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Splatoon - Salmonlings

Hello I found these children in the trash, will someone please take them home?
As I may have mentioned in a very recent post: I stinkin LoVe Splatoooooon.
We’ve got inklings from squids, and octolings derived from a race of sentient wall-eyed tentacles, so why not take that other fishy race of mindless wall-eyed Salmonids and give em the playable crust-punk seagoblin treatment? I’m far from the first to draw a Salmonling, but I had to throw my hat in because the vibes are too good 🙌 I love my hateful dirty babies with a fierce and smelly love, please love them also.
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You know, this actually gave me an idea for a gang in my Cyberpunk x Splatoon crossover that consists entirely of Salmonids...

Mind if I use your art? I'll give you credit for it in doing so.

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You know what, forget Squids and OctopI. I WANNA PLAY A FREAKING SALMON KID!

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the rats time is coming soon :)

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Dirty yes

grumpy yes

happy to see you no

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Imagine if in Splatoon 3, the Singleplayer Storyline was Salmonoids & Salmonings vs Inklings and Octolings. If you completed the Singleplayer storyline (agent 7 would be your character) you'd get special gear, and if you completed the addon (The Rise of Salmonings) you'd be able to play as a Salmoning!

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These designs not only work,but the mesh well in the world of Splatoon.I can easily see them in game!
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Starling: he's as smart as a rock and has an increased appetite for fast food

Spongeling: he's an incredible cooks, always optimistic, knows marshal arts

yes that is spongebob and Patrick but how else could you make these two in the game without their loveable counterparts and if they where in the game they would look like two inklings mixed with a kitchen sponge and a seastar with the looks and clothes of the spongebob musical versions of our undersea buddies

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They burned down my house and shaved my cats and I still love them.
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I want the new Splatoon 3 so much than Project Gotham Racing 5
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Why not call them the salmonoids?
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I would rock this out!!!!
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this is my favorite salmonling design I've seen!
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All of their gear is made from trash and broken equipment, cobbled together with tape and chewing gum. No one knows how the heck they get the stuff to work but they can throw together whatever they find and make it into a usable weapon (they can even have a special part of the hub world that's just the garbage dump)
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Wow... I'm speechless... They look awesome.
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Love these! Hope it happens eventually!
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What if they add this to the game
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Lordie that style <3 Love it
I would adore some punks, I also hope the idea of 3 putting in playable Salmonling characters alongside Inklings and Octolings, they're an enticing idea and I just love punk characters
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Salmonids are now copying inklings/octolings. 
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Oh my god they're so cool.
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