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Glad to announce that there is finally a fan-made discord server dedicated to this game(since chatrooms are down, why not have a server to have all the pack members hang around!)
Do note that this server is brand new! there is gonna be bugs and i will try to fix them as much as possible!
thank you for almost 60 watchers and 53 members!
If you are wanting to rp or just chat i made a few chatrooms for different Biomes in the game :"D
Chat Fourems…………

I also now figured out how to manage members, which now you can all submit art and join the group! Sorry for the delay on the first day on this group, was a bit tad confused why some people was not able to join so sorry about that!

If you have anything else you wish to add to the group please give me suggestions :"D!
My name is Kemmeth,the owner of this group, i just wanted to say. I have not seen a group for this game yet so i decided to make one!
All members are allowed to join and only are allowed to post only NICHE art/stuff ect :"D
this group is new so it is a still rusty and well gross.
but i promise you it will be better :"D

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