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Cyclekids Submission

This is my final Illustration assignment for this semester. Our class was visited by Cyclekids, a non-porfit organization dedicated to promoting healthy living for kids via bicycling, to illustrate seven testimonials...stories from interviewees about their first time riding a bike etc. I got story number one, and here is my hurried submission:

#1: My first bike was a stingray with handlebars that stuck up like rabbit ears and a banana seat. We would pretend that our bikes were horses or airplanes, they could be anything! Riding a bike meant you were free!
(or something to that effect)
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this is one of the most beautiful pictures on DA! Love it soooooooo much!
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ahhh, i used to always pretend my bike was a gorgeous stallion, or a firey dragon, and lose myself in my imagination
greta pciture :thumbsup:
Dinnin-Darkheart's avatar
I always thought my bike was a black percheron. Those were the days...
MimiTrammell's avatar
My bike was totally an Arabian horse. Ah...those were the days.
Hanir's avatar
How warm and nostalgic. I thought as a child that my bike was a horse too. And cloud-dragon! Very nice.
korat's avatar
*laughs* Wow, glad someone featured this in their journal or I would have missed out on seeing it.

Yep, that is exactly what we did with our bikes too! Gorgeous illustration; I love the softness of the colors and the curve of the sidewalk and storm drain. The horses are wonderful - hard angle to draw them on, and the dragon just ties it all together...
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this is heart just thumped with excitement when i saw this piece! i love the story behind it.
nicholaskole's avatar
wow, thanks! Nice to hear :)
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I love this piece, the dragon in the background is awesome, i watched this piece for 15 minutes with out blinking (well i did blinked a couple of times), trying to figure out what was that i liked (loved) and finally when i see the dragon (my eyes were bleeding for the lack of blinks by that time) i get it, theres a whole history behind it, the kids are running away from the dragon, they taunted it and are guiding him to a trap... or something, the point is that the dynamism in the piece is awesome (i can feel the movment) and the expressions are great...
kiddfrommmars's avatar
this is awesome, i used to do the same thing! cept...i tended to pick poke'mon hah
Jezhawk's avatar
really beautiful illustration, the dragon in the background is just perfect :clap: :+fav:
ceara's avatar
Gorgeous work!
Macpherson's avatar
I love the idea, and the colours are neatly corresponding with it!
gorjuss's avatar
superb illustration - i love it ! :heart:
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