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Aqua Class (Carrier) by nichodo Aqua Class (Carrier) :iconnichodo:nichodo 1 0 Xindi Class (Support Vessel) by nichodo Xindi Class (Support Vessel) :iconnichodo:nichodo 3 7 Hapag Type Nacelles (TNG) by nichodo Hapag Type Nacelles (TNG) :iconnichodo:nichodo 8 10 Foley refit saucer by nichodo Foley refit saucer :iconnichodo:nichodo 8 36 USS Foley Refit (Recolored) by nichodo USS Foley Refit (Recolored) :iconnichodo:nichodo 9 2 Neptune class (Section 31) by nichodo Neptune class (Section 31) :iconnichodo:nichodo 15 7 Quam class (Section 31) by nichodo Quam class (Section 31) :iconnichodo:nichodo 8 5 Coral Reef Refit by nichodo Coral Reef Refit :iconnichodo:nichodo 10 5 Battleship Andromeda by nichodo Battleship Andromeda :iconnichodo:nichodo 6 15 USS Yamato C (Battleship) by nichodo USS Yamato C (Battleship) :iconnichodo:nichodo 12 5 Evolution of the Yamamoto by nichodo Evolution of the Yamamoto :iconnichodo:nichodo 10 6 USS Highwind NCC 1997 A (What If) by nichodo USS Highwind NCC 1997 A (What If) :iconnichodo:nichodo 11 5 Musashi Class Battleship by nichodo Musashi Class Battleship :iconnichodo:nichodo 14 4 USS Vengeance (Dreadnought) (T2RW) by nichodo USS Vengeance (Dreadnought) (T2RW) :iconnichodo:nichodo 20 6 U.S.S. Vengeance (Dreadnought) (TOS) (Ortho) by nichodo U.S.S. Vengeance (Dreadnought) (TOS) (Ortho) :iconnichodo:nichodo 11 21 Frontier Class by nichodo Frontier Class :iconnichodo:nichodo 13 17


Star Trek Universe - USS Titan NCC-80102 (Refit) by OptimusV42 Star Trek Universe - USS Titan NCC-80102 (Refit) :iconoptimusv42:OptimusV42 12 40 Ghostbusters Magnum Ecto-1 87 by Boomerjinks Ghostbusters Magnum Ecto-1 87 :iconboomerjinks:Boomerjinks 27 5 Leaving Dry-dock 2325 by Robbie18 Leaving Dry-dock 2325 :iconrobbie18:Robbie18 6 5 002 by DreamerWhit 002 :icondreamerwhit:DreamerWhit 185 5 Miniprise Secondary Hull - T2RW Edition V2 by GAT-X139 Miniprise Secondary Hull - T2RW Edition V2 :icongat-x139:GAT-X139 6 0 Archeron Style Secondary Hulls - T2RW Edition by GAT-X139 Archeron Style Secondary Hulls - T2RW Edition :icongat-x139:GAT-X139 12 2 Star Trek Infinity - U.S.S. Mirage NCC-5240 by OptimusV42 Star Trek Infinity - U.S.S. Mirage NCC-5240 :iconoptimusv42:OptimusV42 24 78 U.S.S. Zenterprise-A (What if...) by Quantum808 U.S.S. Zenterprise-A (What if...) :iconquantum808:Quantum808 7 2 U.S.S. Zenterprise AU by Quantum808 U.S.S. Zenterprise AU :iconquantum808:Quantum808 8 3 U.S.S. Proxima-B (Battleship) V2 by Quantum808 U.S.S. Proxima-B (Battleship) V2 :iconquantum808:Quantum808 10 2 U.S.S. Vengeance (Dreadnought) [TOS] by Quantum808 U.S.S. Vengeance (Dreadnought) [TOS] :iconquantum808:Quantum808 16 13 U.S.S. Imersion (Heavy Command Ship) by Quantum808 U.S.S. Imersion (Heavy Command Ship) :iconquantum808:Quantum808 9 5 Irya Class Heavy Frigate by Quantum808 Irya Class Heavy Frigate :iconquantum808:Quantum808 11 4 J.D.S. Musashi (IBB-22) by Zyfle J.D.S. Musashi (IBB-22) :iconzyfle:Zyfle 9 1 Space Battleship Yamato WIP by SenkanYamato Space Battleship Yamato WIP :iconsenkanyamato:SenkanYamato 16 17 Guam Class Thrudeck Carrier by MarcusStarkiller Guam Class Thrudeck Carrier :iconmarcusstarkiller:MarcusStarkiller 21 33




Aqua Class (Carrier)
This is the main ship that carries the Xindi class Support Vessel :D

yup this is the Aqua class Carrier that is gonna be carrying the Xindi class ship :D

and this is based around :iconquantum808:'s Kongo class battleship :D

Original parts: Captshade
parts from Xindi class: :icongat-x139: and :iconmarcusstarkiller:
Based on: :iconquantum808:'s Kongo class battleship
both ships by: ME!
Xindi Class (Support Vessel)
this is the Xindi class Support vessel. 

This is basically the ship that my big ship will carry in it :D its basically a smaller version of my Colombia class starship :D

Now to create the main ship :D

Parts by: :icongat-x139: and :iconmarcusstarkiller:
Ship by: ME!
I'm thinking of making a Starship that could act as a Carrier for a Smaller ship (Like the Xindi-Aquactic ship in Enterprise) BTW my ship will not be like :iconoptimusv42:'s ship he has coming up thanks to a show called Space Carrier Blue Noah.
Hapag Type Nacelles (TNG)
These are just the Hapag Type Nacelles but updated to look more TNG like with the glowing bits.

Original Nacelles: :icongat-x139: and :iconmarcusstarkiller:
Done for: :iconoptimusv42:
Mods by: ME!
Foley refit saucer
This is basically the saucer from the Recolored Foley class Refit that i did :D

Original parts: Captshade
Saucer by: :iconkelso323:
recolored by: ME!
Hears the Earth Alliance Timeline as it sits right now. i plan to add more later

2900: United Federation of planets falls in a war against the Confederacy of Worlds outside the Milky Way Galaxy. Starfleet suspends Research/Scientific missions and increases it's military strength
3000: The Earth Alliance is formed from the remains of the Federation.
3151: The Archer class cruisers is launched with one of its ships being the EASS Enterprise 2701, these ships have cloaking devices on them and the redesigned Spore Drive from the Discovery.
3156: The Enterprise appears in the Galaxy where the Confederacy comes from, dealing blows with the ships of the Confederacy before returning home.
3160: The dauntless class starships was launched as a Earth/Vulcan Hybrid. But it was destroyed early on.
3161: Operation Pay Back is proposed, it is a plan to "Pay back" the Confederacy for the fall of the Federation.
3180: Operation Pay Back begins, ships of the Alliance uses their drives to appear in the Confederacy's Galaxy and hitting them hard, taking down the confederacy once and for all.
3200: The Consortium class Cruiser is launched.
3230: The Constitution class Heavy cruiser of the Earth Alliance is launched.
3231: The EASS Enterprise NCC-2701-A is launched replacing the old Archer class starship.
3245: The Alliance class Dreadnought is launched.

Thats it so far. More to come later.
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My name is Nicholas. Or as you know me on here Nichodo.




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nichodo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
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Sigh didn't you already ask :iconapaskins1991: to do that?
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