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Jellybots: Lizzie

This is Lizzie :D
She's based off my friend, Lizzie (who, after I did one based on Jen, asked for her own :p) And I realize this has effectively opened the floodgates for anyone who wants a portrait (which wasn't my intention) but I'm trying not to design characters I don't actually believe in.

So here she the current scheme of things she may even be the protagonist...a young girl who doesn't quite know who to be. She's kind of a lot of crazy energy all pent-up in a very self-conscious shell. (hence the little doodles: a) has obnoxious laugh, b) is embarrassed) The kind of girl who would decorate her suit with smiling stars, but get a little shy if you brought it up. Also, she likes llamas (not pictured).


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whats a jelly bot?
nicholaskole's avatar's...they''s a secret :) Jellybots in general is a graphic novel project I've been working on for a while now
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I love this one! I have a print of it in my bedroom :)
nicholaskole's avatar
:D I remember giving you that. That is awesome- I am glad it has found a place to be!
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Great character design. Love the feel
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It looks so traditional.... the lines look so perfect too! How do you do it!
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haha- I did it all in photoshop, from start to finish. I'm glad you like it, though! I use a pressure sensitive brush on my lines and I do them without vectorizing them so that they retain *some* of the warmth of traditional work.
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Gosh... It just looks so good... you must have an awesome wacom/bamboo tablet then D: Mine won't even scratch that surface!

As for vectoring :< It doesn't look right doesn't it? It feels so straight and digital when I look at it... I want to try it...But think I will prefer my tablet as well XD

(Can't wait to see more work from you!)
nicholaskole's avatar
mmm...I actually use a cintiq, so it's a LOT easier to draw directly onto the computer.
It's funny, because Jbots really lends itself to vector- but I kind of find the exercise of imitating the clean-line look of vector work very relaxing on some weird level. And I just prefer the warmth of the result.
I can't wait to do more work I can show! For the moment, I'm really caught up with my day job...maybe soon I'll have some time to do some work on the side :)
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A cintiq?! No wonder.... :< Lucky son of a gun
Dream-Piper's avatar
You did this all digitally??? With what program? or programs?
fAtHoM-bEe-RyOn's avatar
This is too cool mate... x
Speenu's avatar
I love your concept, and your artwork is beautiful
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she looks like the sister of the first jelly bot you drew!
nicholaskole's avatar
hahahaha. Dude. I totally think she is! :D
Pencilbox889's avatar
I freaking love these jelly people.
nicholaskole's avatar
Yaaaay! Thank you :)
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Aaaahh, she's adorable! I love the little stars and the laugh-doodles. :)
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i love this one too, i can totally see this as a comic book series or even an anime. if some1 hasnt contacted you about this they should!
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the colors are absolute adorable, well used them with the characteristics you used with the little description, and to believe that is based to your friend >u< thats make this image and air more adorable that look in the thumbnail.

I like it
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The colors are wonderful!
KRAKABOOM's avatar
i'm faving this. dont talk me out of it!
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