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Massacre at Sanctuary 101

Hi everyone!

The Massacre at Sanctuary 101 is complete! You can see the monochrome (uncolored) version here:

Also, there is a blog post accompanying this piece. If you'd like to hear more about how it was painted, please click here:

Also, here are two videos!

Speed Paint:[link]

Tutorial Video:[link]
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VLFBERHTwolf's avatar
She is so going to get slaughtered
bowwing333's avatar
This is perfect! wow!
ted234521's avatar
This piece was in the 5th edition rulebook in the back, wow. Pretty awesome.
SuperfrycookSB's avatar
Battle Sister: Death to Matt Ward!
Ashoof's avatar
so much action! fantastic work!
HellyOne's avatar
This one is just insanely beautiful, whoah!
*Puts his hat off*
Vandal030's avatar
DaimoNxx's avatar
Domine, libra nos. 
Seothen's avatar
Great piece to study composition from, love the use of a circular theme to frame the action.
Lazyboris's avatar
a few seconds before necrons
a few seconds before death
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Intense and bad@ss! Great work
gdpr-18918873's avatar
i must break you ...
Krysnha's avatar
Directly to my favorite a work about my two favorites facctions in warhammer 40000k thanks a million for this
Amaranth7777's avatar
Excellent work man.......(right image as...) j/k lol
T2Gibbon's avatar
Really awesome piece. However, i think the face of the monochrome version should have stayed because it fits better with the "beauty vs beast" kind of theme which is further refined by the black vs white/holy (dooves and halo)
With the old face i felt more sorry for her and was more convinved that she would die. The new one makes her seem somewhat too strong imo.
Watched a few videos on your channel, cool stuff - hearing your thoughts on 40k designs is interesting.
I like it alot *comissar voice* i'll be watching you
NicholasKay's avatar
thanks for the feedback- I just didn't feel the original sketch was intense enough- I really wanted that fervor to show.
She-who-thrist's avatar
I can't wait till they make IA 12, aka, this into reality
D3-Damage's avatar
The doves and her halo really bring this out for me
Nolaan1's avatar
Świetna robota! W 100% profesjonalna, no i te detale...
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