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Emperor's Shields' Terminator

By NicholasKay
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Tutorial video is up!
Speed paint with music is now up:

Hey everyone,

More Warhammer 40,000 commissions, hurray! But seriously, I should have some non 40k stuff coming up soon.

This image features a terminator of the Emperor's Shields space marine chapter as he stands before a demon-infested plinth to the Chaos god Slaanesh.

You can read more about this painting here:[link]

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Absolutely awesome artwork man! Love the way You've painted it, and it's so wonderful that actually someone used the Tartaros Terminator amor for an awesome picture!
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What an amazing looking terminator.
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I think this is your best one, though all your pieces are excellent.
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Wow, that perspective! Nice work!
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Wow...This is amazing! Do you do commissions?
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I do, but I can't do pieces featuring GW IP.
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Damn, that's right...They're clever about concealing loopholes, too...Well, that's a pity; I really like your work!
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The Terminator armor looks like the Heresy era, which either makes this piece before w40k, or the wearer a mighty hero of the Emperor's Shields.

What's up with the highly decorated aircraft?
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Space Marine: You believe in god?
Tau: No.
Space Marine: *shoots* Yes!
Space Marine: You believe in god?
C. Space Marine: Yes.
Space Marine: You believe in my god?
C. Space Marine: No.
Space Marine: *shoots* Yes! My god has a bigger dick than your god.
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It's funny since Space Marines do not believe in Gods...
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Now that you mention it, I actually hardly recall them saying, "God-Emperor of Mankind"

But it makes good humor. 
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Beautiful job, I like the hammer and helmet especially.
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A formidable warrior indeed! Something about the helmet makes him look mournful, which I find altogether appropriate. ;)
Especially nice detailing in the shield and hammer.
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That's incredible. The tentacles-ground is a stunning concept, and the way the terminator is streading through it in all his contemptful glory makes it even more awesome.
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Your amazing work has been featured in my journal [link]
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