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Jellybots: Twist (Pink)

Now in pink flavor!
(I like this version too, and I couldn't help but upload it as well. I know it's confusing that there are now two :P sorry!)

Description and original piece here:

"I have a lot of iterations and variations in mind- hopefully it's obvious that his suit is pretty malleable, so he'll be changing shape quite a bit.'ll see.
He's a bit of a trickster. His masks change color and shape, subdividing and flitting around his suit like a school of electric fish. He speaks through them, picking a proxy to fit his preferred tone and emotion. A face for every occasion."

More fun and games on my blog here:
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Your Jelly bots is such an amazing and brilliant concept. This would do so well as a cartoon show. They would also make great T-shirts and posters too. Awesome stuff mate.
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beautiful and mosaic
rasenth's avatar
Ahh I love the simplicity of this picture! *7* And yet so dynamic!
Monkeytailz's avatar
Watching you, love your art style : ) !
S3nToros's avatar
So is going to be a comic anytime soon? You probably mentioned this somewhere, but I'm curious!
nicholaskole's avatar
Time permitting, I'd love to see this animated. It may be a comic along the way, I have no concrete plan yet! For the time being I'm just developing it at my own pace and gauging people's interest :)
S3nToros's avatar
omg that would be sooo cool! btw if you didn't notice, this caught my attention!! I can't wait!
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Your colour work is amazing!
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:D thanks! I had to face my inner desire to use hot pink.
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haha Well your inner desire seems to be leading you on the right track! :D
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Looks good'n creepy! But seriously though, self-portrait? You don't seem like a bad-guy. This reminds me of when I found out that No-face from Spirited Away was apparently a kind of self portrait for Miyazaki. I guess we creative people are all carrying around our own inner-demons?
nicholaskole's avatar
haha- well...hmmm. Well- call it a personification of my negative traits/aspects.
Eee! wow...I get a miyazaki comparison? I'm all about that.
I love that No-Face is a self-portrait...have you read the Nausicaa graphic novels? there's another sympathetic villain-turned-companion in that, and I think it may be another self portrait. I was really moved in both cases to see how Miyazaki's heroes are merciful to...well...him? and often his villains (even the witch of the waste from Howl's, come to that!) get to come around and participate in the end. When you think of them as him, it becomes kind of terribly sad and really beautiful all at the same time.
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Wowsers. That is so good.
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Yuck! What a nasty flavor!
This guy looks boss. He's not even gonna look at you. Dude, if this was a comic or cartoon series I would watch, read and buy it as soon as I could! (If it had a good story to go with it! <--- which I know can be hard coming up with!) Good Luck! It seems like your ideas are pretty awesome!
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working on that story bit- it's evolving in bits and pieces! thanks for your support- I'm really glad you dig it :) Maybe some day there will be something made of this that you can throw your money at ;)
Dream-Piper's avatar
Good Luck XD At least you can start something D: I seriously can't get even a first page off the ground XD
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Awesome work :D I love the colors and style!
FeloniusMonk's avatar
Words can't fully express how DANG EXCITED I am for this :D
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