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Mass Effect 3: Commander Shepard Promotional Art

*UPDATE 3: For those interested, you can now see the instructional video for this piece, explaining my thought process, technical tricks, stylistic choices.

*UPDATE 2: Now on EGMnow!

*UPDATE 1: I realized that the full res image wasn't available for should be now!


Hi everyone!

In anticipation for Bioware and Electronic Arts's upcoming release, Mass Effect 3, I created this promotional piece.

Overall, this video took 14 hours to paint (one of my lengthier pieces) and was a real pleasure to work on.

Head over to for more info on the piece, as well as a full resolution image for download.

If you enjoyed the video, make sure to 'like' it and 'subscribe' to my channel where more of my work can be seen.

Talk to you soon,

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I've just shared your speedpaint video on my Facebook page 'Mass Effect Female Shepard'. I'd love to add the artwork to the page's albums too (where I can more permanently add a link to your original here, plus a link to your speedpaint video), but I'd like to ask your permission first as some artists are quite rightly strict about controlling where they want their stuff to be posted.

Let me know if this would be OK.

It's really gritty piece of artwork and I'm always on the look out for works that are like that. You've put so much attention into the background, it's a really eye-catching piece. The glow around the omniblade is also really well done.

Anyway I'd love to add it to our albums with your permission.

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Recently discovered this piece of art when I met Jennifer Hale last month; it was one of the available art pieces you could get her to sign (and the one I chose!). Amazing work, love it.
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Amazing work !!
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Yo. I just wanted to come here after watching your walkthrough video in one sitting to say thank you so much for that. I'm working on a Mass Effect thinger right now and looking at this really was an inspiration. Now I'm going to look around to see if you have any tutorials on making armor textures. Hnng.
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While I don't currently have any tutorials on making texures, I do it in quite a few tutorials (like the ME3 one). It's pretty much just overlay, multiply, or soft light layers.
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Yes, I saw ^^ It was brilliant. Though I asked because those videos are so fast it's not that easy to see the process in detail. It was still pretty good though, so don't worry about it if you've other things to do. 
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amazing! this is the dream level one day i wish to reach.. very well done. :D
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I am in love with your work, and would like to ask you for it's hand in marriage.
but seriously you is incredible.
Please. Please keep doing, what-you-are doing.
NicholasKay's avatar
ok, let's do it.
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I was slightly joking. I'm not going to marry your work. It's beautiful, but it's not a person.
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I do not understand.
I still love your work.
Yay Tony Stark?
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I like it very much ! I also saw your youtube speedpaint of this. Great !
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A amazing work of art !!
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Out of curiosity, did you do this picture in one sitting?
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Nope! 14 hours is a bit long to sit.
... such awesomeness... sweat, dirt and dust of the battlefield are nicely captured in this piece.
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thanks! I do love some grit.
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my gawd!! this must be the best ME fanart i've seen!!:D
and also cheers on the tutorial!!
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wooow, clear shapes, bright lines, strong shading

this is indeed very well done!
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why thank you! make sure to check out the video(s)! You can find their links in the description
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