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Spyro Reignited Launch Day!

Happy Spyro day everyone!! It's out in the world officially!!

I was blessed to be invited to redesign many of these characters alongside the amazing team at Toys For Bob. Working on Spyro was a real childhood dream come true! On the occasion of the release, I thought I’d bring back a handful of the concepts of mine that have been officially released- each character was its own unique challenge and hopefully in the end we’ve done right by the fans who have loved Spyro since his debut so many years ago!
I’ve gotta go get in my dragon onesie and fire this up- see y’all in the realms :)
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loved ripto's new design and i loved the dream weavers especially the one you have here in the left corner.
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Just wanna say I love the new designs, they are so good!
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Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Are You Happy Are You Happy Are You Happy Are You Happy 
ShawnyBoyMaker's avatar
You're a true master artist.:D
PrimeYggdrasil's avatar
My Beautiful Dragon-Boy
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The goat and bunny boo are totes adorbs. 

The new Elora may come off somewhat as a different character than the OG Elora, but I think she's good enough to stay, if there was some way to have both of them that would be perfect. 

You did a perfect job with the bunny no doubt. I hope they have you on board for the next Spyro game (I hope) 

Spyro was my childhood defined and to have it continue from year of the dragon would honestly be fantastic.
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They continued it with Enter The Dragonfly, A Hero's Tail, and Shadow Legacy, but it's not as good as the trilogy.
Enter The Dragonfly: Better graphics, but the story is too short.
A Hero's Tail: New characters, that's good, but Spyro is too arrogant.
Shadow Legacy: I think it's nice, but the game is just... See for yourself.
I hope they would remake those 3 and make them better.
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They should remake Enter the Dragonfly, keep all the assets and the overall story it already had but add more to it, kinda like a remaster and a reboot of the game, adding more plot points, characters (Elora mostly) and maybe some of the playable characters from Year of the Dragon and after thats said and done they could either remake the rest with more to them, or all together just new spyro games that follow from the 4 games.

They could revive the spyro series and make it a huge success, and maybe even do the same for Crash as well, Remake Wrath of Cortex, and make the Crash Twinsanity that was originally was planned to be the game it was going to be if it wasn't rushed, they could even eventually have the two games cross over down the line. That would be Epic.
HikaruNobuyuki's avatar
Nice idea!
I also thought of it too!
I really wanna see that scene from A Hero's Tail again:

Zoe: When I zap you like this *zap*, your current position and progress is saved. Also, you lose a million brain cells.
Spyro: Wow! A million brain cells? That sounds destructive!
Zoe: *zap*
Spyro: Ugh, that sounds kinda bad.
Zoe: *zap*
Spyro: Okay, okay! It's cool!
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Anything clever and memorable like that should be added in the remakes, I agree. 
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I'm waiting for the Switch version. The new designs are amazing by the way.
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Really Amazing Art!
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Nice. You think you do the dragons from A Hero's Tail like Tomas and Red?
JinhanLee's avatar
The fact that they took the help of an artist who were a fan of the games is absolutely fascinating to me. Great work!

Also, no offence to the other concept artists,, but your art style is probably my favourite in the in-game art gallery. Yes, I unlocked the art gallery for the first two games and are planning to unlock the third one when I finish it.
joshua-mARTin's avatar
Great re-designs!!
vasanoja's avatar
Lol! Ripto reminds me of Kaos from Skylanders Academy!
vasanoja's avatar
I don't get it. If it's the other way around, doesn't that mean they resemble each other?
vasanoja's avatar
Yes, I know that. I wasn't being too anal about which name to put first, to me it means they resemble each other.
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Amazing job man, all of these are spectacular!

Question though: How come, out of all of the characters in Ripto's Rage, Elora doesn't have a spot in the unlockable Art Gallery? it bad that I already have all three games platinum-ed and 120/100/175% complete as of Saturday?
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I really think that it is so cool and awesome artwork picture in the whole world as always 💕.
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I hope there's an art book in the future. I would absolutely love to get it.
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