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Dawngate Concept - Zeri!

I am told I am now allowed to show the world a little peak of what I've been up to :)
For a few months, I've been working with Waystone games (a substudio of EA) on a project called Dawngate! It's a new MOBA style game that is in Beta...apparently people have been really enjoying it!

Mostly, I've done skin concepts for the existing Shapers (you'll see some of that down the line). But the one main character I did get to redesign myself was Zeri! I got the concept and heard her voice-acting and something clicked- I fell in love with the idea of her and just had to give her design a shot, for every art school girl I've ever had a crush on!
They liked it, and now it's in the game! Pretty neat (and kind of a first, unless you count that one ox beast from Amalur) to have designed something that is out and about in the wide world! Hope you guys like what you see!

If you've been curious what I've been up to these past months, check out my latest blog post!…
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I miss this game 
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Я просто безумно люблю)))
I like your color pallet and more eastern themes. I also am starting a series of eastern themed women called the Fountain Guards on my gallery. Please check them out.
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Zeri was awesome to play with its sad that i cant play Dawngate anymore it was the only Moba i could enjoy.
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:D (Big Grin) Wow! Spectacular colour! Beautiful sense of volume. Congrats!
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very very cool design! <3
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I love your style so much. Huge inspiration to me! 
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thank you! I'm glad and honored to be!
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Listed as a support

No sorry Zeri is a lethal burst mage
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you have no idea how much I luv this!. 
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Aww :D
As soon as I saw this character I knew that I wanted to play her... And I did it and she's reaaaally cool.
Her skin concept is amazing, you did an awesome work. :)
I'd love to sculpt her if you don't mind, as soon as I'll get some time.
Anyway, keep up this good job :)
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Thanks so much! She was always my favorite :)
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I love Zeri and her concept ^^ I still haven´t tested her (I started today in the beta), but I love her! x)
you do concept arts? it just keeps getting better and better XD
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I do! I do lots of stuff! :D
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Very cute, but she could use a palette shield :P
nicholaskole's avatar
haha! Probably true :) I'll see what I can do down the line...
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Love that outfit, so fun! :)
that is awesome
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holy crap- words can not express how much I adore thsi concept~ amazing work!
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hehe- thanks! Glad you like her :)

red-star-alchemy's avatar
not a problem, keep up the amazing work :3 I hope the whole dawngate and waystone thing works out well ^^ I hear working for EA is like selling your soul to the devil in the whole game dev racket, but I can at least say the art coming out of the game is looking wonderful
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