well...sometime, maybe!

Yay, steampunk!!!

See a detail in correct size and color here:

NEW: Now available as a custom-etched Moleskine from Modofly: [link]
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SheldonOswaldLee's avatar
Great and woudnerful artwork! :D
Capt-Montezuma's avatar
Hi , Great piece of art.

do you allow  your art to be used on websites ? I would love to use this as a background on my web page.

nicholaskole's avatar
Absolutely- use away!
Mijder's avatar
Well my costume for the Steampunk Wedding's decided then.
tonystardreamer's avatar
Yay, I Finally found the artist of this masterpiece. This definitely deserves the DD.
BWS2K's avatar
Very steamy!
kaupaint's avatar
I've seen this picture around the internet before! Great to find the artist! Nice work. :)
nicholaskole's avatar
Haha- ahh yes...the ever-present piece-from-6-years ago :)
Glad you found your way over here!
kaupaint's avatar
Ah, yes. The detail version is on the first page when you google image "steampunk art" so I don't know why I haven't found my way back to you before!
MandyB82's avatar
DeeJay-Alien's avatar
Oh my God.
That's stunning!!! 0_0
GCARTIST85's avatar
Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
steam4power's avatar
HardwireXx's avatar
This is way cool
Sansansan's avatar
Well, seeing as this has been a daily deviation, it's pretty obvious how awesome it is, to renote how awesome it is, I featured it in my blog, figured it polite to inform you. [link]
Nils-Iver's avatar
I see leonidas have finaly grown tits after all those steroids
CyberSquirrel's avatar
Thanks ~homarusrex, this is absolutely perfect for making a trump card of Ferdinand, first mate of my Steampunk Airship Captain Amber character.
ashlinglily's avatar
This is awesome :D And really useful for when I'm trying to figure out how Steampunk looks. Thanks for sharing!
Im almost angry because this is so close to what i imagined for my own steampunk style. but then im not because this is awesome and much bettr than anything i could do
Ryigenchi's avatar
Pretty damn awesome man, pretty damn awesome.
MatthewLeeKeith's avatar
Simply amazing O.o!
Charlie-zii's avatar
omg I love SP ^^ this is beautiful:heart:
SayuriTerachi's avatar
this is one of my all time favorite pieces.
you win a cookie :D
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