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HP Grindelwald Quickie

Kinda Spoilers, I guess...?

Just smacked some quick color on a quicker sketch of Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! I love this book and the idea of Grindelwald's character is totally great! He was just msyterious enough to be the bomb!
So Here's my concept! This would be the middle-aged Grindelwald circa 1945 at the time of his duel with Dumbledore. Hope y'all like it! I had a good time :)
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This is probably my favorite Grindelwald. You gave him the look of someone who carries a lot of sheer power. I can see here that he was once handsome but aging and years of dark magic have taken a toll.

I agree with the comment below that he looks somewhat like Ganondorf. Was this intentional?
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This is so perfect and so my headcanon of what he looks like, never mind the Johnny Depp nonsense.
How fitting. He reminds me of Ganondorf from Wind Waker.
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Man, he looks cool :D
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Your quickies are that good?!
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This works more than well. He has that special glint in his eyes and the playful but sneaky features are clearly showing. I really like this concept and also the short comic you made about Albus and Grindelwald. That's exactly how I would have imagines the battle to start. I'm happy that you stayed so faithful to the characters, awesome! :)
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Every time I read the books and think of Grindelwald, I imagine him looking like this, only with a bit more hair. Love this.
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Awesome, he looked like that in my imagination :D
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I absolutely ADORE your Gellert style. I hope you draw more of him. I've looked at all the ones you have made so far and there just aren't enough! LOL! The way you drew him is EXACTLY how I imagined him! :heart:
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This has been cropping up on facebook, just to let you know. If you're on LivingSocial (I think that's what it's called) and search Gellert Grindelwald for favorite HP characters or anything really, it pops up
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I like it. He has a Ganondorf look about him.
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Sharp pointy nose, sharp pointy beard--got a definite shark vibe there.
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not bad

nice use of imaginatino
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Awosome !!!
100% Fav ^^
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i like him, he's not a sissy like those other grindelwalds
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I'm glad there is a drawing of Grindelwald that isn't a wavy haired bishie, thaaank yooouu!
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awesome! o.o
totally how i imagined =D
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So cool! I lovew his hair^_^ and his nose. Very nice interpretation!
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Bitchin' style!
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