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Spyro + Sparx: All Grown Up

By nicholaskole
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“Looks like we’ve still got some things to do after all, old friend.” 

Dragons may age differently than Dragonflies, but best friends always stick together 🐉🐝

Spyro & Sparx, all grown up! Spyro took up with the balloonists to see the worlds. This is Unofficial fanart in the Official style! 
I saw a few interpretations of Elder Dragon Spyro floating around online (and of course the original from the old manual, which I referenced for this piece) and I had to try my hand! Drawing while my wife plays The Reignited Trilogy and having a great time- they’re actually like…really still fun to play :)))
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MorganLingHobbyist Artist

That looks pretty awesome. :)

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What do you think, will we see grown up Spyro game one day?

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TrueBladEdgeHobbyist General Artist

I support this Spyro, he's very much yes

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JakeBurnerStudent Digital Artist

I wonder how a "teenage" Spyro, similar to his DotD design, would look like, maybe have the red bandanna and goggles.

Umukzus's avatar

the little mustache made my day

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I never played Spyro in my life, but...
This makes me horny somehow.
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PhoenixKevHobbyist General Artist
what the fuck
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Very nice

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FloridanPhotographerHobbyist Photographer

Well done kid, you've grown up.

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nanna General Artist
That Sparx is just the cutest.
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This... Made me cried... Somehow.
crying fella (Reactions) Happy Cry 
It's a long journey, now they're like, you know, THIS!
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EmperorMinillaHobbyist General Artist
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Since youre the character designer of the game is this official
BeaBea-Bobcat's avatar
BeaBea-BobcatHobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, he's just playing around with ideas.
christuan123's avatar
Would be cool though if only
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K0NIGWULFProfessional Digital Artist
Oh man I love this so much! Fits right in with the rest of the grown up dragon designs. Wonderful!
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TweroHobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe, loved Sparx's mustach!
Anyway, loved the older Spyro!
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War2040Student Digital Artist
Grown up Spyro.
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CrazyWave23HD Traditional Artist
Amazing Work!!!
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PkingSoraProfessional Digital Artist
 brought here by hiddentape's feature, i think i follow you on instagram, ither way >.< very cool piece nice to see him all grown up!
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I do NOT like how the dragons become bipedal when they grow up. Never did. 
KayleetheDragacron's avatar
KayleetheDragacronHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, me neither. It just doesn't stick with me. I think I prefer LOS adult dragons.
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LauiluHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhh that's a really nice concept/idea. Love it
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AgentEleventeenHobbyist Photographer
Oh. My. GOSH.

This is so adorable and I cannot thank you enough for this. You are incredibly talented.

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