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Crossover shipping sketch dump by NicGiraffe Crossover shipping sketch dump by NicGiraffe
I'm the sort of person who doesn't have any problems with shipping one character around with several different ones. While I like Antoine with Bunnie, there other characters around that I also ship him with. If I'm remembering right, FifiXAntoine was a coupling I saw suggested by someone at on the Tiny Toons Adventure community there, and I pretty much fell in love with it. I do try to put more thought into this ship then just "Oh they're both French, so that's why this works."

It's set in an AU where both attend high school together. Antoine is a senior, and Fifi is either a freshman or a sophomore (I haven't settled on which yet). They first cross paths when he begins tutoring her in home economics (namely cooking). I did attempt to make Fifi appear somewhat older here then she does in Tiny Toons.

You can also see an early attempt I did at a gender-swapped CeeCee Reese (or rather, Cecil) from Extinctioners, and a bad attempt at my idea for a future love interest for CeeCee named Sagan in my fan-verse. Sagan's supposed to be a poodle. You can also make out an unfinished sketch of an angry Antoine down at the bottom (which I plan to turn into a full-fledged doodle later).

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March 30, 2015
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