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Cynder + Sting: Reignited

I’m keen to explore what a gang of lady elder dragons might look like, but first things first: Cynder & Sting her dragonfly(esque) best bud, imagined in the style of the Reignited Trilogy. 
Unofficial fanart for those who, like my wife, loved her lots!

I’ve been drawing while she plays, and taking her notes about how to adapt Cynder to the reimagined classic games. Lots of fun adapting the Legend stylings to the look we developed at Toys For Bob :)
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Hey sorry to bother you im new on this web site and im am a animator in sousource Filmmaker and i saw a YouTube video were your character appears is a YouTube link and i was wanted your permission to have this model only to animate it in source Filmmaker. (Plz repy.)

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Is sting a hornet?

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Looks a little more like a firefly to me.

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They definitely should bring Cynder back somehow...

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Wow this is so cute and awesome :)

I really like the idea of Cynder having her own bug companion. Your did a great job drawing both of them :)

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Hoping Cynder shows up in an original Spyro game, possibly as a fourth entry like what Crash Bandicoot did. ^^

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I hope she will also be in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled. :love:

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If this is what Cynder would look like in the classic series, what would the dragon elders or guardians (Legends) look like in the classic series?
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you know, when i think about it, i would not only love a classic spyro game that allows you to play as Cynder, but also as Flame and Ember who both only showed up in "A Hero's Tail" and "Shadow Legacy".
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These fan-made reignited designs just get better and better. They may yet convince Activision and Toys for Bob what we want for a DLC. I am waiting on the Switch version myself.
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Hehe, I love the designs...and Sting! :D
She needs to become ubiquitous to Cynder, methinks...:)
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Nice art work you did.
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Oh, so you have an account here. Nice.
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Awwwww, she's adorable! 
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Everything is absolutely PERFECT!
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Love to see what older Cynder would look like.
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You know what else would be nice?, seeing her in any future Spyro games that would be AWESOME!
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