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Jellybots: Biin

A new Jellybots character; this one's actually a 'bot'. :/

This is Biin (pronounced like 'bean'). Another based-on-a-friend character from the Jellyverse. Expressions on the right, a few alternate forms on the left.

She's one of the Candyman's first experiments in alternative-intelligence (they get upset when you call them artificial). She's the only AI in The Soup that isn't a proxy (controlled by a grown-up operator).
Biin doesn't exactly follow orders; In order for The Soup to accept an inhuman intelligence, she had to be programmed with a significant amount of childlike anti-reason. Like all of the suits, hers is malleable and adaptive...incorporating new information into her physical form as fresh matter is introduced to the Jelly.
She just learned 'hands'. She's pretty excited about them :)

If you could hear this drawing, she'd be all, like, "woogly woogly woogly!"

Hit up my blog for more Jellybots and chatter: [link]
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OMG. It's like the illegitimate lovechild of LSP, Drifloon, and those stretchy-hand toys...
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hahaha! perfect :)
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I love the Jellybots!! :D
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WOOP WOOP! Me too! I want to make this whole...graphic novel thing with them :D
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Jellybots, and all this "woogly woogly woogly", it's better then candy. Genius! It's so cute. :D
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We do what we can :)
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photos of the plushie and a pixel version of Biin. Thought you might be interested :)
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Why aren't you taking my money?!!! Ive been throwing it at the screen for hours!!!! D:<
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lolol ^_^
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*grabs, jumps out window, takes her to home, changes name, origin and junk, goes into room with her and then hugs so tight she goes, "SQUEEEEE!!!"

....That's what I would do.
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:D dude, you don't even know! My girlfriend made me a stuffed-Biin and now she is FULLY HUGGABLE! :D
Dream-Piper's avatar
*stares at plush*
*hands out a bunch of cash*
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Was considering adding them as an incentive if I ever kickstarter'd this project. Something I've been considering. Good to know I'd have your support? ^_^
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OF COURSE! This is a total buy on my list XD It's worth supporting!
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"She just learned 'hands'. She's pretty excited about them :)
If you could hear this drawing, she'd be all, like, "woogly woogly woogly!""

I don't think you can possibly realise how much this made my day. :'< THANK YOU.
hahah! I wanna cry. She's so cute. I can't stop smiling. Good grief. Well done. Translating joy into something contagious is an art that is hard to master.
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:D I'm glad you like it! You should meet the friend she's based off of!
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Haha; I can't possibly imagine what kind of blissful person this must have been based on. XD
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Heehee, so cute!
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As usual, your shapes make me cry with envy.
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D'aww..... :love: I want to hug her! I love the expressions, and that alternative form that looks like a flower.
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Oh wow, I really liked this whole idea but it was the "woogly woogly woogly" that sold me XDD
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